What Do Wolves Have To Do With Agenda 21?

Did you know that wolves are the active ingredients in the Agenda 21 recipe?


  1. What wolves, Ted Turner, Agenda 21 and the US Fish and Wildlife Service have in common.

  2. Wow, that's really all I can say. I can't believe that you have the nerve to say those things about those people when you know nothing about them and when your own idea about them taking over the world is as insane and corrupt as the lies you ave about them. And if you ever paid any attention in your biology classes you would know a thing or two about natural selection and prey, predator relationships. And for your photos of dead live stock, dogs and wildlife how do I know that you just didn't get some random gruesome photos of hurt wildlife. Did you know that the government covers any losses to livestock if evidence supports wolf predation? Did you know your cute puppies at home are descendants of the gray wolf? Did you know that wolves as a species has been eradicated from 50% of their range since the 1850s? Did you know that there are such things as survival of the fittest and that thars natures key rule? Did you know that statistically wolf predation makes up less than 1% of all livestock losses to predators not counting losses to winter and weather? Did you know that there are such things as compromise and coexistence and working to make things better for both sides? If you are interested to here the other side of the story read the national geographic on wolf introduction in Yellowstone.

  3. The ranchers did it to themselves by continuing the practices of raising cattle that are slow, dumb and can't protect themselves like bison can.

    Sometimes the best reaction to nature is to work WITH nature and not against nature. Wolves are nothing except a perfect example of this.

    Oh, and the Wedge wolf pack that was decimated via the government all because the ranchers cried they were killing their livestock, was proved that they had not ONE ounce of the livestock in the stomachs of any of the wolves they killed. So, now we have a pack of dead wolves and ranchers still refusing to work with nature.

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