EPA To Shut Down 20% Of Coal Plants By 2012


Liberals subscribe to the "broken window fallacy" of economic growth.

Susan Kraemer, a columnist for the “green” web site Technica, is encouraged that the EPA is going to gut the coal industry by shutting down 20% of the plants by 2012.

According to Kraemer, the EPA will shut down these plants by imposing a ground-level ozone rule (the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR). It is estimated that the cost of this rule will amount to $130 billion. Kraemer is thrilled about it.

In fact, she thinks this will be a great boon for our economy because it will be a bonanza for environmental industries. Yes. Destroy our vibrant energy base and provide billions to fund leftist green wackos. That’s liberal logic for you.

She has subscribed to the liberal nonsense that conservatives have termed the “broken window fallacy.” This fallacy was explained years ago by economist Henry Hazlitt in Economics In One Lesson. The theory goes like this: If a vandal breaks a window in a bakery, it may be bad for the baker, but it is great news for the window installer. So, according to liberal thinking, the more windows that are broken, the better it is for everyone. The broken window may benefit the window installer, but the baker hasn’t benefitted. He gets his window replaced, but he has lost money he would have used to buy bakery products from others in the community so he can make cakes and donuts. But, according to Hazlitt, liberals like Kraemer don’t see the unseen damage that is done to a community when vandals break windows.

Kraemer doesn’t apparently care about the severe economic destruction that will take place in America if 20% of our coal plants are shut down by 2012. How many blackouts or brownouts will occur because of EPA’s overregulation? How many jobs will be lost? How many families will be destroyed? These are the unseen consequences of shutting down coal plants. But, of course, liberals like Kraemer can only see the benefit that this will be to the radical green movement’s effort to take down our economic system.

If Lisa Jackson and President Obama’s real goal is to turn America into a Third World nation, they’re doing an excellent job so far. Imagine what four more years of Obama in the White House and Jackson at the EPA will mean for us. Get your survival food, propane tanks, and water purifiers ready. Obama and Jackson are breaking as many windows as they can.



  1. And, right in this brief story lies the effects of socialist half mast thinking about all problems in our nation. The consequences are belittled as unmeaningful, the childish product of our educational system. It is no wonder that half baked logic and incomplete analysis of problems is the failure of our broken schools that run from -k to graduate school degrees with half baked ideas perpetuated. Now they are giving kdos about islam and religious as well as Sharia propaganda in the lectures and discussions not to speak of the texts. It is time we purged this insidious religious failure of history. I, for one, attest to its failure through decades of unscientific and culturall tribalism. z

  2. The marxist sociocommunist Obamination Administration is doing to shut down a lot more than the coal industry if America does not shut them down first? Is the Congress going to let them get by with this. Is our goose already cooked? It is, if America does not wake up and shut them down now , one way or another!

    • Yeah don you are right that America should have to take some serious steps for it otherwise this opportunity will be no more available and nation will face the consequences.

  3. Dicken Hall says:

    I think we should break one more set of windows: the ones in the White House – that way, we could let the stink of the Obamas occupation (legal or otherwise) out of the building before the new occupant arrives in January, 2013.

  4. Battle Star says:

    China is the worst EPA violator on earth, people had trouble seeing at the China Olympics, because of the smog pollution. So, Mr. Fast and Furious BO with the EPA wants to shut down environmentally sound American companies, and send our business and manufacturing to an environment poisoning country like China, and India may not be much better. BO also tries to send manufacturing across the border into Mexico, who doesn't know what EPA or OSHA even mean. How can the USA compete with dirty smog countries that have to spend money on a clean environment?

  5. notax1776 says:

    You have to be an idiot to be a liberal, because it is the only way they will let you in the "club". I guess in my almost 64 years of life I could not imagine how many idiots there are in this country.

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