Is The Obama EPA Running Its Own Black-Ops Program?

Clandestine Government:┬áDuring his first full day in the White House, Barack Obama promised he’d brought with him “a new era of open government.” Yet again, we have a promise that hasn’t been kept.

Among the administration’s many violations of public trust to recently become public is the Environmental Protection Agency’s apparent attempt to keep some of its correspondence hidden from the light of day through the use of aliases.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, for instance, has reportedly used the name “Richard Windsor” to cover her tracks in private emails.

Federal law prohibits the government from using private emails for official communications unless they are appropriately stored and can be tracked. Because things look suspicious at the EPA, the House Science Committee is investigating the possibility that the agency has conducted business it doesn’t want the public to see.

On Friday, the committee delivered letters to the EPA and “various agency inspectors general” seeking to find out if “senior personnel have been conducting official business through secretive means such as aliases and private email accounts.”

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  1. we the people,who are the real government,why are we still talking about this useless,lawless,treasonous pile of feces in the wh.i call on wayne/nra wayne there are over 5 million members in the nra,lets gather,to donald thrump you stated ovomit in revolution begin,ok donald not a revolution an evolution,wayne/donald lets communicate/prepare/gather/focus/plan/refine plan,we can,t count on these do nothing in goverrnment any moroe,they have showed us,what they are capable of,which is staling,lying,rip off we the people,this treason continues as long as we the people do nothing,to the nra/amac/john birch society/all militias/all freedom loving,god fearing american veternas/citizens.time to stop this insanity.were and when wayne/donald,the un american un building,or the wh.were the ineligible treasonous traitor lives

  2. OregonBuzz says:

    You can lump the DHS, EPA & FEMA all together. They are the real Politburo. The Congress and Senate are mere window dressing. Welcome to United Socialist States of Amerika, tovarisch.

  3. Congress… democrats and republicans, you are allowing your legislative powers to be stripped from you at a rapid rate. There should be NO EPA mandates or third party suits that allow the EPA to not only make the assumption that said suits are valid ,but to fund the third party's pursueing said suit. These actions by pass congressional oversight and have cost the tax payer and all businesses a fortune…All of it ill conceived ,much of it fraudulent in nature, and with the EPA's analysis many times biased to the extreme. Congress if you fail to react in a bi-partisan manner to recognize and protect your country from an agenda that will surely destroy our great nation… Then your "party first" tunnel vision will not only cripple our nation ,but you Mr. / Mrs Senator and or Representative may soon find that indeed you no longer wield any power,as you have allowed it all to be usurped by the executive branch and it's tendrils. " If you don't use it you lose it "

  4. Gonna be some dead mo fos if they come around here, I am not going to pull any rounds, every one will be well placed!

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