Gergen: Obama’s ‘Most Significant’ Foreign Policy Achievement Is Climate Change

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Germany’s “Energy Transformation”: Unsustainable Subsidies And An Unstable System

Follow On December 3, while 190 governments were meeting for two weeks of climate change talks in Lima, Peru (which, after 30 hours of overtime, produced a compromise deal that environmental groups see “went from weak to weaker to weakest”), Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet agreed to a package that continues Germany’s optimistic—though unrealistic—goal and increases subsidies for […]

Hilarious PSA: Your “Friends” At The EPA

Follow KFYR Radio’s P.M.S. in the Morning asks: Are we doing enough to fight global warming? Let’s find out in this just-discovered “public service message” from the EPA. Follow

Still More Politicized Pseudo-Science?

Follow Widening efforts to blame neonicotinoid pesticides for honeybee “colony collapse disorder” and other “beepocalypse” problems have taken a fascinating turn. Insisting that scientific evidence shows a clear link between neonics and honeybee population declines, EU anti-insecticide campaigners persuaded the European Union to impose a two-year ban on using the chemicals. Farm organizations and the Union’s Environment, Food, and […]

Private Job Creation With A Stroke Of The Pen

Follow While most conservatives took a dim view of the recent passage of the “Cromnibus,” the $1.1 trillion government spending bill that funds operations through next September, we should recognize the bill contained a number of riders that limited government intervention in the marketplace and will ultimately allow the free market to create thousands of […]

Michael Savage Uses Logic To Refute The Theory Of Man-Made Global Warming

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Greenpeace Again Offends Indigenous People

Follow Greenpeace likes to pretend it’s on the side of local people, especially indigenous peoples. But time and again, they demonstrate a shocking degree of cultural boorishness. Now Greenpeace activists have Peruvians up in arms, after trespassing all over treasured Incan cultural sites at Machu Picchu and Nazca, while doing ridiculous publicity stunts to highlight their claim that tiny […]

Revealed: Obama’s Biggest Taxpayer Funded Classrooms Used For Teaching Global Warming Doctrine

Follow Even as we’re heading into the colder months of the winter season, your thoughts may be turning to the kind of vacation you’d like to take when the weather turns warmer. Some of the more popular destinations in America are, of course, our treasured National Parks. According to a recent article in The Washington Post, there […]

Welcome To The O-Zone-Where Economic Development Is A Zero-Sum Game

Follow Late on Thanksgiving eve, the Obama administration released a roadmap of regulations being finalized in 2015. Within the bundle of more than 3000 regulations lies a rule on ozone that President Obama himself, in 2011, “put on ice” in an effort to reduce “regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to […]

Another Major Global Warming Alarmist Claim Debunked—By Simple Facts

Follow The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season hasn’t lived up to the dire predictions of global warming alarmists. This season, once again, has had few hurricanes. In fact, the first four years of this decade have been very quiet. Even Sandy wasn’t a hurricane when its center hit New Jersey. The 1938 storm that many have […]