EPA holds 12-hour hearings with environmentalists to slow coal production

The Environmental Protection Agency held 12 hours of stacked hearings in Washington, D.C. and Chicago on Thursday in favor of a regulation that analysts have concluded would kill the building of new conventional coal plants in the U.S.

Among the participants scheduled to testify in consecutive five minute blocks throughout the day were multiple representatives from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and environmental activists from the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Greenpeace.

The proposed rule, reported by The Washington Post in March, limits the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by power plants to no more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour. While the EPA is keeping public comments on the regulation open until June 25, the dice have already been cast by the Obama administration against conventional coal plants, fulfilling a January 2008 campaign promise by the president.

Read more at The Daily Caller. By Josh.


  1. Just the presidential promise we needed to have been kept. More regulation of how we can make an honest living. More regulation on what type of work we can perform in the need to care for our families. Obama and his over paid agency heads need to go.

  2. whitehat211 says:

    The federal government and the EPA are the single largest cause of the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. over regulation and obscene tax policies are forcing our jobs out of country. the madness has to stop.

    Example: MACT rules will cause the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. And MACT will not even reduce atmospheric mercury by 0.5%. EPA's own expert witness to congress testified that MACT rules would not significantly effect atmospheric mercury levels. Even so, electric power stations across the country are shutting down due to MACT rules. About 10% of our total generating capacitiy will be off line with in 2 years.

    Envirozealots are behind this and they are winning. we must fight back.

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