Obama: Oil Is ‘The Fuel Of The Past’

Obama continues his assault on the fossil fuel industry by claiming that oil is the “fuel of the past.” Obama must become the “president of the past” in November.


  1. Erik Osbun says:

    How stupid.

    • This USURPER is ABSOLUTELY NUTS !!! He doesn't tell them that natural gas "CAN'T" get enough "FUEL MILEAGE" for it's fuel tank to be less than half of it's PAYLOAD !!! In a truck it won't have enough power to barely get up hills , and if it makes it up the hills , the mileage will be about a mile a gallon … DIESEL IS THE "ONLY" GAME IN TOWN !!! You just remember , ALL of his efforts ARE to DESTROY THIS COUNTRY !!! Nothing more , and sadly NOTHING LESS !!!

  2. I can hardly wait until this incompetent ass is a thing of the past . RON PAUL for president !!

  3. "The fuel of the past" as presented by the Fool of the Present.

  4. Then I guess that Air Force One, Marine One, and all of his limousines are "things of the past" also since they are powered by oil based fuels.

    • Very true…why isn't he riding around in a little electric car? That would be beneath him since he is KING OBAMA! He makes me want to puke every time I see him. I do not understand why someone, somewhere has not knocked him off. I guess all the 'nuts' support him is why.

  5. Benjamin Wabich, Sr. says:

    Ha ha, then he and his will have to walk. . . . .

  6. John Stewart says:

    I wait with baited breath, to be able to put bugs in my gas tank, what a moron.

  7. jetstream says:

    The sail on my truck & the solar panel in its roof don't seem to get me too far, for some strange reason. Natural gas has the potential to help us out, but it will take some time to set up the infrastructure. Obama won't be happy until massive hikes in gas prices force us to park all vehicles and assinine regulations cause us to freeze/boil in our homes. (It happened this winter in Europe, people.) It would be nice to see the fossil fuel industries throw some major mu$cle into defeaing this idiot.

  8. whitetop says:

    Maybe one of his big contributors who got a big grant for green energy could convert a golf cart to solar power for his highness.

  9. Johnny American says:

    I have a good question for obama how can anyone save $8,000 a year if you have no job too go too and does he have any idea just how must his new car and truck fuel will cost ??? i would bet that the cost will be over $50.00 a gallon if not more and also he want the peoples to buy the new green cars and truck ?? how can you go out and buy one if they are going cost $10000.00 are more His talk is cheap and the fuel is going be high, And this jackoff is all about hericans peoples .elping the Big cars and the Green companies at the cost of the am

  10. victorbarney says:

    But he WON'T! He's the "right" self-professedANTI-CHRIST(MARXIST) over the real Israel, as England by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16), but don't know it because the broke the corresponding "SABBATHS COVENANT" SIGN that came with the name! Yes, our women, because of the first-born blood covenant with DEATH 6,000 years ago with her first-born son Cain and LUCIFER, still the angel over this world by the way, unless you are called out of it! Next, comes the two-witnesses on September 16, 2012 to witness against U.S. for 3 1/2 years! Watch! No, they are not the "forbidden foreigner" (Deuteronomy 17:15) Barak Obama, so our women probably also will give each other "presents" when the two-witnesses are murdered by self-professed Anti-Christ(Marxist) Obama! No? Watch, although I do admit that women can be fickle, so we'll someday find out, won't we? Again, just saying…Again, welcome to Adam's world I bet?

  11. http://www.trunews.com with Rick Wiles.
    The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.

  12. Dont stop saying it.

  13. Kevin Beck says:

    Talk about fuels of the past…First, he wants to try wind. Wind power has existed since pre-history, and has been used for power since then. Using only wind may help you cross the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat in about two months.

    When he realized that there are calm days every so often, he decides we should use…the sun. The sun has been burning for over 6 billion years…another fuel of the past. With the sun powering our lives, we might e able to have some 100-degree days in Washington, DC, until some other windbag complains about global warming. And then the night comes.

    By comparison, oil was only discovered in the 1850's; it has only been utilized for 160 years. We had to have the ingenuity to create machines that could operate with oil as their fuel source. Oil works because of energy density; just like gold works better as money than paper does (gold is indestructible, after all). Oil works because it's not dependent upon some politician windbag telling us so; wind from the mouths of politicians consists of plenty of lies and no work.

  14. Jim L Adrian says:

    Senator Inhofe is one of the few senators doing their job and doing it well too. The citizens of Oklahoma should be proud of Senator Inhofe.

  15. If oil is the fuel of the past then we have no fuel of the future and why are you using it for michelle and your trips around the world while criticizing America, you bungling fool.

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