How The EPA’s Green Tyranny Is Stifling America – by Rich Trzupek, Encounter Broadside, paperback, 48 pages

Rich Trzupek is a chemist and consultant for the environmental and consulting firm of Mostardi Platt Environmental. He is also a contributor to and has recently published a new book on the EPA: Regulators Gone Wild: How The EPA Is Ruining American Industry.

His shorter monograph on the EPA, How The EPA’s Green Tyranny Is Stifling America is a good introduction to the regulatory zeal that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has embraced since she was appointed in 2009.

Trzupek minces no words in describing Jackson’s extremist zeal. His first paragraphs describe the seriousness of her political agenda: “Under the leadership of U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and “energy czar” Carol Browner, the Obama administration continues to develop an unprecedented amount of new draconian environmental regulations that will severely damage America’s beleaguered industrial sector. The scope of these initiatives is breathtaking, going well beyond anything that has ever been attempted in the name of ecological purity in America. …The fact is that the Obama administration and its liberal allies are conducting a full-scale assault on America’s energy sector, and on our industrial base, in the guise of environmental protection.”

According to Trzupek, the EPA under previous administrations was never as extreme as it has become under Lisa Jackson. He observes: “The agency could never be described as a friend to industry, but before Jackson, there were voices within the bureaucracy who listened to the industry side, who understood that evaluating risks vs. rewards should include consideration of economic issues, and who served to check some of the more radical voices within the agency. Under Jackson, the craziest tree-hugging inmates of the EPA are now effectively, if not officially, in charge of the asylum. As a result, the EPA has radically changed course.”

Trzupek believes that the EPA is pursuing a regulatory agenda that will chip away at America’s ability to use homegrown energy resources to fuel economic recovery. In short, Obama’s EPA is destroying the energy industry in America.

In addition, he analyzes how the EPA dishonestly “reinterpreted” portions of the Clean Air Act in order to seize control of large portions of our economy.

He concludes his monograph with this somber warning:

“This is the most aggressive EPA that the nation has ever seen. Its tentacles are reaching out into society and the economy in ways that very few members of the public can possibly imagine. We’re looking at the tip of a huge iceberg that will affect America for years to come. And, like another famous iceberg, this one has the ability to sink the ship that has been this nation’s amazing vessel of prosperity.”





  1. Erik Osbun says:

    We have no choice. Remove Obama and his EPA from office.

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