EPA Enacts Obama’s Dreaded Cap And Trade Agenda

President Obama has decided that if Congress won’t enact his energy-destroying cap and trade agenda, he’ll just have the EPA do it.

Bonner Cohen*, writing for CFACT, details how the cap and trade agenda is being imposed by the EPA through its “rules” on energy utilities – particularly against coal-fired power plants.

Cohen writes:

In its latest move to drive up the cost of energy to consumers, businesses, and manufacturers, the Obama EPA March 27 issued a final rule regulating greenhouse-gas emissions from electric utilities. EPA’s action will effectively ban the construction of new coal-fired power plants.

Under the rule, no new power plant will be allowed to emit more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt of electricity produced. On average, U.S. coal plants emit 1,768 pounds of CO2 per megawatt of electricity. The rule requires future plants to use as yet non-existent carbon capture and control technologies to cut their emissions to the new standard. With no technology available to bring down CO2 emissions to the new standard, EPA, in the name of combating climate change, is effectively telling the coal industry, which produces 55 percent of our nation’s electricity, that its days are numbered.

The new rule exempts plants that are either under construction or in the permitting process. Existing coal plants have been under relentless regulatory assault by the Obama EPA, which has subjected them to stringent mercury emissions standards and cross-state pollution rules. As a result, about 13 percent of existing coal-fired power plants are expected to shut down in the near future.

Read the rest of this article at CFACT.

*Bonner Cohen, Ph.D., is a senior policy analyst with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.


  1. Patrick Henry says:

    Someone needs to wake up our armed forces!!!! Something is wrong here!!! I thought that hitler was dead??? I think that he is alive and well in washington!!!!

  2. aLL HE WANTS TO DO IS RUIN THE industrial infrastructure of the USA. Throw out Obama and his EPA in November!

    • Why wait till november? 1) Drag him from the white house 2) Throw him in prison for treason – With no possible chance of bail. 3) Bury the room in some desert. 4) Walk away.

  3. by what authority? congress has not given them any authority. the epa is not a legislative body they do not have the authority to enact shit. they are nothing but advisers, and not very good ones at that. these nothings need to be unemployed just like the millions they have caused to be that way,

  4. Greg H. says:

    The damnfool obama is killing this country's economy and driving us all into poverty in order to pursue his greenieweenie windmill and solar panel wet dreams and other damnfoolery like extracting energy from algae. Watch our electricity rates go sky-high when he starts closing coal fired power plants. The people who mine, transport and use coal for a living had better tell their obama flunky union bosses to fuck off when they start arm-twisting them to vote for obama, 'cause they might as well just shoot themselves in the head and be done with it if they do vote for him.

  5. Will people listen now. He said his policies would "necessarily cause energy costs to skyrocket" — when he was running. Let's see if the people who voted for Obama in 2008 will be stupid enough to vote for him again.

    • OLD MAN says:

      Jan, The stupid people who voted for Obama in 2008 are still stupid and will vote for him aagin.

    • Peter Ivanchich says:

      Yes, people are that stupid. That is why our country is in its present state. Our public schools, and the mainstream media have done an excellent job of dumming down the population. Global warming is a hoax, conceived at the United Nations, and designed to destroy the economies of the more developed nations. CO2 only constitutes 0.383% of the gasses in our atmosphere-a trace gas. One volcanic eruption releases far more CO2 than man has released throughout all of human existence on earth.

  6. WOW ! We need to re-elect Obamass , there are still far too many people employed in this country , and every thing he does improves the economy , just ask him . He can't decide whether he wants to sell us to China or just give us to Russia , but I am sure whatever he does it will be the right thing , just ask all his capitalist hating anti-American supporters , They will all tell you how his bailouts saved the country and the economy when evreybody with an IQ higher than ten knows it is what is prolonging it . Of course the lamestream media are now proclaiming how well the economy is doing because the idiots re-election is coming up . Why does it seem to me that food , gas . and ALL products were MUCH cheaper under the previous administration ..

  7. WHY doesn't CONGRESS (the House) put bills through to either abolish EPA or make their power no MORE than a special committee that all must be vote on to be regulated. It should have been that way from the beginning anyway. EVERYTHING should go through our ELECTED officials. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESELEGISLATORS?????

    • whitetop says:

      The people have become too complacent in voting their servants out of office and have allowed them to become permanent fixtures in WDC. As a result they are no longer servants of the people but are now the elite who enjoy all the trappings of power with high salaries, good pensions and health benefits. To maintain their status quo, the people we elect now give money and other financial considerations to people who will vote to keep them in power.

      Next Question.

  8. azwayne says:

    Where is inept incompetent Congress hiding????

    • Whenever the House tries to put a bill through to help us out, the Senate voids it. We absolutely have to win both the House and the Senate in November!

  9. Mutantone says:

    The military both current and past need to gather and make a statement establish a military governorship for the United States under their oath to protects and defend the United States and the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and Domestic. They have the legal standing to suspend congress and all departments the EPA and place military units to run the infrastructure, that alone would solve more than half the problems. Any congress person with past military experience should step up and become the voice of the Nation until things are fixed then turn it back over slowly to the all new and trained officials


  10. All I can say is, get this dictator out of office in November. Further, I am tired of commentators saying, "he's not doing a very good job but he's really a good guy. " Sorry, he's doing a terrible job and he is not a good guy. The man has a chip on his shoulder and it's against the USA.

    • Exactly, Jack. Anyone who would commit Treason is not nice person, so Obama is NOT a nice person. Do you understand that, Bill O'Reilly?

  11. PAY ATTENTION!!!! The People of The United States, that haven't voted for a long time,MUST BELIEVE, that if their vote will ever count,THIS is the time.OBAMA has all the community organizers,All of the UNIONS,All involved with George Soros,at least half of DC,and all THE ILLEGALS he has been protecting. We are about to LOSE This Country to Communism!!! Your Vote has never been MORE important in your Life than it is now!! PLEASE PASS THESE WORDS TO ALL THE PEOPLE YOU KNOW….
    LET'S TAKE BACK AMERICA,Stop believing the LIES of This Treasonist President and put HIM where he Belongs.And let's not forget about the people involved with him!!!!!!!!!

    • Steven is absolutely right!!!! Everyone must vote in all their local, state and national elections and vote out all the liberal marxists, RINOs and long-term incumbents who have remained in power on the backs of us, the American people. We are sick and tired of being used and abused by this administration. We must clean out the cesspool in DC and take over the WH, the Senate and improve our majority in the House. This is our last chance…..communism is coming if we don't rid ourselves of the impostors in the WH!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  12. morgansword says:

    All the voters combined need to collectively make sure the ballot is protected from fraud. When this election is actually over, it will have been in vain if we don't protect this. There still more of us than them…. stand your ground America.

  13. Once the elections have come and gone, if we can manage to win the Senate majority and maintain or increase our house majority, we must force congress to act. The easiest solution would be to revoke the power of ALL of these abc departments and use them as advisory groups only. Every action that they recommend should require a vote in congress. The problem here is as Obama noted incorrectly about the SCOTUS, why should the U.S. be run by un-elected officials when we have congress, POTUS, and SCOTUS, that were put into place for that very reason?

  14. soldiermom11 says:

    ..and people said Glenn Beck was crazy…this is exactly the type of stuff he warned us about except he did it years ago…he told us this was coming. I think I am going to start taking picture of the miners or what's left of them down by the Ohio West Virginia border where mines are closing, families are losing their jobs, and kids are walking around hungry with no shoes. We don't have to do to Africa to see poverty. Obama is creating it right here. Where's the media?

  15. d.mather says:

    NO one in his right mind should vote for OBAMA?????????????????? Congress better stop him now ????? I am sure they can. .. They are sure waiting for UPRISING ??????? and it will come.???????????

  16. James Morgan says:

    Obama's plan to destroy capitalism and impose socialism is all falling into place. Make energy unafordable or unavailable! Stop and prevent oil and gas exploration to drive up energy costs, create inflation, drive companies out of business, and suck out the money from the middle class. Ignore Congress, ignore the constitution, ignore the fact that Global Warming Caused by Man is a hoax invented and maintained by socialists to justify it all, and above all ignore the people!


    (That is if you can overcome the planned massive vote fraud by Obama's troops, witness the Attorny General blocking the states voter ID laws!)

  17. http://www.trunews.com with Rick Wiles

  18. jenniewalsh says:

    Hopefully, when people find out about Obama's plot to seize (steal) everything in America and harness everyone in America into government work, Obama will lose ALL support. On March 16, 2012, he signed an executive order that pretty much declares himself dictator. The "National Defense Resources Preparedness Order" puts a very big nail in the coffin of freedom in America. (American Free Press, April 2, 2012)

  19. jenniewalsh says:

    There are generally 3 types of people who might vote for Obama. Very Stupid, Very Gullible and Deceived, Very Evil.

  20. jenniewalsh says:

    Congress is the ONLY law making body in the USA. The ILLegal and corrupt bureaucracies are set up and run for and on behalf of the enemies of America, organized crime, the bankster-gangsters, the secret Kingdom of Satan. Their goal is world tyranny and total enslavement of the world's population.

  21. Had enough yet America?

  22. Dano in Texas says:

    As a power plant engineer for more than 40 years, I have alot to say about how energy production in this country should be maintained and developed. The dictator we have in charge has no clue. Everything he is doing or is sponsoring with his policies is totally wrong and we will all pay for it. He is not an idiot. He is deliberately trying to destroy our country. Time for a bloodless coup, except I do not think it will be bloodless.

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