Global Warming: So What?

JAMES CITY — An essay May 9 in the Gazette by Christopher Becke was well-thought-out and reasonable. However, he misses the central issue concerning the global warming debate. The debate is not about science. It is about taking some scientific research and contorting it to fit a biased political agenda of the liberal Democrat Party.

Becke accurately describes the greenhouse gas effect and its role in regulating the temperature of the Earth. What he fails to accurately describe is the politically driven thesis from the U.N.’s Inter­governmental Panel on Climate Change report from 2007.

Once you get through the political document you have to read the fine print in the appendix that raises questions in their own report. Under “Key Uncertainties” the report states, “The magnitude of CO2 emissions from land-use change and CH4 emissions from individual sources remain as key uncertainties. Climate data coverage remains limited in some regions and there is a notable lack of geographic balance in data and literature on observed changes in natural and managed systems… Difficulties remain in reliably simulating and attributing observed temperature changes to natural or human causes at smaller than continental scales.”

If the report itself has such startling uncertainties, then further questions need to be addressed before Democrats are allowed to implement policies that will destroy American industry and jobs. These questions need to be answered:

Yes, there is some type of warming going on, but there is not one scientific study that can accurately and precisely tell you what percentage of the tempera­ture increase is attributable to human activity. If you cannot accurately measure what percentage is due to human activity, how can you correctly implement policies that address the issue?

Read more at The Virginia Gazette. By Lou Hrkman.


  1. WhiteFalcon says:

    The climate is always changing. Sometimes it warms and sometimes it cools. What the Al Gore freaks think is that somehow we are responsible, but we aren't. Al Gore wants to rake in billions of dollars if not trillions. It is all a scam. Al Gore and all his scam artists should be in prison until the climate stops changing, which will never happen.

  2. don Cartmill says:

    Now ,wait just a minute… Didn't Al Gore invent the internet ! ! ! How can anyone argue with that kind of brilliance LOL

  3. whitetop says:

    What this says is the IPCC 2007 report is a fraud just like the global warming it promotes.

  4. The entire global warming contention that it is manmade is neither scientific nor political. It is much more crass than that. It is simply about money. The quasi-scientists that are pro manmade global warming and redicule those that disagree are neither scientific nor political ideologues they are low life crooks intent on lining their pockets with as much of our money as they can through lies and deceit.

  5. witsend says:

    So what if there is global warming going on? The heating and cooling of the earth is part of nature. – Yes, we humans ARE a part of nature. In recent years, humans have gone out of their way to change the climate; I think that is potentially far more dangerous than the natural climate change we've dealt with prior to the "scientificallly-induced" demands that we see today. I live in Michigan and we enjoy the wonderful Great Lakes. Thankfully, no one was around to try to change the climate back when there was the global warming that melted the glaciers causing the Great Lakes to form.

  6. The full international heating contention it's manmade will be not methodical or politics. It can be a lot more crass as compared to in which. It can be purely in relation to funds. Your quasi-scientists which can be pro manmade international heating along with redicule those who disagree are generally not methodical or politics ideologues they're low lifestyle thieves motive upon coating his or her pouches with the maximum amount of your funds as they can easily via lies along with deceit.

  7. Global warming is an alarming situation for all of us out here. It is quickly eating up the health in our environment which is a matter that needs our attention. We should take the necessary measures to stop it before it is too late and we need to regret.

  8. Nancy Cave says:

    There has been no doubt on that the global warming can really destroy our lives, so the further tips and techniques could be taken out to avoid from its effects, the contents and article given here is just said to be guide towards that. Also See for best Papers.

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