Just As Consumers Catch A Break On Gas Prices, Look What Pelosi And Company Want To Do

Follow Crude oil prices have fallen even further on world markets, with the price of a barrel of crude hitting its lowest point in six years on Tuesday. And according to Reuters, traders expect to see more price declines in the weeks and months ahead. The downward pressure is so great that even record Chinese crude […]

Obama Administration Kicks The Oil-And-Gas Industry While It Is Down

Follow For the past six years, the oil and gas industry has served as a savior to the Obama presidency by providing the near-lone bright spot in economic growth. Increased U.S. oil-and-gas production has created millions of well-paying jobs and given us a new energy security. So now that the economic powerhouse faces hard times, […]

Ed Schultz Cheers Obama’s Veto Threat, Forgets His Own Support For Keystone

Follow A liberal news anchor applauded Barack Obama’s threat to veto the Keystone pipeline; but is he a bit forgetful? Follow

Pope Francis Urging Catholics To Take Action On “Global Warming”

Follow Another step in deceiving humanity by the Pope. Follow

Coal Technology Can Free Millions From Poverty

Follow Rather than crucifying the use of coal, why not develop newer and better coal-fired power plants, operating at higher temperatures and pressures while emitting fewer emissions? Actually, such plants can be built. They are referred to as ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plants. They deserve the moniker of clean coal. Coal is cheap and available in […]

Google’s Eric Schmidt Still Pushing Global Warming Lies

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Environmentalists And Energy Advocates Agree: Ethanol Reform Now

Follow We all expect to pay a price for missing deadlines—fail to pay a ticket on time, and you may find a warrant out for your arrest. But the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can apparently miss deadlines with impunity. For the past two years, the EPA has failed to meet the statutory deadline under the Renewable Fuel […]

EPA Lays Out New Rules On Coal Ash Disposal

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The End of Green Jobs

Follow The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issued its last green jobs report in 2011. Did this mean the end of green jobs? Obviously not, but it did put an end to unjustified manipulation of reporting on the number of green jobs being created. Green job creation is the benefit recited ad nauseam by politicians […]

Megyn Kelly Interviews John Coleman Weather Channel Co-Founder Climate Change is FAKE!!!

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