EPA Admits Grants To Hacker Peter Gleick Were Deleted

Peter Gleick is a warmist fanatic who stole and forged Heartland Institute documents.

Steve Molloy with JunkScience.com has received evidence from a Freedom of Information Act request that the EPA deleted grant award information from its database on grants given to Peter Gleick. He’s the climate alarmist who hacked into The Heartland Institute’s email system, pretended to be a board member and then faked a memo supposedly from the Institute. Gleick is on a leave of absence now from his radical environmentalist Pacific Institute. He had received $468,000 from the EPA.  

The EPA’s deletions of grants to Gleick occurred shortly after he was exposed as a hacker and forger. The EPA claims that it was the result of a “technical problem” in the system. Odd timing.

Molloy exposed the deletion of the Gleick grants on February 23, 2012. You can read his timeline from that day.  Read more on Gleick from EPAAbuse.


  1. Ron Kilmartin says:

    Peter Gleik – another political climatologist in the great tradition of Schneider, Holgren, Hansen, Mann, et al.

  2. purplewings123 says:

    Just more government theft. Our money is being used to make their cronies rich while leaving the rest of us wondering how to pay our own bills.

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