Video Shines Light on Obama-EPA Green “Way of Life” Agenda

In preparation for Obama-EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz’s testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, released his latest video showcasing a number of Obama EPA Regional Administrators longing to impose a green “way of life act” on Americans through the regulatory regime of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


  1. Bump! Great blog!

    • If you look at those Govt entities you will see that a Council on Foreign.Relations. member is at the Helm.

  2. these idiots want to kill everyone, thats their real agenda. they want to push all this green energy crap that as of yet most of which has not even been developed. just as stupid as an electric car that can take you 35 miles. i couldn't make it to the doctors office on that crap. the EPA needs to have all these regulatory powers they have grabbed up taken away, they were an advisory panel and cannot spout regulations on anyone. look at the wonderful results we have from these brain cell deficient idiots so far. our cars get worse fuel economy, they created the sulfur emissions problem we have due to catalytic converters so what do they want now,, hmm, oh lets shut down coal that has sulfur in it,, i'm only 52 but i have seen enough of these perpetual lies over the past 40 yrs. the lies of cigarettes causing cancer,,LIE,, that cars were polluting the planet with carbon,,,LIE, the EPA has created more problems than they have ever solved and we get the bill for it shoved up our @#$%. the EPA needs to go

  3. Some years ago I actually had some (very little) respect and concurrence with the "Green" agenda. Now that the real "environmentalists" are out in the open I'm very resentful of them and their behind-the-scenes tactics. All their crippling policies have to come through Executive Orders from King Obama rather than risk being blown out of the water by America's representatives in Congress. Scum Bags!

  4. Now you may not agree here but here goes . All of this green energy stuff leads to billionaires and Govt control. For every Coal power plant shut down it reduces availability so rates necessarily skyrocket putting more money in the hands of producers for less. Less as they get you to use less to keep a roof over your head. China builds one or two power plants a week burning coal. The carbon Credit stuff is a ponsi scheme. Read link

    There is also another group of NON-Elected In every branch of our govt working with the U.N. on Agenda 21 ,If you haven't heard about it GOOGLE it. That group of non -elected are the Council on Foreign Relations, Influential people working for one global govt under the U.N.'s dictators
    read link
    Some of the members off the top of my head are,Brian Williams,Katy Couric, Bloomburg, McCain, Feinstein and her husband Blume , Mitt Romney, Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Condolessa Rice. George Stephanopolis . Soros
    more info here

    This is an old Clinton era list of C.F.R. members in his Administration

  5. Erik Osbun says:

    The answer to all of these problems is to eliminate the EPA.

  6. We should be looking at where all the money goes from all these "Green" projects How much of the Tax payers monies is going back upstream to line the Obama campaign pockets or reward the E.P.A's minions that do Obama's bidding to ruin the nation as he has. Stopping all the coal fired power plants, stopping drilling for oil any where in our nations lands. Forcing the costly “Green energy” agenda on the population making us pay for it all, while making sure that it benefits Obama's supporters as repayment for their past financial support.

  7. huapakechi says:

    Aside from the blatant hypocrisy and outright lies, the sappy music has got to be alienating voters.

  8. The EPA is the strong arm of the United Nations made possible and aloud by both PARTIES to add MORE shackles to the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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