Radical Environmentalism: “Ecocide” Mock Trial Aims to Create Earth ‘Right to Life’

By: Wesley J. Smith

British earth worshipper, Polly Higgins wants corporations tried for extracting natural resources from the earth.

The campaign to create a new “international crime against peace” called “ecocide,” which would land offenders, such as oil and timber company CEOs, in the Hague, continues to advance.  By making “ecocide” an international crime akin to genocide cleansing–and as I have noted in the Weekly Standard, not just pollution but also large scale development–the radical environmentalists aim to stifle most development of resources by making it a crime to engage in wealth producing activities such as mining, oil and gas drilling, timber harvesting, perhaps even suburbanization.

Moreover, the movement is profoundly anti human exceptionalist because it uses the term “displaced individuals” in the definition of the crime to include flora and fauna, which are deemed as important as people. In this sense, ecocide is the sword to “rights of nature” being the shield.  If enacted, poverty will flow like a river.

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