How Much Will Obama’s New EPA Regs Cost You If He Is Reelected?

Here is a great interview with Senator James Inhofe.


  1. Obama covers up his new environment laws and new taxes until after the election!!! After the election when these new EPA rules go into effect it will increase the American families energy cost over $3000.00 per year! The administration was required by law to publish these new changes by April and October of 2012 and the Obama administration withheld the information because it would be harmful to his re-election campaign… They hid the Lybia failure and they want to hide the job losses coming in January to the defense industry!!! This administration and the new "liberal" party are not only bad jokes but they are violating the law!!!

    • This president and administration do not follow any laws but their own. The legislature has allowed them to work above the law way too long. If every citizen called them on their illegal actions they would stop, right now it is all hidden. The wheels of Congress move way too slowly and they subscribe to the protection of one of their own for whatever reason and it is devastating this nation, if they would as Imhoffe has now brought up bring it to the public immediately the public outcry would demonstrate support for prosecution now instead of later! No matter if it was not done by the majority party either!! Butch you might have added Fast and Furious to this date they have not complied with the subpeonas.

  2. sounds like legislative fraud to me!!

  3. Obama has made congress irrelevant by breaking the law whenever he wants to, legislating through Executive Orders, which Congress has never challenged, and ignoring congressional requests for information. How long has the administration ignored Issa's committee regarding Fast & Furious? Then Obama claims Executive Privilege. Harry Reid runs the Senate like a 3rd world banana republic and has not brought forth a budget in more than 3.5 years. He has stated publicly that he will not cooperate with Romney if he wins.
    The congress is filled with a bunch of elitiists of which many are lawyers. These people make way more money as a congressman or senator than they could every make in the open market so once they get in office they don't want to give up that cash cow. In the meantime they have no talent so all they accomplish is to create problems that cost us, the taxpayers, money. They have no ability to solve problems so they let things go and as a result we are on the verge of becoming a communist dictatorship.

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