How You Can Stop The War On Coal

Great video on how to stop the war on coal…


  1. Our electric is heap here in Ky because we are using our coal and firing our electric plants and obama wants to take it away from us and other states. Romney is right, omama is killing our jobs and sneding them overseas as he die with the GE lightbulb company which went to China and now we have the poision obamabulb along with obamacare. Lets dump obama and send him back to Kenya.

  2. Coal is one of the main soources or revenue in Montana oilis another,when O'bama's lakki Brian Swietzer became Governor this was curtailed. Swietzer has fought to carry out O'Bama's war on the resources of the United States.Along with the Unions backing this agenda they have succeded in making Montana one of the lowest paid per capita in the nation.

  3. Don Rushing says:

    A Mitt Romney administration will unlock the energy potential of America and we will see a greater amount
    of economic activity that will result in energy indepenence for America within ten years and other areas of
    our econmoy will prosper greatly with reducng the regulations on the books by 75% and it will help spur more economic activity with businesses not having to deal with those heavy handed and unfair regulations
    that have been keeping this country under the boot of government intrusions. Ignore the polls and vote for
    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on November 6, 2012 in order to end this nightmare that we have been
    experiencing under the dictatorship of Obama for the past four years.

  4. No Acceptable Defense for this Administration’s actions during last 31/2 years
    It used to be misdirection about Bush started it / Bush was bad /Bush etc,etc..which was some sort of sudo defense for what has been going on the last 31/2 years. There has never been anything approaching the malfeasants, ignorance, arrogance, mandates, all negating the system of checks and balances that keep the US government on an even keel, plus corruption that is rampant thru this whole administration. How can anyone out there attempt to direct blame anywhere except at this administration. How can you deny what has /and is still happening…Gove spending out the roof…an EPA gone wild costing jobs and endangering our electrical grids all over the USA.

  5. Think about it …an occasional brown out because of a faulty device at a peak period…this causes a surge …other grids attempt to loan power to correct but are temporarily overcome themselves. Bottom line is that, ultimately the system corrects itself. When the EPA gets thru forcing shutdowns of coal fire power plants , these poor excuses /inefficient other modes of energy production will prove they cannot really do the job. Then we will see brownouts that do NOT correct themselves. These brown outs will NOT be from a faulty device that once corrected ,allows the grids to share and gradually renew each other. These brown outs will occur because we do not have the capacity ,our energy production will be marginal at best and any draw down in power will precipitate wholesale power failures. I hope the above does not come to pass, however, every one of us will immediately see sharp increases in the cost of electricity if the EPA is allowed to continue unchecked.

  6. It would be very interesting to see If the wide spread power outages after the huge storm of last month,and those of Hurricane Sandy,were in fact more wide spread and longer lasting ,because of over loaded grids that failed and / or were unable to support or recieve support their adjacient grids.


    • I tend to believe the Benghazi uprising was an Obama set-up that was bungled. How else can one explain why he ignored the plea for more security? Then, Obama fled to Las Vegas, under the pretense of campaigning, until he could justify (lie) why he refused to send more security. Four American compatriots died as a result of Obama's administration to refuse help. Now, he is stonewalling until after election day.
      Judas priest!!!! Cannot the American people see through this?

  8. Florida Jim says:

    When Obama says "I am for all sources of energy" he means any source that is above ground and with which he can pay off his campaign contributors e.g. Solyndra, Bright Source, Fisker,and others totaling $100,000,000,000- wasted.
    Although Russia, China, Norway, Liberia,Brazil and 100, other countries drill for oil, gas and coal to help their energy programs America under the thumb of the Environmentalwackoss insist on solar, wind and bioalthoughh most countries have given up on them as too costly andundeniablee Obama and his 60's radicals insist they are smarter thaneveryonee and will bankruptAmericaa to show how smart they are. Smarter than China, Russia, Canada I don't think so, do you?

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