A Review of 2012 Energy and Environmental Issues

Over the past several months people have asked CFACT a number of questions about  energy and the environment.They have replied to them, and then decided to compile their questions and answers below that present these science-based issues in brief, understandable, lay terms.

What policies will best strengthen America’s energy and economic future?

America needs to pursue all its energy options. Oil, gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, wind, solar and biofuels should all be pursued – under free market conditions, without crony capitalist subsidies.

We should open onshore and offshore lands to leasing, exploration, drilling, production, timber harvesting and mining – under rules that control bad and negligent behavior, ensure that jobs are done carefully and responsibly, and let private sector find best ways to create jobs, produce energy, etc. and generate revenue.

Fracking has unlocked centuries of oil and gas – via private investment and private technology on private lands. We cannot allow EPA and other agencies to block fracking on public lands or impose new, needless federal regulations for state and private lands, despite excellent state and local regulations and records.

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