EPA Targets Florida With Outrageous “Water Tax”

What is the EPA’s problem with the Sunshine State?


  1. This is again the EPA in action, negative action. It illustrates what regulations of all kinds can to to hard working Americans. These bureaucrats sit up late, I am sure, thinking of ways to make our lives more expensive & miserable!

    • The EPA is attempting to destroy the US by taking away coal for electrical power pklants, and many will freeze and be unable to have refrigeration in their homes, as coal plants are being shut down…many will die, but EPA don't care…they are part of the Eugenics movement, wanting to cut the population by 6½ BILLION people, so many must die!! We need to get rid of EPA…My Senator says, "We were bi-parisan when we vote them the right to control enviromental factors..We gave them the right to do what needs to be done…so writing him is a waste!! I believe he favors a dictatorship!!

    • Kid Richie says:

      The ERA is synonymous with the Nazi Gestapo and is doing the dirty work for Obama help him take down America!

  2. Better yet, Elect the Tea Party, eliminate the E P A completely and start over with
    good sound judgement which must be voted on by the people and not demanded
    by the buracrats you know this is not funny, these people are destroying our Republic
    one law at a time demand results and watch who you vote for. and that is the way
    I see it.

  3. richard holmes says:

    We the people need to tax the people in the epa excessively to disbanand stop this socialist organization

  4. richard holmes says:

    Tax the epa out of existance

    • ANTICRIME says:

      Richard, Seeing that the EPA is a government agency which is supported by OUR tax dollars, your comment is nothing short of ludicrous, my friend!

    • The House of Representatives could defund them so put pressure on them to stop this nonsense.

  5. Oh stop whining and crying, the gov't knows what is good for us so the water tax will help us have clean air and water for the children. That is if there are any after obamacare kicks in.

  6. Louise Miller says:

    I've had it and I won't take it anymore. In short, if you want the life of your family ruined, vote for his lord-
    ship. His second term will be far, far worse than the first. Our wonderful country will go right down the
    drain. And, if you must vote for his lordship, just remember you have a hand in the destruction of a
    wonderful nation.

    • You are so right, trouble is the EVIL GENIUS has the media behind him and the sheep of this country follow where ever they lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Obozo, our Liar in Chief is denying the Military a right to vote in this election, because they hate him and will vote against him, yet he is making it possible for ALL illegals to vote, as they are mostly Democrats…the election might be called rigged!! I pray he don't succeed, but he made Florida throw out all the military votes they have received….This man is totally evil and intends to destroy this country, because he has repeatedly said he hates this Country!! Now he's proving it!!

  7. this is an out and out lie. there is no florida water tax. we don't get our water from georgia. remember november and vote them ALL out.

    • tompro97 says:

      Honey child, we have been supplying your water for the last million+ years, and what we (GEORGIA) don't provide, ALABAMA provides the rest. What planet are you living on, child???

  8. ANTICRIME says:

    BETTER YET…..Let's ABOLISH the "Progressives' EPA" !!! ~ Too bad so many folks have turned their backs on a man that would have cleaned out and shut down many abusive government entities but turned their support instead to a man that will sustain them!!! SO SAD so many have to learn the hard way!
    Hosea 4:6 "My people perish for their lack of knowledge"!

  9. ANTICRIME says:

    I'm wondering how long it's going to take for Governors & Legislators of our states to come to the realization that our federal government along with Congress has been commandeered by Marxists Hell-bent on the destruction of out country and using our own tax dollars to accomplish their goals!
    S E C E S S I O N ….is the ONLY way to stop them in their tracks!!!
    "We will use the people's own money to buy the rope to hang them with" ~ Karl Marx

  10. Could it be the the state of Florida has the audacity to try to expunge dead people from their voting rolls??You know how those Chicago crime thugs work, cross them and they come after you.

  11. Charles Roden says:

    So go to the polls and vote, again, for the idiot who told you, and demonstrated to you, that he was an incompetent liar, corrupt to the nth degree, and hell bent on becoming a dictator while on the puppet strings of the evil elite whose goal is to subject the survivors of their actions into slavery like the world has never known. And this knowledge is not gleaned in the movies, from playing video games, or doing strip dances in the malls. IT TAKES EFFORT TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND ACT UPON IT.

  12. My friend in Florida, a refugee from communist Cuba, will not vote for "our" Marxist Obama, nor will
    his family or friends. They know one when they hear one. We should all be that wise.

  13. surlycurmudgen says:

    The EPA If not abolished then their regulatory powers should be stripped. The EPA should be reduced to advisory status. Any regulations they would like implemented should be submitted for peer review and put on line for public comment. After six months the proposed regulation can be submitted to congress for a yea or nae.
    The EPA should be seriously downsized and reduced to a division within the department of the interior. Current EPA regulations should be reviewed by congress and the useless and over regulated ones thrown out.

  14. There is only ONE SOLUTION to this outrageous action by the EPA: REMOVE OBAMA AND HIS EPA FROM OFFICE ASAP!

  15. I guess Florida, as one of the key states in the coming election, did something to upset the emperor and his miscreant head of the EPA. Come November we MUST get rid of the pretender and his entire degenerate regime.

  16. donjusko says:

    I couldn't vote up this comment so I'm reposting it.
    Donald Jones · 12 hours ago
    Better yet, Elect the Tea Party, eliminate the E P A completely and start over with
    good sound judgement which must be voted on by the people and not demanded
    by the buracrats you know this is not funny, these people are destroying our Republic
    one law at a time demand results and watch who you vote for. and that is the way
    I see it.

  17. Time to take out the garbage in November!

  18. hatrick penry says:

    Stop the planes and start the rain. Florida's drought is caused by geo-engineering…that's what the spray planes do all day here. I guess Obama's science advisor was wrong when he said Chem Trails would save the country.

  19. karen bracken says:

    Remember Bill Clinton created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development for the sole purpose of implementing Agenda 21 into our states through regulation. It is designed to destroy property rights and our Constitution. Inventory and control ALL human activity to fulfill their sick eutopian nightmare.

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