EPA’s Lisa Jackson Dodges Congressional Hearing; What’s She Afraid Of?

Lisa Jackson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, turned down a request from lawmakers to testify about the agency’s decision to withdraw Arch Coal Inc. (ACI) (ACI)’s permit for a mountaintop mine in West Virginia.

The EPA told the committee that given the short notice for the hearing, Jackson wouldn’t be available to discuss the agency’s action on Arch’s Spruce Mine No. 1, Alisha Johnson, an agency spokeswoman, said today in an e-mail. The hearing by the House Natural Resources panel was announced last week, and Jackson was listed as invited to attend.

“We have heard a lot about openness and transparency from this administration,” Representative Doc Hastings, a Washington Republican and chairman of the committee, said at the hearing. “It’s very disappointing” that Jackson and officials from two agencies didn’t agree to testify, he said.

Read more at Bloomberg News. By Mark Drajem.


  1. whitehat211 says:

    After reading the entire article linked above, it is clear this administration does not care one bit about the constitution and separation of powers. The oversight of congress was completely ignored. Congress needs to assert its powers and defund, if not completely restructure, the clean air act and the EPA.

  2. Lorilee says:

    Past time to shut this agency down for good…

  3. jettthemesh says:

    She has to be related to the fraud and huckster, Rev. Jesse Jackson.

    • She must be one of Obamas communist followers she don't mind putting thousands of people out of work.You live a lot longer with pollution than starving to death and I don't think anyone wants to starve to death.

  4. Our country is run by a bunch of criminals that are out destroy our country, and enrich themselves. Vote out the vermin in November ! Think twice before voting for any incumbent.. The Republican House has the power to defund the EPA, but they have done nothing ! We are now at a crossroads-we are now at where Germany was in 1934-after November it may be impossible for a peaceful change to take place.

  5. Lisa Jackson is only a mouthpiece for Obama and wouldn't even make a good administrative assistant.

    She is not qualified to serve in her position so do the right thing and request her resignation or subpena her to testify to prove my assertion she is not qualified and a total incompetent..

  6. Bippy Bellito says:

    Lisa Jackson is a product of Affirmative Action where color means more than competence. She s a child of the New Jersey Democrats and was nurtered along by the likes of Sharpe James, Wayne Bryant (both in jail) and former governors Jim (The Gay American) McGreevey , and the most corrupt of them all Jon Corzine. Look at her "mentors". She got to where she is on her skin color and NOTHING else. She never was vetted and should be. She could very well be in the next book on The Soprano State..

  7. The obammy SS doesn't have to answer to congress !!!! They are doing the dictators work !!!

  8. From where does she get her power? A hiree of Barrack? That does not automatically transfer power. That would be to say that anybody under Obama's hire would have the power to go out and say: "Sorry Fella's; You can't have your coal mine." That is not only ridiculous, it speaks clearly of the mentality of the American People. There are "Checks and balances" in place to prevent the abuse of power by any prez. But, it seems as though we are not using them. CONGRESS; Where are you at???

  9. Obama has done everything he can do to shut down America , increase the price of electricial
    pwer, or if you have any at all. The E.P.A. is one of his tools. How much longer are you going to stand
    for this "we The People" ?

  10. Victor Barney says:

    Pete, Here's my fright: On average, our verbally-superior women, who alone elected the current "forbidden foreigner" of Deuteronomy 17:15 and SELF-ADMITTED MARXIST, "ANTI-CHRIST" BY DEFINITION, make up almost 60% of our total population and add that to the 12% black vote and we are moving towards 75% of our VOTERS BEING GATHERER'S, or people WHO LIVE TO BE GIVEN THINGS FROM OTHERS! This can not be good! Next, as prophetized in Revelation, comes the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to DESTROY U.S, saving 144,000 ANGLO-SAXONS, MINUS the tribe of DAN(IRISH) TO BE KEPT ALIVE STARTING SEPTEMBER 16, 2012! No? Watch!

    • furiesego says:

      You are a luniatic. I am not a gather and I am not living for people to give me things. You my friend are a muslim in disguise. The women of America need to get their heads out of their asses and stop voting for someone because he's good looking or charming and start voting for someone on his actual record. Obama is a total train wreck and needs to be out of office. The congress needs to be purged of all the democrats and term limits must be installed. Congressional service is not something that was meant for a life time. It is not something for someone to get wealthy on. And it should never be abused like it has been by Democrats and Republicans alike. I find your statement offensive and I find the EPA abusive in its power. And I think the the congress should defund it because without money they can't do anything. They should be dismantled and expunged from government if they want to regulate they should do so on their own dime and then they would be more fiscally conservative. The Employee Protection Agency is nothing but a ruse for high level government officials to take control of the private sector. They don't intend to take care of anyone but themselves. Do you really think all women are stupid and gatherers? You would be wrong grow up and face your future because the out and out destruction on females because someone thinks we need to have less of them is out and out genocide. You and those like you need to get a grip on reality and fess up that you are the problem and you need to understand that women are not play things they are GODS.'

  11. It is long past time for the states and the people themselves to re-assert their rights under the 10th amendment of the Constitution. In my opinion it is time to bring about direct confrontation with this out of control federal government. The half breed may be the commander in chief and he could order the military to stop us but the military took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and in my opinion the muslim would qualify as both of those

  12. snapper1d says:

    We need to shut down the EPA completely.Every state already has a pollution control and ecology agency so why have the EPA costing us several billion extra every year!

  13. Ron Smith says:

    You really should believe that the epa headed by jackson is only there to make things so expensive and difficult for manufactoring in this country that it will move over to China. Instead of learning to speak arabic our kids should learn to speak Chinese. This administration is bankrupting the country and has no interest in doing anything else. It is not "morning in America" any longer, more like late evening for the country.

  14. fred cordia says:

    I would like to remind u the EPA was created by a Presidential Directive (Pres. Nixon) back in 1972. Now lets see, the EPA then gets it's authority from the President, not Congress (a law) or from the Constitution. Wow, that means they run 'open-loop'. . . . . no oversight, no limits, no bounds to their authority. Sounds
    like what I have been seeing from this organization for years. It's time to go 'all-in' and CANCEL that Directive. All environmental actions should go thru the Congress. . . . period. If the Congress gets too
    overloaded, put on a second shift. Business is business. When will people wake up and realize the President can do whatever he wants (thru the EPA) with 'impunity'. He can close coal mines, stop
    oil drilling, stop building of oil pipelines, all thru the EPA with 'no fight' from anyone. This kind of power is tantamount to 'dictitorial powers'.

    • Ron Smith says:

      Fred you have explained the obvious very well, too bad our Congressinal people don't seem to take notice.

  15. The problem is: 1. We don't have a senator or congressman that is American enough or man / women enough to stop this little wannabe dictator. Read the 'Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' and you will see the same happening that happen to Germany in the 1930's. If the German people had stopped Hitler, there wouldn't have between 50 and 60 million people killed. All because they allowed an Austrian to take over Germany. It's well past time to pull this frauds chain.

  16. I say impeach her!

  17. John Stewart says:

    I wonder if she would qualify for counter work at Burger King?

    • Ron Smith says:

      Probably not, the picture of her at the start of this article would be enough to make people want to puke not eat.

  18. No one is above the law. Congress should demand her ass be in front of them or they should show her the way to a jail cell for contempt of Congress. It is time Congress got serious and starts doing what is needed to put this country back on track. Their allowing these agencies and the Czars to run wild is total dereliction of their duties. If the ones in office are not willing or able to do what should be done, then we need to elect their replacements.

  19. Penelope says:

    1. TruNews with Rick Wiles
    2. The PowerHour with Joyce Riley

  20. donjusko says:

    I'm for clean energy, nuclear, coal and oil are not clean. However I am not for the EPA.
    We must and we can have clean energy. Two days ago an amateur from New Zealand made a Tesla Pancake Coil that put out 5x more electricity than was put in. I have the comparison Image but I can't post it here. That 5x is exponential, meaning it keeps increasing. Tesla showed how this new electrical energy can be stored in the ionosphere and brought down by any Tesla receiver. That's free energy. Tesla showed to the newspapers that it works in his converted Pierce Arrow. http://waterpoweredcar.com/teslascar.html
    All of his work was confiscated after his death by the gov't. While alive his laboratory was burned to the ground. Today his work has been reconstructed and it works. Switch to it, stop burning coal and oil.
    Stop the mountain top mining, the burning of fossil fuels which creates the lighter than air poisonous CO carbon dioxide gas that is destroying our ozone.
    Cold fusion has also been proven to work, that's non-radioactive power from water. http://www.i-sis.org.uk/HowColdFusionWorks.php
    The first car burned alcohol made from hemp, 1941, at that time it was our biggest cash crop. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rgDyEO_8cI
    They started prohibition and 13 years later there were no clean burning alcohol stations, only CO emitting dirty gas cars and stations. Cotton is now our main fiber crop, it produces a lessor fabric than a linen that can be made from hemp. It produces a paper that is less then hemp's paper (the Constitution was printed on hemp paper), it also yellows much faster than hemp paper.
    The GM EV1 electric car was loved by everyone that drove it. Today we have more efficient lithium iron phosphate batteries. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTjOrAWBYzs
    All the leasers wanted to buy it but instead GM recalled them all and crushed them. Why? You know why. Currently the top three world speed records are held by electric cars and built by BYU students, the gas engine will never touch these records. http://news.byu.edu/archive11-oct-byuelectriccarr

  21. tHEY "INVITED" HER? iF THIS TRAITOR WON'T COME WITH AN INVITE, SUBPOENA HER AZZ! This congress has no spine at all and are letting Hussain and his minons get away with murder!!!! By the way, does Romney support the Land and Sea treaty? If he does folks, then he is no better than Hussain or Clinton! This treaty cannot be passed! The same with the gun ban treatry and the child treaty! Write your senators as the senate is the only body that can vote on these so called treaties!

  22. Why did they wait until now to "invite" her in for questioning about that particular incident? She's been shutting down existing coal-fired plants, has caused increased costs in utility bills to homes and businesses. She brought about increased unemployment.
    As for those afraid of coal, silly nonsense. Technology has improved greatly since the days of clouds of horrid black smoke billowing out of simple furnaces.

    Regarding the Land and Sea Treaty, we have to bombard our members of both the House and Senate to stop having anything to do with it. The Senate will NOT stop it now because they are Obama serfs, not servants of we-the-people. Please remember this in November!!!!

  23. If you want genuine insight into what is going on here in the U.S., please, please, buy the book "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn. (I have no financial interest in the book other than my personal purchase of it).
    This book will have your hair standing on end in less than 20 pages into it. It compares–literally–what happened to ancient Israel and what has been happening here in the U.S., especially since 9/11.

    And, very sincerely, WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!

  24. Lisa Jackson , as the head of the EPA should not have the choice of refusing to dodge these or any other guestions the congress asks of her , at least not without imprisonment for conspiracy .

  25. Are Republicans are all in with the Demacraps and Ovmit they want a One world goverment so they can be in power till they die We must get rid of all the Republicans right along with the Demacraps wake up people we have to fight back If they dont stop giveing EPA are tax money then the go in Nov And that Bitch Lisa needs to be in jail she is helping Ovmit distroy are country we need to go after her and stop this madness

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