Analyst: Obama Will Go After Coal In New Term

Tom Borelli, Ph.D., senior fellow with FreedomWorks, comments about the issue.

“Well, this election was certainly a turning point, not only for America and for our freedoms and liberty, but also for the whole fossil fuel industry,” he says. “Tragically, with the reelection of President Obama, I really do have deep concerns about really the ultimate survivability of the coal industry.”

The coal industry and special-interest groups have long argued that new and incoming regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would result in the closing of coal-fired power plants, prevent the construction of new ones, and kill jobs.

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  1. Excellent news, the coal industry needs to be shut down as soon as humanly possible. It's the biggest cause of global warming.

    • @Icarus62
      Are you completely nuts?? Global warming is a HOAX!!! And since you're sooo darn rich & can afford to put a "windmill" in your back yard or maybe buy a crap load of "SOLYNDRA solar panels" to power your house, doesn't mean everyone can do that! Besides, do you have ANY idea how many people will be out of work if that happens??? Oh, I know, you're like the FRAUD in CHIEF, YOU don't give a good gosh damn!!! IDIOT!!!

      • Seriously? No-one believes the global warming denial scam any more. Well, no-one except the desperately gullible. The fossil fuel industry knew it wouldn't last forever, but when you're making trillions of dollars in profits, even delaying global warming mitigation by a day means another few million in the bank. Despite the seriousness of the situation, it's been almost comical to see uneducated Americans fall for the scam and then realise they've been had.

        • I suspect your biased opinion would be more welcome in your own country. Americans determined some time ago that you have no voice in our affairs.

        • Sorry, but you are the desperately gullible…..

          • Even the fossil fuel bosses are now starting to admit that global warming is our fault. They're still hoping to avoid paying anything to solve it though.

    • Terrible news. Tell that to all of the people who are employed by the coal industry. And besides, you obviously have not done much research to tha natural cycles of the earth as there is NO SUCH THING as global warming. It is nothing more than a Liberal lie that has made Al Gore and his cronies millions of dollars!!!!

      • There are more important things than the jobs of a few workers in the most polluting industry on Earth. They can get other jobs, or live on benefits. We can't get another planet to live on. It's time to do the moral thing, and take responsibility for trying to solve the global warming crisis. We can't just keep denying reality and behaving in the irresponsible profligate way we've been doing up to now. It's time to grow up.

        • If you think it is just a few jobs, try over a million, and then the millions of other industry affected by it as well…'ve heard of the domino effect haven't you? Not to mention the ridiculously high power bills all the nation will be having….what's that?……never thought it would affect you?………better think again. God does not intend for this earth to last indefinitely and people have to eat as well as breathe……and it's not like there are other jobs in these areas, much less ones that pay anything… usual people come up with these unrealistic ideas that do not live in these areas and have no clue to what they are talking about. The 'benefits' you are talking about can't last when there is more going out than is going in….just plain common sense….that's just inherently stupid to think that millions of people can just suddenly all go on 'benefits' for the rest of their lives in a time when the economy is so bad THERE ARE NO JOBS!

          • You don't seem to understand the severity of the problem. We are destroying the habitable climate that has supported all of modern human civilisation for the last 10,000 years. If we keep burning coal and other highly polluting fossil fuels then we'll be half way back to the hothouse world the dinosaurs lived in before the end of this century. Large areas of the planet will be inhospitable for human life. Agriculture will be devastated and billions will die of starvation and wars over habitable land. Sea level rise will be unrelenting at perhaps 1 metre every 20 years as the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets collapse. Thousands of coastal towns and cities will have to be abandoned, as well as vast areas of low-lying agricultural land. The oceans are already acidifying, threatening the food supplies and livelihoods of about a billion people. You really think that preserving a few jobs in the dirty fuel industry for a few more years is more important than all this?

          • Have you sent your little story to Chaina and ask then what thy think about global warming???

          • They know about global warming. Why do you think they are investing enormous amounts of cash into solar and wind power? They want to get ahead of the game. The ironic thing is that they're doing it with the money that the Western world has given them through buying trillions of dollars' worth of Chinese-manufactured crap. The US is not only shooting itself in the foot in terms of climate chaos (notice all the droughts, heatwaves, floods, storms etc. lately?) but also economically by trying to pretend the problem doesn't exist. If your politicians and industrialists had accepted the truth decades ago, *you* could have been ahead of the game in 'renewable' energy, instead of the Chinese. The ignorant, anti-scientific attitudes demonstrated in the US at the moment have caused real harm to your country, and it's a great pity for a society which used to be a world leader in science and technology.

          • Bet you will relocate to Denver!!

          • I've already moved uphill, if that's what you mean. I want to leave a property for my kids which isn't under water. I bet a lot of people in New York wish they had listened to the climate scientists right now. Ignorance and denial has real world consequences.

          • another clueless idiot!! do you have any idea how high your electric bill is going ?? how many millions of jobs are going to be lost?? there are going to be energy shortages !! people are not going to be able to afford there electric bills and you dont care !! asssshole

          • Studies of the costs of global warming mitigation vs damages consistently show that it's much cheaper to try to deal with the crisis now than to try to cope with the consequences later. Trying to deny reality is immoral and irresponsible. Don't you care about your country?

        • Excuse me!!! Grownup people do their research rather than take Al Gore's political mumbo-jumbo as fact. Get a grip! Try watching some documentaries about the myth of global warming……

        • Are you people serious. Just one "Volcano" spews more into the
          earth than anything any of you can come up with.Nature takes care of it. Leave it alone. Nature is our care taker. You say grow up . Wake up.

          • We produce over 100 times more global warming gases than all of the world's volcanoes put together. Just ask the USGS.

    • Looks to me like your remark is directly proportional to your IQ (which is a lifetime of accumulated knowledge) = in your case not much.
      The election came down to two agendas, handouts and jobs; handouts won with 70% of the people (government employees, low income, welfare, unemployed, disabled unemployed, government entitled) already dependent on government for their livelihood there isn't much hope for the future economy. Dumb Democrats want to tax the rich more? Do you rent a house or apartment? Did you know that taxes and insurance account for 65% of your rent? Did you know that corporations are made up of thousands of people, each one taxed at the average rate of 45%; triple the average rate? Do you realize that with clean air scrubbers the air going into coal and other fuel fired plants is typically cleaner than the air going in to burn the fuel? Did you know that corn ethanol increases hydrocarbons greater than gasoline without ethanol, and destroys engines, melts plastic & rubber, reduces gas mileage, etc.? Did you know that electric cars consume more energy than gasoline and diesel engines? So instead of ethanol polluted gasoline why are we not using pollution free, cheap, and abundant natural gas to run cars? Oh, and as for global warming, please explain the last few years of record low temperatures!
      To make a logical and true statement one must first learn how to read and ask questions.
      As a final comment, last night I was watching a movie about California and realized that California was settled by people that worked hard and suffered many hardships and is now replace almost entirely with occupiers, freeloaders, welfare, eg…… democrats with their hand-out for freebies.

      • I live in England, not the US. My concern is not for your taxes, but for the effect your coal plants (and ours) are having on the climate. Did you know that human activity is now the dominant influence on global climate? Did you know that the largest single cause of global warming is carbon dioxide? Coal is the most dangerous fossil fuel because there is still a lot of it in the ground, which we cannot afford to burn if we want to maintain a habitable environment. That's why the coal industry needs to be shut down. We have to face reality, not try to live in a comfortable fantasy world.

        • How soon you have forgotten that most of the forged climate data came from so called scientists (government employees) from your own country? I cannot say about coal fired plants in the UK but in the US the scrubbers are actually cleaning the air so how can you say that coal is bad?

          Only those that are not willing to admit the truth or learn the truth or have wealth to gain believe in the myth of global warming that officially ended in 1999 in exchange for Climate Change!

          Though you live in the UK and don't care about out taxes, yours aren't any better are they? Governments everywhere are usurping power and wealth at the expense of the businesses and private sector working class. Socialism and spreading the wealth are all about taking from the people and giving to government. Read the UN bible, the socialist bible, the Marxist bible, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA 21 wherein government owns everything, the people nothing, and the people themselves are slaves of the government, the same government that invented global warming. Don't ever forget that government employees (specifically university professors/scientists) have an agenda that insures their job, concoct any data necessary to promote a cause, preferably one that will never have a conclusion, thereby guaranteeing a life-long paycheck (fraud, lying, and cheating are ok in their book).

          • No-one with more than a modicom of intelligence believes the global warming denial scam any more. We all know that the science behind global warming is valid, robust and done with integrity and honesty.

          • You're from England? Now I get it.

        • Then everybody quit breathing… is pollution……Everything you've just said is utterly ridiculous.

          • No, people like yourself who deny reality are utterly ridiculous… not to mention juvenile and irresponsible. Grow up, get an education and learn some morals.

        • Wow Icarus62. Has your government over there brainwashed you like Obama has over here? What uses carbon dioxide to live? Where do you get we can't maintain a habitable environment while burning coal? It's insane people like you that buy into Al Gore's global warming is why we are all in such a jam! What next are you environmental nuts going to think of? Farting pollutes the air?? Give me a break! I mean really!!!

        • Global warming is cyclical… with it!!! Accept it!!!

    • Hey I hear here is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. I understand you can get it for a few Rubles. Better hurry!

      • If you fell for the global warming denial scam then I'm sure that bridge is an attractive proposition for you as well.

    • Al Gore is the biggest cause of global warming……… what a joke

    • CRACKED UP says:


    • You and Albert are full of crap.

    • Global Warming ???? You still trying to milk that sacred cow? What an idiot!

    • You have to be the world's most ignorant individual alive. Did your mother have any children that lived, because you were a brown spot on the sheet. You should take you extreme liberal views about "Global Warming" along with the original idiot that started this (Al Gore) and disappear for good.

    • There is no such thing as global warming…'s a natural, cyclical process. Ice cores have been removed from ancient glaciers, for study. These cores have revealed global warming has alternated with global freezing for millennia. Your comment indicates you have not done your research! The EPA is a money-making sham….. check it out!!!

      • Human activity is now the dominant influence on global climate. If only natural influences were involved, then the Earth would have been cooling for the last half century, instead of warming rapidly as it has been.

    • AS if china or any other country is worried about global warming. The UK scientist said the other day that the earth stopped getting warmer over 20 years ago. This is just a ploy to get your money for places like solendra. We will go broke under this administration and the country will see huge electric bills if we don't have coal. Obama said so out of his own mouth. No one can afford that at this time with the economy tanking. I hope your guy is right but sadly I think he is wrong but by the time you find out you will be doomed.

    • WolfDancer says:

      Are you aware that cattle are a major producer of Methane? Are you aware that the Smokey Mountains porduce CO2? Are you aware of the scrubbers and electro-static precipitators that are installed on the stacks of coal-fired operations? Or, are you taking in the Gore B.S.?

      • Yes, anthropogenic CH₄ constitutes a climate forcing of 0.7±0.2W/m² – around half that of CO₂. The total anthropogenic greenhouse gas forcing to date is around 3W/m². The sun took 150 million years to achieve this warming influence, and we've done it in just 250 years. This is enough to heat up the planet by 4 – 5°C and completely melt the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps, with accompanying sea level rise of around 80 metres. The climate lag due to thermal inertia of 1 billion cubic kilometres of ocean means that we have time to avert this catastrophe BUT only if we act right now and start reducing all greenhouse gases faster than we are producing them.

    • Obama is a joke and the worst president in history he doesn't care about America he is doing everything he can to hurt our country I cant wait till he has his last day as president I will throw a party that is if him and the epa don't stop people from doing that to people better wake up and see what their doing to our great country there is no such thing as global warming just another thing they have brain washed stupid people with!

  2. The real question is, who in congress has the balls to go after him for his acts of treason?????

    • I agree 100%!!

    • Denise Dopkins says:

      Apparently nobody… because nobody is doing anything about it.

    • I've been asking that since the Fast and Furious screw-up…at least 2 Americans murdered…now he has at least 4 more to answer for….and more before it's over…several States here in the Southeast have petitions for seceding the Union…and he threatens to take our citizenship away if we sign the petition. Don't know he could do that not being a citizen himself..he signed 63 whatevers today..more of b..o.'s rules, regs, laws and treason… will this end..???

  3. soldiermom11 says:

    The media needs to embed themselves in the neighborhoods of coal miners in southern Ohio and West Virginia and broadcasting on the news the havoc obama is causing down there.

    • I agree, but the main stream media supports Obama not the people. As a veteran, I did not serve this country to allow the likes of the cowardly, criminal, traitor Obama to get into the white house. Socialism is a cancer that destroys the country from within by first destroying the incentive to work for your livelihood, leaving in its wake the takers aka occupiers, welfare, over paid, over entitled, inefficient government employees, aka democrats.

    • IamaproudAmerica says:

      The MSM will never do that because they don't want the American people to actually know what is going on in their own country. I wish they would though.

    • Soldiermom11
      The media would simply tell Us Everything is doing in the PRIVATE SECTOR ,ever heard those words before ? THATS RIGRT NOBAMASS AND HIS SCUMBAG CRONIES

  4. I hope the power station that supplies the White House is a coal fired plant and the WH goes dark when that power plant shuts down.

    • I know its racist but I still wonder if Obama dislikes coal because it is black and he is only half black? NO, I know the real reason is because it destroys jobs and in order for Agenda 21 to succeed government must have control over all the people, specifically the necessities of life, and no jobs is the only way to succeed.

  5. Who can possibly be surprised? When he said "Under my plan, utility bills will necessarily skyrocket" he wasn't kidding. So, consequences: more unemployment, higher energy costs, most folks needing public assistance, coal-producing states going over a "fiscal cliff." But it's all in the plan, folks, and it's exactly the way Obama and "progressives" want it. "Economic justice" really means "equal misery." Congratulations to all of the fools who voted based on their genitalia or allegiance to the countries they came from.

    • Denise Dopkins says:

      Voter fraud along with all who willingly voted for Obama is exactly what caused his re-election. I do suspect that voter fraud pushed his win over the top. Then there is the issue of many people who refuse to be informed voters. The truth was offered for their review, however, many refused to so much as look at the facts. Yes– America is going to get exactly what she deserves and the biased liberal media was very culpable for the dishonest, unjust and illegal re-election of Obama. He is a Hitler wanna be. Remember… people trusted Hitler too. Look what happened to them. I can just hear Obama laughing at Americans now.

    • You're right. The ones that voted for this commie arethe ones that have 30 cell phones.

  6. Our end started four years ago now it is the closing act to finish this nation off. He is currently dismantling our military as I write this. His actions are a multi prong front. There will be millions who are a misguided people; who will wake up to late when they are looking at the piont of his spear. They showed their color when they had God taken out of their platform.

    • Yes it has started..but that's what the younger people have voted for..we older ones no what is about to become of America at least we had freedom.. if this is what the new generation wants so be it they will look back and see they made the wrong choice and then it will be there time and the next generation after them to fight and unfortunately have to shed there blood to get America back to where all our craggiest men and women shed there blood to make America the America that it was built to be..good luck to all the men and women who will have to fight to regain the true America!!!

  7. Why would anyone in a coal producing state vote for Obama? He did tell you (us) he would put this industry out of business. Now we will have hundreds more unemployed, on unemployment benefits and food stamps. Who is going to foot the bill for all these epa regulations? About global warming, get over it, the climate is controlled by a power much greater than Al Gore.

  8. republicstillstands says:

    do you think it is time for a revolt

  9. It's past due to revolt! But americans are to scared of this idiot osama.I don't know what is so scary about him.We need to get all of those idiots out of the white house.But he's going to help unnemployment by adding 17,000 Irs agents to come and take your money.That's his unemployment plan to bring it to 30% or more.There are companies right now laying off employees for this so called osamacare crap.And they think it 's going to be free to them.Ha,ha ha.But i'm sure he'll come up with some way to where certain ones don't have to pay.It's like the free phones and food stamps,if you are getting those it's going to be free to them.I could keep typing all day about this subject but it won't do any good.It's done,and we have a terrorist as a president vwith all of his many lies.His life is a lie.

    • bestbraintoys says:

      couldn't agree more!!!

    • Obama and his criminal cronies are in for a big surprise. They have no idea how many Americans own guns and stockpiles of ammo and are ready and willing to fight for freedom just like our ancestors did against Great Brittan aka taxation without representation. Obama must be careful or he will start a war he cannot win.

    • helen hood says:

      what can we do we have to do something we just can't let him ruin america

  10. the regulations will destroy the coal industry. The humorous thing is barry is thrpowing the UMW under the bus big time. The other unions are to stupid to understand that this means they aqre next. When you want power you take it form the leaders who helped you.

  11. Looks like he is saying thank you allah I got them where I want them . Just hope the ones that voted for him go down the drain with the rest of us . How are people going to have the money to convert to electrictity if the coal mines shut down ?

  12. Look at buckwheats nose, it's always in the air. The SOB.

    • Conservative says:

      Thats his normal Arrogant look,nose in the air defying the Real American People. I'd love to smack that look from his face.

  13. We need to stamp out the EPA for adding shackles daily to the American People against their will.

    • woody gray says:

      favors for money is not new to our political system….prostitutes can tell ya all about that. The "free stuff" machine has been put in motion and will be very difficult to overcome. We're in it now for whatever it brings, folks have been amply warned, its all been said and this term will see the final pieces put into place. I am genuinely afraid, not for me but our children/grandchildren. I am convinced that 58k of my brothers and sisters in arms who died in Viet Nam did NOT do so in support of Socialism. This could be the ultimate betrayal in their memory.

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