EPA wannabe? Transportation Department goes after natural gas drilling

President Obama’s EPA hasn’t managed to put a dent in fracking so far, and so now the Transportation Department is getting into the act. The Transportation Department has reinterpreted an old rule in a way that undermines the industry.

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration Administration (FMCSA) recently impeded the ability of truckers to deliver water and sand to drilling sites by reinterpreting a 50-year-old rule to limit the amount of time that truck drivers can work in a day.

“This is clearly an indication that somewhere up in the top echelons of this administration, there is a constant battle — a war going on — to try to artificially level the playing field between the oil and gas industry and the renewable [energy] industry,” Rep. Jeff Landry, R-La., told The Washington Examiner in a phone interview yesterday.

The new spin on the old rule “declares that [commercial motor vehicles] hauling water and sand in furtherance of oilfield activities are no longer able to use the waiting time exception,” Landry and over sixty other lawmakers wrote to Transportation Secretary LaHood last week. The new “guidance” on the old rule means that trucks carrying water and sand cannot stay at the work site for longer than 11 hours a day.

Read more at the Washington Examiner. By Joel Gehrke.


  1. Kid Richie says:

    The Left never stops in its efforts to cripple this country. The EPA along with the Progressive elements in the Judiciary have stifled much of the Energy sector. The progressives are like termites eating away at the very foundation y undermining every aspect of traditional America. Obama uses his "executive privilege" in detrimental ways. Over the decades, Progressives have worked arduously to take down America. Each one was like a grain of sand, hardly noticeable, but slowing and surely those grains of sand have added up and we are now in a desert of Socialism. Desert is an apt word for Socialism because it is a system as cruel and harsh as any desert, It produces a society that is empty of joy and living as is in any desert. Everything about life is curtailed or forbidden and the desert dictates our choices.

    If we continue to allow devils like the Progressives to continue their work of sabotage, life will no longer belong to us to decide, but we will belong to the State who does not "see" individuals as meaningful. Only the collective is considered and every individual is subsumed within it,

    Those who care about America, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and that the Government is the servant of the people and we are not slaves or tools of the Government, must exercise our Rights of Freedom to Think and Freedom to vote. Analyze what is being said or promised or proposed by the candidates. Learn all we can about their history and prior actions and experiences, and vote INFORMATIVELY! "It is by their works that you shall know them" . Their words are usually one form of lie or another, pandering to groups they care nothing about, and making promises they have no intention of keeping!
    If the people analyzes what they are being taught by ideologues and look not only at the "road" that is being built, but look to where that "road" leads, We need to weigh the consequences of what is proposed no matter how "reasonable" or "good" it may sound. The politicians have become masters of the con game. they are like the snake oil salesmen of old, promising everything and delivering nothing but harm.

    Vote intelligently,
    Vote For the Constitution
    Vote against Obama and so-called Liberal Democrats, who are as Liberal as was Stalin or Castro.
    Do not be fooled by their rhetoric.

  2. We have got to get rid of this entire administration and reintroduce some level of sanity into the government. We must put Lahood in the same insane asylum that Jackson belongs in alone with their boss. I can't believe their boss has the audacity to opine that he is pro America. He hates America, infact, I am starting to believe he hates everyone but himself. We know he thinks he is better than everyone else.

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