Exposed: The Oil Price Reduction/Election Connection

Follow After years of rising gasoline prices, people are puzzled by the recent drop that has the national average for a gallon of gas at $3. I believe the price will tick up in the days ahead (post-election)—which will make it economic for producers to continue to develop—but the increases will not be enough to […]

The Obama War On Pipelines

Follow “This is not the same industry we had 15 years ago,” Natural Gas Supply Association VP Jennifer Fordham said recently. That’s an understatement. The oil, petrochemical, and manufacturing industries are also far different from those of 15 years ago. Together, they’ve created hundreds of thousands of new jobs and generated countless billions of dollars […]

RI Flooding Not WV’s Fault

Follow It must have taken the patience of Job for West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin to participate in Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s climate change tour of the Ocean State on October 10. Whitehouse promised Manchin that he would go to West Virginia to learn about the coal industry if Manchin would come to Rhode […]

EU Climate Compromise: I Will, If You Will

Follow The European Union’s new climate and energy goals are being heralded as “a new global standard”—though it’s really more “I will, if you will.” On Thursday, October 23, 28 European leaders met to reach a climate deal. Countries such as Poland and Portugal threatened to block it. Poorer states in Eastern Europe feared new cuts in […]

It’s Rarely About The Environment Anymore

Follow Back in 1970, when I got involved in the first Earth Day and nascent environmental movement, we had real pollution problems. But over time, new laws, regulations, attitudes, and technologies cleaned up our air, water, and sloppy industry practices. By contrast, today’s battles are rarely about the environment. As Ron Arnold and I detail […]

A War On Fossil Fuels Is The Wrong War To Be Fighting

Follow We know President Obama has been waging a war on coal—with tens of thousands of jobs lost due to his attacks since he was elected in 2008–but why has the oil-and-gas industry escaped the harsh regulations that have virtually shut down both coal mining and coal-fueled power plants? The oil-and-gas industry has added millions of jobs […]

Here’s How We Can Curb Obama’s Power Grabs Once And For All

Follow You’ve got to admire the sheer audacity: Democratic Senator Mark Begich telling Alaska voters that he stood up to President Obama and fought for oil drilling and jobs in his state. Maybe he had a few chats. But he certainly knew his concerns and opinions meant nothing, changed nothing, and accomplished nothing. And then he voted […]

Regcession-Why Americans Aren’t Feeling Obama’s “Vigorous Recovery”

Follow President Obama is trying, according to CNN, to “convince voters of a vigorous recovery that a majority still doubts.” Describing comments the president made on October 2, CNN calls this the “political problem inherent in having to describe an economic recovery that many Americans still aren’t feeling.” The coverage points to polling data that shows the […]

We Need Some Regulatory Patriotism!

Follow It’s no mystery why American companies have stockpiled over $2 trillion of overseas earnings in foreign bank accounts. If they bring it to the United States, the IRS would grab 35% of it. That’s the US corporate tax rate – the highest in the developed world, double the average in EU nations. Medtronic found […]

Alarmists Pull Out All The Stops

Follow Big marches, emotional speeches, and new reports about climate change are part of the big push to achieve a new climate treaty in Paris next year. Among the plethora of misinformation about global warming is a new report, Better Growth, Better Climate, by The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Impressive name, but merely […]