Congressman Courageously Defends “Big Coal”

At a rally in his district, Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) discusses the importance of coal, not only to district 9, but to the entire state.


  1. How can anyone who is involved in the mining, processing, transportation, sale or use of coal support a president who is trying to destroy a major segment of this country’s energy production, and the source of their livelihoods? Union members, especially coal miners, power plant and railroad workers, had better remember that on Election Day. Democrats are no longer their fiends.

  2. soldiermom11 says:

    This is great! Where are the democrats? You know the party of the people. haha. Where is Joe Manchin? West Virginia is in terrible shape for the miners there. Whole towns are just desparate. Guess it's only cool to be a democrat when you are living the high life, not when your constituents are suffering.

    • I predict that Joe Manchin will switch parties and become a Republican at some point. The Democrats are pressing hard to run conservatives and even moderates out of their party.

    • Irs the Obama way!! Think about it! all was doing well until!!!!

  3. If your intent is to destroy a country's economy, start with a war on the products that make the economy work!
    Coal, gas, oil, all targeted by this Usurper, with no viable alternatives. What could be his ultimate goal?

    • To rule as others have done in past!! want to slow the economy do as Obama is doing!!

    • To take us down the path to where Greece is, to create economic implosion, take over as dictator and inflict socialism/communism as the government becomes big brother to everyone. He said when he was running that his policies would necessarily cause the cost of energy and fuel to skyrocket — were people listening? He said he wanted a national police force to rival the military to be under his command within our borders — were people listening, because he is there on both. He thinks redistribution of income will work — those people will move their assets and even themselves to where the government cannot take it all and what will be left? He is buying votes now every way he can to stay in office to complete the destruction of our country. Read the new issue of WND magazine for an education. The unions need to wake up because they are expendable also.

  4. As they are being forced to shut down power plants,just what is going to replace that loss of power..When old folks like me start freezing to death or starting to die from heat,because there won't be enough affordable energy or for that matter not even enough energy to supply the demand..then what.??Is the energy situation like obama care..shut up old people…we have to think of the younger people who have more to offer…longer to live…are able to take the cold and heat go ahead and sacrifice for the good of the younger and healthy…so go ahead and build those coal fired power plants we will just bankrupt you and at the same time cut down on the total population…neat trick huh..this administration will be the death of us all if we do not make a stand against it this November.remember any vote not for Romney IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA

    • The first thing President Romney should do is pressure congress to sharply reduce EPA funding, or move to abolish it altogether. It's a humongous, overbearing, harrassing and stifling beaurocracy that is out of control due to years of mission creep at the hands of the overly ambitious, and needs to be brought to heel.

  5. If you want SOCIALISM, vote Obama.

  6. Robert Morrow says:

    Coal is important, but they are losing the battle for we are now ruled by Agencies Like the EPA and it Dictator in charge which has no controls for your elected Official, & Obama have sold us out for their personal agenda to rule. I know my own Senator of the state of New Mexico have sold us out for their portion of the 30 pieces of blood stained Silver. We have the EPA, along with the FDA (murder for Profit), along with the rest and their army of Petty Bureaucrats who have not controsl and their own Swat Teams, Courts and are the Jury for your rights under what was the Constitution are gone. So Comrade, eat your daily bread laced with poison toxins, and swallow your poison drugs and shut up.

  7. Yes, coal is important, and to prevent the destruction of this industry we need to vote the Obama administration out of office on November 6th!

  8. Although I don't live in the east, I am favor of keeping and expanding the Coal Industry. It is a crime what the EPA has done to all industry, especially the Coal Industry. Anyone that has anything to do with the current administration should be called out (HEAR THAT NASCAR!!!!!!!!!). The stance this administration has taken is also hurting the Railroad companies as well. This also hurts all the businesses that all these families do business with. Out here on Oregon there are companies that want to build coal export facilities along the Columbia River that are getting environmental push back. Stay tuned. GO COAL!!!!!

  9. The coal industry is an important part of 6 or 7 states in this country. How our legislators,especially of those states, can ignore what Obama and the EPA are doing to this industry is criminal. Forcing the shut down of coal fired generating plants and mines and retarding or stopping exports contibutes greatly to our continuing economic problems. It is time legislators muzzled EPA and the pretender.

  10. What is this "big Coal" perjorative?? (just like the inflamatory media use "big oil" etc.,), The media is getting lazy and verbally sloppy ….Clean Coal as the primary producer of electricity must be a vital component of our overall energy self-sufficiency. Obama needs to be voted out come November, followied by the defunding of his EPA sycophants……..

  11. For a Country and World that needs any and all sources, keep in mind this President wants to destroy all sources that we depend on. He wants solar, technology hasn't perfected it yet and may not. He wants want he calls renewable (ethanol) which takes food off the tables yet still is not efficient. This is a leader of failed promises and the throwing away of our tax payer monies. Wait, I must remember only 1% pay taxes, I wonder when I'll get my money back because I'm sure as Hell am not a 1%'er yet I paid taxes! Get the energy here, screw the Middle East and the people that hate us, Drill here and become self sufficient.

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