Hilarious: Michael Savage Chews Environmentalists Up, Spits Them Out

I enjoyed listening to Michael Savage roast these alarmists like the bunch of chickens (or pigs) they are. I hope you do too!


  1. Dee McLain says:

    We don't need a President who will not support an anti-murder law.

  2. Rusureuwant2know says:

    They keep forgetting while we have heat waves in summer it's bitter cold in the southern hemisphere because they are having winter and it's anywhere from -50 to – 100F at the South Pole. The temps we are having have absolutely no melting effect in places where the temps are below freezing.

    • Surely you know this whole global warming nonsense is a hoax, has been from the get-go! Many/most temperature recirds were set in the 40's & haven't been surpassed since. If Global warming was truly a factor, how could that be?

      • A way to bring alarm-"don't let a crisis go to waste" be inventive, create one when none exists.
        Ban firearms, it worked for Hitler, Lenin and numerous other dictators.

  3. this environmental /global warming trash is just that . It's intended by the U.N. to be used as a global tax to fund the U.N. in it's communist quest for global take over and one world govt. Google Dept of State Publication 7277 and read both the hard copy and watch the you tube video. while your at it if your truly concerned with murder ,the U.N. and the State Dept want only the U.N. to have fire arms. You can see how well this has worked out before in history by searching "John Malcolm Innocence Betrayed/Documentary"

  4. Al Gore telling us to loose weight, he looks like a fat count dracula. Oh for God's sake, let's stop all this garbage and fearmongering regarding global warming, not buying it anymore.

  5. The argument is not whether or not the world is slowly getting warmer; it is and that is easy to document. The discussion is just how much we humans contribute to this (and pollution). Some say that weather trends over thousands of years — not months — and we are witnessing just another cycle. Seeing this as some sort of plot strikes me as ridiculous; humans have never been that well coordinated in the entire history of man.

  6. Girly Girl says:

    Al Gore is a scam artist. Note that "global warming" is something we can't really see so they can issue payola to a starving scientist to doctor up data. We know that data centers in cold areas have been shut down.

  7. richard goetschius says:

    kick all the politicians out of office and puty some hard working citizens that are out of work, but have good management skill and get this government back to work by using the constitution corectly

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