Union Boss blames Romney for Obama’s EPA

In a conference call Monday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka tested out a new line of attack against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney: He is too radically pro-environment for Ohio.

Specifically, Trumka told reporters that the new Environmental Protection Agency clean air regulations that have been linked to the closure of mines and coal-fired power plants in the Buckeye state and elsewhere were actually Romney’s doing.

“Those EPA regulations were ordered by the Supreme Court as a result of a lawsuit by Mitt Romney’s state when he was governor. If there is a ‘war on coal,’ it starts and ends with Mitt Romney,” Trumka said. He also attacked Romney for saying in 2003 that a coal-fired power plant should be closed because it was killing people.

That a major Obama ally could accuse the Republican nominee of not only effectively running the EPA but of running it too far to the left is a sign of just how effective the GOP’s “war on coal” message has been in key swing states.

Ohio was supposed to be the Obama campaign’s firewall against a GOP insurgency, but polls last week show the race there even. Republicans have been relentlessly hammering the EPA in the coal regions of the Buckeye State, hoping the regulations are politically toxic for Obama. During the Denver presidential debate, Romney even exclaimed, “I love coal!”

Read more at The Washington Examiner. By Sean Higgins.

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  2. Ovmit and the union scum are liers and they will do anything to stay in washington all the unions do is steal money from the hard workers and bully everone to get what they want they need to go all of them It seems they have to blame everyone except there selfs they make me sick

  3. He's getting scared he won't have free run of the WH……panic is setting in, you can see it!! Only a moron would believe anything he says…..

  4. ConservaDave says:

    This doesn't even make sense. Trumka has to be one of the most disgusting, lying and slimey individuals in America. His inner being is even oozing out and manifesting in the way he looks: nasty, forboding, mean spirited. When the unions were defeated with the (re)election of Scott Walker he blamed it on being outspent by conservatives. What a crock, they did everything they could, instate and out of state to defeat Walker, spending millions and millions of union dues. They are no longer necessary in modern America and are just out to perpetuate their own fortunes on the backs of their members and are destroying themselves along with lifestyles of everyday Americans. And more and more of us are wising up to them.

  5. You union people need to get rid of this Communist liar. He is not doing your union any favors and he certainly is not doing the United States of America ANY good. If you wany to know where the unions fit into the destructionof America, download "Sirens' Song – America's Destruction" from http://www.gov-truth.com and "read all about it".

    • The union has become the scourge of the working man. You don't join the union, you are dogged by either union members or the union representative. All they are out for is the dollar in their pocket, from the members. They need to be outlawed. And now they are blaming Romney for Obama's policies???Damn, can't they see that BHO wants all coal mines shut down, and coal outlawed in the energy production????But, they continue to back him. Another case of insanity, mentally challenged thoughts, etc. Buch of crap!!!

  6. Only an idiot Union Boss would say something like this. Scum of the earth. Some of the dumbest people on God's green earth.

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