A Response to the President’s Comments on Global Warming

During President Obama’s press conference on Wednesday (his first in 8 months), he said, “We can’t attribute any particular weather event to climate change. What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing faster than was predicted even 10 years ago.”

I must admit, it is refreshing to see the president discard some of the hysteria surrounding Hurricane Sandy and its link to global warming. Anthropogenic global warming activists will attribute every extreme weather event to global warming, which has now been termed “climate change” since the earth has stopped warming.

However, the rest of his comments are certainly a byproduct of what I opined about in my August article, “Mr President, Tear Down This Wall.” He is surrounded by a wall that does not allow the truth about climate change, or at least the light of debate, to ever come forth.

Let us avoid a thousand words by using one picture to quickly debunk the president’s statement on the global temperature.

Read more at Patriot Post. By Joe Bastardi.


  1. If the price of BS goes up, we can sell this stuff for enough to rid this country of debt!

  2. Globa warming is a myth started by a self serving politician and continued by teh U.N. for teh pu rpose of imposing rules on teh world economy and it is a massive FRAUD. Just like this so caled president.
    Sign the petition to demand Obozzo release all his records so we can finally boot his sorry Butt out of the White House

  3. Florida Jim says:

    Global warming is an enormous scam perpetrated by liberal professors, United Nations slugs, Al Gore types and those who personally benefit from the scam. Joel rogers is a University of Wisconsin professor who was caught on a video in class laughing and mocking those who believed the lies about dying polar bears and Santa Claus without snow. This video has been on you-tube for several years yesterday I tried to resend it and it had been taken off the You Tube site…. This is because Obama will now push the silly agenda as more taxes on businesses, carbon taxes which do nothing as Joel Rogers said while laughing at those who believe this fraud. Look up John Coleman's expose of Global warming or read Chris Horner's books on the subject: Red Hot Lies, Powergrab, The Politically Incorrect guide to Global Warming .
    Obama endlessly spouts off on "no new taxes for the middle class" while he behind the scenes passes carbon taxes, L.O.S. T.and many more to follow as Obama continues his quest to destroyAmericaa economically as "2016" exposed.

    • jmsmaxwell says:

      The utopians and Liberals that voted for him without thinking of the reprecussions will soon discover
      what has happened to thier dreams as they sit back and take another hit on the obama aid while
      sipping on a slurpee. Those nice new shiney chains that Biden spoke of will look quite nice around
      their necks.

      • Doyle Garrett says:

        According to the Energy Information Administration, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in the U.S.A. has fallen to it’s lowest level in twenty years. (See USA Today 8-17-12). Meanwhile, atmospheric temperatures have been reaching record highs in the U.S.

        This supports the claim that global warming is caused by solar cycles instead of man made carbon dioxide. (See “Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years” by Fred Singer, and Dennis Avery.)

        Meanwhile, President Obama, with his vendetta against fossil fuels, refuses to approve the Keystone pipeline, thereby preventing the creation of an estimated 179,000 jobs by 2035. (See “The Great destroyer” by David Limbaugh.)
        This decision also makes the U.S more dependent on unstable Middle East countries for oil.

        Also, Obama directed the EPA to enforce cap and trade restrictions on power plants and factories, causing many power plants to shut down. Factories will have to buy “emission credits” from the government to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. Factories that can not afford to buy these emission credits will either have to shut down or move to another country.

        These emission credits will be traded on the Chicago Climate Exchange, which Obama helped to establish when he was a board member of the Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2001.
        Both Obama and Al Gore stand to profit handsomely from these emission credit exchanges. (See “Climategate” by Sussman.)

        The following is a quote from “Paula DiPerna, president of the Joyce Foundation “..some of America’s biggest money-makers are lining up to get in on this new Chicago-based cash cow by skimming a cut right off the top.”

        According to the Congressional budget office, by 2015, the federal government will be hauling in at least $104 billion a year from cap and trade.

        Meanwhile, gasoline prices and unemployment rates continue to rise as the middle class continues to disappear.

        The sad part is that the U.S. has enough oil and gas deposits to be totally energy independent, were it not for Obama’s anti-energy and anti-business policies.

        President Obama’s motto of “Hope and Change” has turned into no hope and despair.

        • love my giuns says:

          It sure is funny that what ever happens in this country as to weather they say its global warming so if we have a snow storm or a hard freeze its global warming why is it that they don't just say what it is the normal cycle for our world . When we stop producing carbon then we may starve because the trees and other green plants need it we exhale and they may start taxing our breathing and all our animals the EPA has to be stop by what ever means available. We need to be free from Government and all rules that stop the people from them.

  4. Obama is either ignorant of the data and what makes climate change, or he is lying for a specific reason. The reason is probably another attempt to get a cap and trade TAX.

    • Delfin J Beltran says:

      Obams is ignorant and the 'ignorance' permits the lying as it has become his truth. His truth is also the total and complete destruction of the Constitutioanal Republic that our troops have been fighting to preserve. He is no ones friend but his own and each of his footsteps forward in his agenda becomes another nail in the heart of our Constitution.

  5. Dear Mr. President: What Idiot put those words in your mouth? You should fire that bungling stool-pidgeon today, and pick up a copy of the "one picture" linked to this article.

  6. ConservaDave says:

    The dictator-in-chief is here telling a greater lie than the fraudulent pseudo-scientists. His only purpose here must be to justify the onerous middle class and business destroying tax and regulation burdens that are undoubtedly in his mind and soon to be placed on our backs. The enemies of truth in the mainstream press will carry his water, the easily manipulated Americans will cede more of there freedom(s) to him and this once great nation is a few steps closer to oblivion. God help us.

  7. IF "climate change aka global warming" is — a fact, as he would have you believe…IT MEANS BILLIONS MORE DOLLARS UNDER HIS CONTROL, SO OF COURSE HE BELIEVES IN IT…………

  8. When you can get a person with the knowledge to prove to me that there is such a thing as global warming and they do not have ANY stake in profiting politically or financially, then bring it on. I do not believe Al Whore(Gore) for he is making great money with this hokes! He also does not practice what he preaches, don't he own like a 10,000 square foot home and uses as much electricity as an apartment building? So I heard!

    • Doyle Garrett says:

      Al Gore is a charlatan who has made millions on the global warming scare, and is poised to enrich himself further by trading carbon credits on the Chicago Carbon Exchange, along with President O’Bama.

      Also, Gore leaves a carbon footprint the size of a medium sized town, with his multiple mansions, SUVs, and his private jet which spews carbon dioxide as he flits around the globe attending global warming conferences.
      His movie “An Inconvenient Truth ”contains convenient lies.

      For example, his graph showing a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels corresponding to a rise in atmospheric temperature conveniently leaves out the fact that atmospheric temperatures rose several hundred years BEFORE atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rose.


    Democrats aka Liberals a/k/a Communists/Progressives etc. are whores.

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