Coal Miners Attack Obama Admin And The EPA

5 days out, in Columbus, Ohio…


  1. John Detwiler says:

    Then vote that SOB out. Then insist that Romney get rid of the clown that is running it and modify the asinine rule that she put in place because of her obsessive-compulsive ignorance.

  2. I do hope that the Coal and the Oil worker will take a stand and vote for the Team of Romney/ Ryan as the Obama plan is to shut down all of the Coal and Oil companies down one at a time and as he shut thyem down he is also shutting down the power plants that we need to keep ours home warm in the winter months and cool in the hot summer,I just can not belive that the peoples will and would let someone take control of their lives and tell them what they can do and can not do here in the USA which is supposed to be a free country but look likes its is going become a slave country which you will work for the King Obama and his wife Queen Obama..GOD we need your help more now than every before,,

  3. This show what 4 more years of Obama will be fewer Jobs high eneger cost more taxs more gov. it time for the change he talk about 4 years a go so lets make that change now. Vote Romney/Ryne

  4. Because of our complacency the communists have managed to erase themselves from our national awareness and are pursuing their goal of the destruction of America unimpeded. When Romney is elected and conservatives hold the House and the Senate, we must remain vigilant, involved and aggressively educate the populace on the dangers and perils of multicultural, progressive, global governance to our beloved land.


  5. ConservaDave says:

    What a gutless move on the part of the UMWA to not endorse Romney, a dereliction of their duty to their members. God said He would rather have a man hot or cold than lukewarm, for He would "spue" that lukewarm being out of His mouth (Revelation 3:15-17). If they are so traditionally Democrat that they cannot change to support Romney when their very livelihood, that of their members and the lifestyles of we the people are at such a risk by Obama's war on coal and inexpensive energy, then really, what good are they?

  6. David Robinson says:

    I feel so sorely saddend by this issue…I have voted and have spoken to many people out side of enabling the demise this bastard and his knuckleheaded fools bowing down to him…
    God Bless America….to hell with socialism, communism, Islamism, progressivism…..may Obama lead them to the doors of hell…

    • If the people so infatuated with Obama don't get their heads out of his azz, we might be doomed to his plan for hell on earth for America. All he is doing is destroying the wills of people with his lies, lies, lies, and more lies. We have to get him and his free spending wife out of OUR White House. No other president and first lady have a 1 year expense of 1.6billion dollars. Imagine a dog handler on stand-by at $100,000+ a year. Take care of your own damn dog. Also Moochelle don't need more than 2-3 private employees, we should not have to pay for his 100 employees, we didn't hire her, she is just along for the ride. She is only in gubmint life cause she married that idiot. Guess that makes her an idiot too. She spends more in one month than most middle class make it 3-4 years.

  7. This nigger communist liar COWARD has to be voted out, a threat and enemy to America.

  8. Please watch this video, you won`t believe what you hear . Its very short.

  9. It is not just coal but every energy source other than wind and solar is in jeopardy. The current administration would like to close down every coal mine, every oil or gas well and every generating plant that uses these products. Obama and his legion of miscreants would drive this country back to the stone age or before.

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