Environmentalists Warn of 150,000 Heat-related Deaths by 2099

With the heat of summer looming in the immediate future, radical environmentalists have conjured a new global warming threat with which to alarm the public. According to a new report from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), tens of thousands of Americans will begin to die from the effects of global warming. The report, “Killer Summer Heat,” begins with the measured, calm tones of scientific discourse: “Climate change is literally killing us.” However, despite the panic language, mankind has proven to be an amazingly adaptive species, and even climate scientists have had to admit there is little evidence of warming — let alone a human cause to any such warming.

In the assessment of public opinion, the theory of anthropogenic [human-caused] climate change has steadily unraveled since the 2009 Climategate scandal which erupted when thousands of emails were secretly collected from the server of the Climate Research Unit at the UK’s University of East Anglia, demonstrating what many saw as, at best, slipshod scientific methodology, which included destruction of the original climate data. As Steven Hayward wrote for the Weekly Standard last December: “Climategate did for the global warming controversy what the Pentagon Papers did for the Vietnam war 40 years ago: It changed the narrative decisively.” The political pressure created by the scandal helped to dramatically slow the efforts by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to impose its global political agenda on the nations of the world. After all, a program to redistribute $76 trillionfrom the economies of the first world to those of the third world over the next two generations is much harder to sell when the science underpinning the theory behind the program begins to unravel.

The NRDC’s “Killer Summer Heat” report is, of course, well-timed. With a particularly warm beginning to summer already underway, a news media which is sympathetic to the theory of manmade climate change will likely find the NRDC report virtually irresistible: The charge that global warming will cause 150,000 heat-related deaths in the United States by the end of the century makes for eye-catching headlines.

Read more at The New American. By James Heiser.

Photo credit: Shazz Mack (Creative Commons)


  1. Now we know that the Global Warming crowd is smoking something we do not want. They are really mentally messed up and I mean all of them.

  2. 150,000 heat related deaths by 2099 is not so bad as long as they are all Environmentalists.

  3. ConservaDave says:

    I thought these guys wanted to reduce the world's population? Why are they complaining when this is one of the things they want?

  4. The deaths may very well occur, but not by global warming, by alarmist policy and their destruction of nuclear and coal generation of electricity that provides cheap air conditioning and fans to keep humans cool during normal heat waves.

  5. Well, I suppose this will be the last day for encouraging support for RON PAUL. He has been extremely popular with the majority of the people, but predictably, the media has been silent, and has illegally placed Romney into the nomination. Nothing to do now but try to ensure that as many people as possible DO NOT vote Obama.

  6. whitetop says:

    Anyone can pull a number out of their A$$ but being able to support that number is something else. NRDC should be called before a congressional committee (our elected servants love holding hearings) and be made to answer for their crying fire in a crowded theater or face severe fines. At the very least take away federal funding for their criminal activities.

  7. All this global warming alarm-ism scam is about convincing the ignorant to support measures to stop the non-existent global warming problem so the government, and a few people can make a lot of money. ( New carbon taxes, trading carbon credits, etc. ) CO2 comprises only 0.383% of our earths atmosphere-a trace gas that plants need to live. It is solar activity that drives climate change. There is nothing that can be done about it. Al Gore started a company that would trade carbon credits-he stands to make billions of dollars from this man-made climate change nonsense. Can't anyone see a conflict of interest here?

  8. Why would they warn anyone of that , they ALL support population controll by massive attrition ?

  9. I can live with a total death rate of 143 people per month for the Country, we kill more than that jay walking! Are the enviromentalists into mole hill building now?

  10. The EPA is being vocal about 150,000 heat related deaths by 2099??? How about the millions of people dying from the UN's agenda 21 depopulation mandate that will happen SOONER than 2099? The UN desires to eliminate 85% of earth's population with agenda 21 and the 1 world government while using the EPA as their unofficial "lawmaker" and regulation enforcer.

    As it is,heat related deaths are the *least* of our worries. The deaths that will occur from the EPA / UN agenda 21 genocide mandate and the hostile takeover of America is first and foremost. Get rid of the EPA,the UN,the CFR,gut the corrupted govt, plus eliminate the rest of the corrupted elite,THEN we'll contend with the heat deaths.

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