Exposed: Obama’s Blatant Lies About Energy, Global Warming, More…

Here’s a bit of fact-checking against one of the Anointed One’s “State of the Union” addresses.


  1. John Stewart says:

    And this nitwit believes this rhetoric. Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. He must have slept through that one. I only hope I am still alive when the big POP is heard around the world!

  2. kid Richie says:

    Obama has never told the truth about anything including himself. IF he should ever speak the truth, now THAT would be a surprise!
    The man is an incompetent President but a very good snake oil salesman.

    Obama never says what he means and never means what he says. He is a disgrace and a danger to the USA!

  3. If after a review of what has happened and people cannot see the travesty, then there is only one thing to do and that is prepare to be self sufficient as individuals as best as we can. It is obvious these are "failed" uterlly "failed" "investements" as the president so calls them. Of course the failure isn't for the companies or for the president's agenda, it is our failure and likely destruction if the people don't push and push hard the Congress to stop "ALL" of this type of spending. Investment in this administration = spending taxpayer funds.

  4. "Blaming" OTHERS is their diversion and CONSTANTLY used like an old blanket to cover the litter box! But the "smell" gets through and WE'RE left with THEIR "fertilizer"! If they REALLY want to reduce the poisonous gasses, start producing a cleaner, more efficient JET FUEL! This would be a major step to reduce pollution! Jets flying 24/7, @35,000 ft altitude, nearer the ozone layer than any car exhaust could reach, releasing tons of noxious gasses! Not ONE POLITICIAN says that JET fuel could be a contributing factor! Mother Nature has a way of "cleansing" herself when no one else will! Was the Ice Age caused by an open freezer door? Was the previous heat wave caused by animals flatulating at once? Changing" GM, giving BILLIONS of OUR tax money (to the Unions) for DUDS? Modified the engines already available to run cleaner and more efficient! Efficiency and our Government is like oil and vinegar! Impossible to make it come together and remain stable!

    • Of course the elite is not going to complain about jet fuel — they don't want to have to take the train or bus.
      Man cannot destroy the earth. The Ozone layer is designed to take all of the pollution of the universe even volcanoes.
      Volcanoes fill the earth with billions particles and have to go up and be sorted out. These particles are made up of S02 and C02 and have to be converted into 02 before they return to the earth. The ozone layer thickens or thins according to the conversion of these particles. They do not pollute the earth and they go up thousands of miles into space and change into oxygen.
      Then if anything gets through that system there is the van Allen radiation belt which handles the rest of it and man benefits from it. Check it out.
      Man can’t squirt the earth and destroy it.
      Man trashes the earth but can’t destroy it or our solar system.
      That is reserved for Jesus Christ: 2 Peter 3:7 But by His word the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for the Day of Judgment and destruction of ungodly men.

    • Why don't they mention the poisonous chemtrails that our government is spraying into the atmosphere??? How come we never hear a thing about that??? Just more hypocritical BS……….

  5. Erik Osbun says:

    Solid evidence that Obama is a liar, as if you did not know that already.

  6. Obama hates ALL "WHITES," including his own MOTHER, not because she's a rich marxist from a rich marxist family, but "ONLY" because she is WHITE! p.s. The ONLY REAL MINORITY FOREVER IS MEN, unless they are EVIL OR JUST PLAIN MARXIST EVIL! MEN: BEING A REAL MINORITY, UNLIKE BLACKS, ONLY YOUR HEBREW-INSPIRED JEWISH SAVIOR, YAHSHUA CAN & WILL SAVE YOU, ONLY IF YOU ASK & DO WHAT HE ASKS, THOUGH! Just saying, what is, is…

  7. Dissgussted says:

    Great little video. What struck me was that even if Solyndra had been successful and provided 1000 jobs , at an investment of 535 Million that would have been a pretty hefty price tag per job. All one has to do is look at Spain's "green" experiment. They admitted that for every one job created, two were lost. None of the green energy producers could survive without the subsidies. We even see that here with these failures.
    The bigger picture, I think, is that this was just a looting of the treasury and passing bundles of money to cronies and much of it back into BHO's campaign or personal pocket with no accountability.
    BHO never had any intention of going to nuclear or clean coal. If he says something figure he''ll do something 180* from that.

  8. Mitt the Twitt had all this and more available to hit on in the campaign. Where was he? This is all bull.

  9. This is just another example of BO using junk science to advance his personal political agenda. He is appealing to the Al Gore portion of his political base. The insanity continues………….

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