Top 10 FAILED Global Warming Predictions


  1. Global warming is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated by would be tyrants like Al Gore who care nothing about the envoroment but just want power over the people! The carbon credits scam would be bought from guess who? Al Gore, the man who invented the internet! REPROBATE!!!

    • You are absolutely correct! This IS a hoax, from the get-go. As usual, follow the money, the answer is normally found!

  2. John Stewart says:

    The only thing these politically motivated, and so called, scientists or experts have proven is that they went to a progressive university. By the way they all wasted their money. They must have thought—- oh never mind, they are incapable of that process.

  3. WhiteFalson says:

    Sionce global warming isd a fraud to begin with it stands to reason that their predictions would fail.

  4. WhiteFalcon says:

    Sorry about the above typos. I never was a great typist.

  5. pat from texas says:

    Al Gore for janitor! Although that may be above his pay grade.

  6. ObjectiveOnlooker says:

    Wow, you guys have no knowledge of how science works…. or the overwhelming evidence that must exist for scientists to have reached a consensus.

  7. Boy using science from 1970 to make your points seems a bit dishonest. Perhaps using science from 2012 would make more sense. How many 100 yr, 200 yr and 500 year floods/storms have taken place in the past decade. Hard to avoid that data.
    Air quality has gotten better, because we did something about it. We required industry to clean up their act. Global warming won't get better, we have to many greedy folks pushing pseudoscience for there own benefit and to few willing to go look for the truth.

  8. John-Henry C says:

    I am a conservative. I am a science teacher. My degree was in geology (at a non-liberal school of Oregon State). I was a US Marine for ten years and fought in Ar Ramadi for one year during its roughest time (04-05).
    Now with that out of the way, why is there a whole war out upon science?
    Climate is probably one of the most complex systems to understand, and to equate it to only the world warming or cooling is a gross misunderstanding of that system. It is NOT a warming or cooling of a specific area, or that all weather will become warmer. Actually, when climate changes weather becomes very erratic and tends to jump from one extreme to another (to understand what I mean, research Little Ice Age that occurred during the 16th and 19th centuries).
    I wish there would be more conservatives actually researching and understanding a climate system, before trying to debunk any theories. Debunking is fine, but when having a very limited understanding the system and debunking things publicly with gross misunderstandings only makes all conservatives look really idiotic….
    Good resources to look at are NASA, NOAA, or other publicly funded groups that relate only science to people.

  9. WVN- science teacher says:

    Out of the many thousands of scientists around the world who are working on some aspect of global warming and making predictions, I bet it is pretty easy to find 10 that are actually wrong. Lets ignore the thousands of predictions that are right. That, of course, proves that global warming is a hoax and that all of the scientists of the world are in on a huge conspiracy. I recommend that you go to the scientific sources and look at the data rather than rely upon politicians and bloggers who deal in hype.

    • Spadecaller says:

      According to the rigors of scientific discipline,no hypothesis is worthy of any consideration unless it implies the sort of evidence that would prove it wrong.predictions based on the theory are tested against the many anomalous results are necessary to invalidate a proposition?.To paraphrase Einstein…a mere one.Such a one is the 17 year global warming hiatus.QED.End of story.Game over.Back to the drawing board.

    • Can u state the person or group and their predictions on global warming

  10. 1. Listen to TruNews with Rick Wiles.
    2. Listen to The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    3. Don't vote for ANY evil (greater or lesser).

  11. Without the " climatechange " bogeyman the progressives IE: communists and socialists , will find it much harder to force us to live the way they DEMAND that we all should live . There is absolutely zero other justifications for ENVIRONMENTAL ARMEGGEDON they are pushing .

  12. debeddebed says:

    There are some environmentalists who believe that they are saving the planet and there are some who do good.
    However, it is time to look at environmentalists correctly. They have been hijacked by the Marxist socialists? Have you heard of the United Nations Sustainable Development (Agenda 21)? You should check it out fast as it is almost too late. It is their goal to create a socialist one world goverment.

  13. I don't believe a particle that only makes up less than 4 parts per 10,000 makes any signification change in our weather.. And even the scientist who study ice core samples can tell you that CO2 does have a correlation to temperature… In EVERY single ice core sample show temperature increases first and then CO2 goes up… Temp goes down,, CO2 goes down… Not the other way around… CO2 reacts to a change in temperature not the other way around. So for scientist to blame CO2 they had to come up with a hypothesis or explanation why this is not the case now! So they came up with a theory too explain something that has never happen before.

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