New Climate Science Vindicates Global Warming Skeptics

Follow September 13, 2011 — Big Green environmentalists and allied politicians have an effective tool in advancing their legislative agenda: Fear of global warming and its alleged catastrophic consequences. Read more… Follow

EPA Regulation Forces Closure Of Texas Energy Facilities

Follow September 13, 2011 — Texas energy company Luminant announced on Monday new burdensome Environmental Protection Agency regulations are forcing it to close several facilities, which will result in about 500 job losses. The company will be idling — stopping the usage of — two energy generating units. It will also cease extracting lignite from […]

Don’t Buy Hype About Global Warming

Follow September 12, 2011 —  The past couple of years have been a trying time for those who believe humans are primarily responsible for global warming. The “Climategate” scandal in 2009 shook the foundations of the academic community by showing scientists aren’t above suppressing research that contradicts their global warming claims. The “hockey stick” graph that […]

The Cost Of Lisa Jackson

Follow September 12, 2011 — The White House lookback on “excessive” regulation has concluded and—breaking news—there’s more work left to do. So let’s commend those in Congress trying to force the Administration to conduct a credible cost-benefit test. Last month the House Energy Committee passed a bill that reforms the Environmental Protection Agency’s process for […]

Sen. Inhofe Requests Inquiry Into EPA Science Advisors

Follow September 12, 2011 — Sen. James Inhofe has asked the EPA inspector General to investigate the EPA’s air quality scientific advisory boards, accusing them of improper bias and financial conflict of interest. An example of the sort of cronyism at issue is Jonathan Samet, the chair of the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Council. […]

EPA Must Clarify Agricultural Regulations!

Follow September 9, 2011 — Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) chairman of the U.S. House agriculture committee is asking Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson for a response to a list of questions from a bipartisan group of lawmakers. Lucas submitted the request to EPA nearly six months ago; he followed up with a letter on […]

EPA-American Lung Association: Axis OF Junk Science

Follow September 9, 2011 — broke the story that the EPA has paid the American Lung Association $20 million over the past 10 years and, in turn, the ALA has agitated on behalf of the agency. Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the public can get a glimpse into their chummy, symbiotic […]

Why Paul Krugman’s “Regulate to Stimulate” Argument Doesn’t Work

Follow Many influential opinion-makers, including former Vice President Al Gore, contend that President Barack Obama last week rolled back the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed ozone regulation due to reasons of political expediency. To me, this mainstream thinking makes sense. The rule likely would have put virtually the whole of the country into non-attainment of the National […]

EPA’s rules may force power failures

Follow It was easy last week, when President Obama scrubbed an expensive proposed environmental regulation, to wonder whether the world had turned right side up. Without doubt, Obama made the wise decision when it came to proposed new ozone regulations. As Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor today, the president created more jobs by […]