EPA Planes to Surveil Austin’s Formula 1 Race for Pollutants… and Terrorism?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is deploying a fleet of aerial surveillance planes over the skies of Austin, Texas ahead of the Formula 1 race being held this weekend. Under the auspices of catching a dirty bomb, and keeping up with clean air standards, the big brother apparatus is now deploying event-specific surveillance.

The aircraft will monitor “chemical and radiation levels” today not only over the outlying Circuit of the Americas track, but over the downtown area in what the EPA says will give it a “baseline” to assess whether the air quality levels are acceptable during the racing event, but that’s not all.

The EPA has also become an extension of the creeping big government apparatus taking over locales in the name of fighting terrorism, thus far best seen through the controversial actions of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of Homeland Security. Absurdly, the EPA claims it is also monitoring Austin skies for changes in radiation levels it thinks couldindicate the presence of a dirty bomb.

The excuse of combating terrorism, despite the absence of any claims of a credible threat, is now fueling the expansion of the agency’s reach, just as it has for other agencies since the September 11 attacks.

Lisa Block, a Travis County Emergency Services spokesperson explained the unprecedented role of the agency typically tasked with environmental concerns. “For large event there is always a concern of terrorism,” Block stated. “An event like the Super Bowl is an event that the EPA would monitor for any kind of terrorist activity. And one of the things you have to worry about with such a large event is the fact that they could set off a dirty bomb or something that would cause radiological waste to enter the air. The EPA is checking for that kind of thing, just to be sure.”

Read more at Prison Planet. By Aaron Dykes.


  1. the people are getting just what they voted for. I wonder how long it will take for them to com down from their food stamp Twinkies high while talking on their obama phone


  3. Just another reason to attempt to shut down any future races including NASCAR that creates too much pollution to suit the agency self serving standards—what a bunch of idiots. They do not want the American people to enjoy events that the EPA radicals never enjoyed anyway. Too much power thanks to dictator Obama.

  4. Smog Town Hustler says:

    What a waste of EPA money,.. time, ..and Brain Cells,…!!!!!

  5. Big Brother is growing under the guise of protecting us! You will wake up tomorrow and have absolutely no freedom! NDAA recently passed allows them to hold ANY American on suspicion only, indefinitely, under the suspicion of being a terrorist! That makes anyone vulnerable to a government official if they happen to get an attitude towards you!

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