Oops: Lisa Jackson’s EPA Shows Heat Waves In 1930′s Worse

Remember the 1930′s? CO2 was well below 3500ppm. There weren’t a lot of cars on the road. Air travel was tiny. There were no DVRs, iPhones, tablets, and ice makers in refrigerators. In recent weeks, we’ve had many unhinged Warmists (who refuse to embrace the carbon neutral lifestyle themselves) pontificate over a heat wave. Yet, here’s what Steven Goddard found via a reader on the EPA website

Read more at Right Wing News. By William Teach.


  1. she is a lier and she wants to control all of us with her EPA she needs to go with Ovmit

  2. John Stewart says:

    This EPA is so loaded with idiots, liars, and agenda driven progressives, it makes one's stomach recoil with nausea.
    The only honest techs in the organization have a gag order placed on them by the chieftains.

  3. EPA is stiffling the USA, Keeping we tax paying citizens subject to foreign oil powers and weakening our freedoms every day. EPA must be stopped in it's tracks, defunded and reviewed for "RELEVENCE"

  4. The big spike in temperature was 1936-1937, when Roosevelt was in his second term.
    Let this be a warning. Don't give Obama a second term if you won't want the world to burn up.

  5. Ask Congress to defund the EPA, and then, shut it down, We don;t need such as the EPA dictating, to our dismay. Criminals, crooks, and theives, the lot of them.

  6. Tom Wiegand says:

    See the flat line in the 60's and 70's that's when the alarmist were predicting the next ice was to occurring because of coal fly ash in the atmosphere! Never happened. And it could be argued that it didn't happen because of the scrubbers the EPA forced power stations and any coal operation to install and maintain. So that being the cause and being a possibility that the work of the EPA stopped the next ice age then maybe their correction was so severe that removal of dust particles from the atmosphere may very well be the cause of this supposed warm up. Since coal is carbon and their argument for Cap and Trade is too much carbon dioxide is in the air would be incorrect to deduce that the more carbon sent into the air according to their own experience in the 70's through removal has caused higher temps which the above graph clearly depicts. Based on this finding which comes from their of records then a carbon tax will not lead us to lower temperatures but actually higher ones. So therefore the carbon argument falls flat on it's face! Sorry Al.

  7. Election Day is coming this November. WE THE PEOPLE can vote them out. Vote for Romney. Then watch the epa dissipate quickly.

  8. Jay S Stark says:

    I have told my friends that when they watch the local weather on TV and they say we set a record High temperature for the day the record that was broken was usually set sometime in the 1930's. Did we have Global warming back then?????

  9. Jerry Guinn says:

    I guess global warming caused that heat wave in the 1930s, you would think that all those smart people would have checked that out!!!!! It better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt !!!!!


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