Sellout GOP Senator attacks local newspaper for criticizing his vote for EPA rules

Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander is attacking a newspaper in his state for criticizing his vote to help President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency implement what the paper considers an economically devastating regulation.

On June 20 Alexander was one of five GOP senators who voted to allow the EPA to implement Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology regulations, which will force coal energy plants to install giant scrubber-like materials inside smokestacks to capture and cleanse carbon particles.

The upgrade cost could fall on company employees and coal miners in the form of layoffs, as well as on businesses that might have to pay more for energy.

Business leaders – including Obama’s own Small Business Administration – have pointed out how this regulation, contrary to EPA estimates, will be economically disastrous. In a lengthy letter to EPA Director Lisa Jackson last summer, Obama’s Small Business Administration’s advocacy office wrote that the EPA “may have significantly understated” the economic “burden this rulemaking would impose on small entities.”

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Matthew Boyle.


  1. one more to be removed from office !

    • John Detwiler says:

      Of course, I'm sick and tired of these underhanded Leftist who use a party that supported them to achieve office, where they then begin showing their trues colors (RINOS). I suggest we do the same elect a bunch of (DIMOS.) Democrats in name only. Has a great ring to it, doesn't it?

    • Ron Kilmartin says:

      Agree. This guy had to gall to run for pres a few elections back. He could out0Obama Obama.

  2. Senator Alexander, whos side are you on. The coal industry has just about been wiped out by these onerous regulations. Utility prices continue to climb, and energy cost continue to climb while we allow our own resources that we own to stay in the ground. You are destroying jobs, destroying lives and destroying my faith in common sense. Where did you get off the bus, Maybe the people of Tennessee will vote you out next time around.

  3. Johnny Hiott says:

    Strange how these anti American, anti business RINO's are so willing to condem anyone that speaks out against them. I also find it strange how on the different anti American bills the senate comes up with the RINO's are most times different ones. It almost appears as though 95% of the republican senators are RINO's and simply take turns so as to fool the public into thinking they are conservative based on "oh ! I voted against that !" all the while they have insured that enough others would vote "for" to insure it's passage.
    They are all nothing but liers and thieves bent on the destruction of America. They are all in the pocket of the commie obama. Do America a favor ! Make 535 members of both houses of congress unemployed along with the so called president. It will only show up as a tiny blip in the unemployment roles. That is if those keeping the unemployment numbers in this nation can even count that high !

  4. ladyceo says:

    Is he up for re-election in Nov.?? If so, beware Mr. Alexander and wake up Tennessee! This man needs to be in the unemployment line along with Obama!

  5. Surly_Curmudgen says:

    Alexander is up for re-election in 2014 and there are some looking for a primary opponent. For those who live in TN his office phone numbers are Nashville;1-615-736-5129 and Washington; 1-202-224-4944. Call and let him know how many votes he lost when he supported the EPA.

  6. Great! It's about time that MSM starts exposing the corrupted officials and politicians in a public forum so that the everyday American citizen can see what we have in power and start to oust them in November.
    Vote OUT the liberals and anyone else who supports the CFR,the UN and the EPA.

  7. ErnestH says:

    Someone needs to find the money trail on this one. The only reason that I can think of for Alexander's selling out the nation's best interest on this bill is that he stands to benefit handsomely from it in some way. It's a horrible bill that will cripple the coal and gasoline energy industries, wipe out thousands of jobs, and drive energy costs through the roof at the same time we are about to be taxed out of our minds to support obamafraudcare.

  8. He along with the two Maine senators, McCain, one from Utah and several others along with all the democrats need to go.

  9. Higgy68 says:

    At least three of the senators, Brown, Collins, Snowe, are known to be republican in name only and should be sent packing. I guess Alexander and Ayotte join the list of pro Obama RINOs. This new EPA rule Utility MACT does nothing more than cost the utlities. It really does not help the environment and Liza "the Marxist" Jackson knows it. She just loves to wield her power.

  10. Laamar Alexander 's name is right below Harry Reids on the national misfits list , and right above Nancy pelosi . What the hay is he doing on the republican ticket . Lets go tea party , get his butt out of there .

  11. I hope everyone of these congessmen and senators, what ever their party, gets voted out when they are up for reelection. We don't need people who vote to put so many regulations on companies that they can't hire or produce what we need. I'll vote against every last one of them.

  12. If he is up for re-election this Nov. then he needs go. If not, then begin what's necessary to impeach/recall his sorry ass ASAP. The voters of Tennessee know what needs to be done. DO IT………

  13. Ramon Ervin says:

    I agree with Jonny Angel and others–this man is not taking care of the people that elected him. I truly don't care what initial follows the name (Democrat, Republican) if the elected official does not do what the electorate voted for the elected needs to be fired. As I have said before, too much government does not start at the national level, it begins with local councils/aldermen, state elected. In November you won't be voting just for President of our nation, there will be US congress and senate seats, governors, state officials. Vet them all. Do you know who will be on the ballot for those positions?

  14. Richard Carpenter says:

    This is what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

  15. Alexander needs to be isolated until his re-election and then defeated. He is human garbage and is one of the reasons this country is a mess.. Lamar, you are societal waste. . ..

  16. Longdrycreek says:

    Lamar Alexander has been in government as a bureaucrat and now as a "Republican" for too long. He has forgotten who he works for. Richard Lugar was a casualty in the primary because he was a creature of D.C. It was home to him and he acted toward the voters as a rent collector.
    Lamar is a rent collector. End his tenure and let him remain in D.C. He is a member of the club.

  17. gunner48 says:

    Republicans ass! Must be getting a kickback favor from the demos…….They make you sick,them and the EPA. send more energy to the enemy …..these muslims ragheads need more reasons to sell us their OIL. We cant make our own energy work?????? We are a country of idiots following Morons in Washington. Or so they think Wait till November . You polititions back your bags……

  18. catfish says:

    The EPA needs to be discontinued right along with Ohomocare, welfare and food stamps. Do away with these and all other restricting programs and freebees and the country will self correct.

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