Shocker: Poll Finds Public Backs EPA, Not GOP, on Mercury

A majority of Americans don’t support a Republican-backed measure the Senate is expected to vote on Wednesday that would nix a landmark environmental rule controlling air pollution from power plants. But they don’t support the regulation as is, either.

A new United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll finds that 57 percent of the public supports a recently-finalized Environmental Protection Agency rule controlling mercury and other toxic air pollution from coal-fired power plants as long as companies are given more time to comply.

The poll found that a similar majority—55 percent—thinks EPA should be able to control greenhouse-gas emissions that most scientists agree cause climate change. Just slightly more than one-third of the public—36 percent—said Congress should stop EPA from such regulation. A federal court is expected to rule soon on whether the agency is within its right to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions.

Read more at National Journal. By Amy Harder.


  1. The Quadfather says:

    They have yet to feel the impact of these foolish policies. If mercury from power plants was a real problem, it would have manifested itself long ago. When the lights start going out and the air conditioners grind to a halt, the public will pay attention. By the way, it doesn’t matter how many (government paid) scientists says something, if it ain’t so, It still ain’t so.

  2. 30 yrs ago the epa forced the auto industry to install catalytic converters on all our cars. all this really did was increase the sulfur emissions. then they claimed that freon for our cars air conditioners was bad, so we got stuck with yet another baseless regulation and once again it was of absolutely no help to our ozone as they called it back then. now the same epa wants to blame coal fired power plants for any increases in sulfur emissions an actual problem that was created by them to start with. and now this mercury crap, and these inviromentally ill idiots have forced light bulbs that is broken takes hazmat to clean up. think its time this group of losers called the epa were all on the soup line

  3. Surly Curmudgen says:

    The EPA needs to be changed to an advisory vice regulatory agency and moved within the department of the Interior. Future proposed and all current regulations should be submitted for peer review and published on the Internet for public comment, minimum six months. The regulations of worth can only be enacted by congress.

  4. whitetop says:

    The same people probably accept CFL light bulbs being required in their homes. They have no idea what the health hazards are associated with broken CFL bulbs. You can't regulate stupidity out of existence.

  5. ConservaDave says:

    Good example of the power of the press run amuck. I guarantee that a majority of this 55-57% have not been made aware of the truth concerning: 1) the global warming hoax; 2) the erroneous understanding of how these "greenhouse" gasses work; 3) the authoritarian, unscientific dictatorial tendencies of Obama's EPA [who could be against protecting the environment?]; and 4) the devastating effect on the economy and our personal energy costs the implementation of their schemes will have. Where is the honest reporting from the MSM?

  6. If you look up SCUM in a good encyclopedia you would see the EPA symbol .

  7. greenhouse-gas emissions do not cause climate change since climate change is a hoax….most polls can be mutilated to saw what ever the poll taker wants them to saw, also where was this so called poll taken,, NY or Calf.?

  8. Great posts!

  9. 1. Listen to TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. Listen to The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. Don't vote for ANY evil (greater or lesser).

  10. snapper1d says:

    Whats funny about this is they want us to start using CFL bulbs and are trying to cut out all incandescent bulbs but all CFL's are made using mercury!!!!! Then when they go out they are dumped in the landfills and the mercuric oxide can leach out into water ways.

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