The Case Against Ethanol from Corn

Ethanol from corn has been in my cross hairs for years. It is time to stop this madness. By the way, in January 2011, Peter Brabeck, chairman of the $100 billion Swiss food giant Nestle, addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and stated using food for biofuels was “absolute madness”.

A report posted October 12 by Marlo Lewis on outlines the disaster of the U. S. Renewable Fuel Mandate administered by the EPA. The TV interview of Tuft University writer Dr. Timothy Wise given by the link at the end of the article’s first paragraph is a must view.

U.S. biofuel expansion has cost developing countries $6.6 billion in higher food costs, estimates Tufts University economist Timothy A. Wise in Fueling the Food Crisis, a report published by ActionAid. A 10-minute video interview with Wise about his research is availablehere.

The 2007 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), established by the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), exerts long-term upward pressure on grain prices by diverting an ever-growing quantity of corn from food and feed to auto fuel. This is great for corn farmers but not good for U.S. consumers and harmful to millions of people in developing countries, many of whom live in extreme poverty.

Read more at Somewhat Reasonable. By James H. Rust.


  1. My Ford F-150 has gone down 4miles /gallon.
    This creates more carbon output by burning more gasoline.

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