Radical Environmentalists Vow To Block Energy Production In Canada/America


Anti-fossil fuel fanatics march against the Keystone XL pipeline.

Anti-energy green activist groups have promised that they’ll do whatever is necessary to block the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast – and will block other energy production efforts as well.

In Idaho, a group calling itself Advocates for the West has developed a strategy to strangle energy production by blocking heavy equipment from moving through Idaho and Montana into Canada for oil exploration.

Kevin Mooney, writing for NetRightDaily notes:

With America’s military fighting terrorists in politically unstable and faraway regions of the world and rogue states like Iran and North Korea building their nuclear arsenals, the benefits here of having a safe, secure and reliable source of oil close to home should be evident.

Green groups are working to turn public opinion in the U.S. and Canada against the production of crude oil extracted from the oil sands in Alberta, Canada. And they are succeeding.

Bill Wilson, President of Americans for Limited Government noted, “It is absurd that Obama and his allies seemingly put every interest above our national security interest.”

Learn more about this anti-energy effort at NetRightDaily.




  1. Here in Canada blocking heating oil will kill people. If they think they can kill Canadians and nothing will happen. We invented the hockey fight and we play as a team. None of the Target shopper hissy fits, then go away. We may just use them to soak up spills.

    • Go for it!!!!

    • Wild Bill says:

      I am in total agreement with you John.If these a**holes want a fight,we will be more than happy to oblige.And As far as blocking the shipment of heavy equipment?,like my friend who drove convoys in Iraq said" if somebody steps into the road in front of me expecting me to stop?,I just hit the gas and drive 80,000 lbs up their a**".
      Wild Bill

    • Barbara Taylor says:

      I'm with you, and I don't even live in Canada, but I HAVE to heat w/ oil, and just now, I'm trying to tell myself that 64 inside isn't all that cold. It isn't working – so w/ a huge amount of guilt, I turn the heat up another 2 whole degrees! People here complain about the price of gas! I don't drive that much, but when it gets to be10 above I DO need some heat, and for the last 2 years the price of a gallon of HEATING OIL costs MORE than the price of a gallon of Premium Gas – which my car doesn't need anyway! Even our dogs are cold. Where I live we do NOT have the option of natural gas, and propane isn't a walk in the park either. MOST PEOPLE in New England (we're just across your border, don't you know) HAVE TO HEAT w/ oil! NOW tell me about all the failed solar companies, and let's talk about where we could put wind turbines – that don't supply heat anyway. ENOUGH OF SPOILED CHILDREN WHO are the ONLY REASON I just might ONCE have supported abortion!

      • Wild Bill Alaska says:

        Barbara,Well said!.
        Wild Bill

      • Do you know why ? I figured out over ten years ago that they started selling ALL fuels on their BTU per gallon output (British Thermal Unit) as an efficiency sales devise and NOT on the simplicity or lack of simplicity of recovering it … This is why diesel is so expensive , gas being next and then propane being the least expensive of the main fuels being used … Yes that's right folks , it's just a total scam , and a lot of ridiculous jerks are getting richer than ever on the easiest to produce fuel … Diesel and heating oil !

    • When TSHTF you can come down here and help us take out the scum and then we'll help you take out your garbage !…

  2. Radical is the operative word in this article. It melds in perfectly with the Obama/Socialist mantra.

  3. Here us news for you, phony "environmentalists" WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of America, disagree wholeheartedly with you and will do everything we can to defeat your purposes……you see we can threaten also!!!
    We are tired of minorities thinking then can rule! It is our Country also and we can stand up and fight for our rights. Just watch us in the upcomiing election, then see where you stand.

    • Barbara Taylor says:

      AMEN!!!! I'M W/ YOU!!!!! Bunch of spoiled BRATS who have nothing better do to! YES, we too, can threaten, but at a higher level of intelligence – not hard to do.

      • Barbara, I'm sorry to disagree with you but these kids are not Brats, they are badly misguided students. There are teachers that believe that when they speak it is truth, We people that have experienced (they have not!) know much more then they. As it is called indoctrination for them it is known to us as lies! Otherwise I agree, we need to fight this back to where it belongs, into the ground!

    • Skyknight says:

      Perhaps a few days in intensive care would give them a different perspective on their behavior.

  4. Just Look at those losers! They all look like they could use some environmental cleansing!! Come on America, lets stand with our neighbor that is fhere for us. Our lives our economy, our profits and our tax dollars need to improve with the independency of our nation, Bet not one of those nutjobs could even splell 'environmentalists'.

  5. How do these idiots get from place to place? I would bet on their using gasoline or diesel powered vehicles.

    If they want to demonstrate, ration their fuel—preferably to ZERO.

  6. Harold Clark says:

    When push come to shove, its time to make sure these fools don't take the American people down as they are intending. Barack Hussein Obama is the bigest terriosts in the world as far as real Americans are concerned. We need to either make him produce his records or remove him from the elction ballots. We don't need another wall paper hanger like Germany had in the 20's and 30's. Untill we see a mass murder of people caused by a madman. These commies have murdered more people in the world than all the wars ever have.

  7. Enviro – Terrorist like these ridiculous tree huggers need to get a grip on reality. They will organize a sit in as long as they can plug in their laptops and I-Pads. I am so sick of the strangle hold these groups have on the Obomination administration. Having a secure source of oil from a friendly nation is a matter of national security. Bring in the National Guard and make them move or be arrested on Federal criminal charges for terrorist threats against national interests. Just like we need to get the idiots out of Washington DC and have the EPA abolished we need these morons to face consequences for the havoc they are wreaking on the US economy. lets see how many of them want to stand arm in arm when faced with serious crimes against the state… I can already hear the Blah, Bla, Blah of the enviro – terrorist groups make them all enemies of the state so we can get back to work and having a life.

  8. http://www.trunews.com with Rick Wiles URGENT.
    The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.
    The RobertScottBell Show.

  9. The Duck says:

    It's Time It's Time for the Lightning Volt and vote the incumbents out of office regardless of political party.
    It is time to flush the bowl as it has putrified beyond recognition and it a stinkin to high heaven!!!!

  10. healthnut says:

    I wonder what kind of equipment they will be using to stop the pipeline…WE…will have bulldozers and will get rid of this vermin from causing more damage….They are so stupid…Today, I was looking at the acres of solar panels in the California desert…there are thousands…what are they going to do with all those monstrosity? The Hollyweirds do not have them on their 20 to 66,000sf mansions…what is happening to the poor little endangered mice/rats stuck under those panels? I also took a peek at all the thousands of wind mills that are shut down…for which the tax payers keep paying for not being able to use…AND…we have lost 87 endangered birds…with a criminal fine of $250,000 for each bird plus more time in jail…AND…they get a pass…Those same people were some of the same complaining about those awful slaughterhouses….the poor little piglets had their heads smashed to the floor…and so on…they want Mercy…yet…they turn around and fight for their rights to abortions…where the little babies have their brains sucked out…and other vile methods…and according to the Obama regime should that little baby dares to stay alive…the politicians have decided to simply "let them die suffocating in their own blood"

    In my mind…those people are absolutely worthless…They are either insane…drugged…What? Do they really believe that they should remain safe by standing in front of the big bad bulldozers…Their dear leader Ozero Must go…

    These people are doing the Devil's work…Obama is diverting the real problems by creating PROPS…Ms Fluke…the Anarchists…and those jerks…See what he's doing in reality

    Obama Nightmare health care plan…not only rationing, but the costs are going up…hidden in the back pages…Medicare monthly fee now is $96.40…rising to; $104.20 in 2012end of year: $120.20 in 2013: AND $247.00 in 2014…hidden after that…

    The military's healthcare costs are increasing…while their pensions are decreasing…AND the civilian federal employees are getting a raise…I guess this is what he calls HOPE & CHANGE

    Vote early this coming election and vote often…

  11. annie_rc says:

    Take a look at the hands of the men in that picture. Not one of them has the hands that would work on construction, let alone a pipeline. They all look like upper middle-class and even "upper," but they are hellbent on crushing any opportunity for between 20,000 and 100,000 citizens to have gainful employment via the pipeline. they can afford their little electric cars or the$40,000+ gas/electric cars.

    Very sad, America. Very sad indeed.

    • And this doesn't count the thousands of ancillary businesses and services these people need to live, marry, raise families, and die. I'm old enough to remember sections of cities built by companies to house their employees complete with services and other amenities – truly very sad indeed!!

  12. Portercase says:

    I'm real tired of a few kooks telling the rest of the world what to do and how to live. Screw the morons. The majority of our politicians need to get a grip and start using their brains to bring back our economy and NOT support the few.

  13. Peter Ivanchich says:

    These environmentalists are mentally ill. (Useful idiots) They can't see that windmills and solar energy are just pie in the sky dreams that don't even come close to replacing fossil fuel energy. These people are the real terrorists, as they are working to destroy our economy. They are traitors, more dangerous than Al-Quida. Our politicians love this global warming garbage, because it means more taxes. Al Gore owns a company that would be involved in exchanging carbon credits-and would make him billions of dollars. The truth of the science doesn't matter to these people-follow the money! CO2 only comprises 0.038% of the earths atmosphere-a trace gas. Notice that the global warming alarmists always specify CO2 atmospheric content in parts per million-resulting in a number a million times larger, to the ignorant, it makes the lie believable. Yes, there always has been climate change, and there always will be. The driver for climate change is solar activity. Chinese court astronomers knew this 5,000 years ago. One volcano releases far more greenhouse gasses than man has all throughout history! The politicans that support this environmentalist garbage don' t intend these screwey regulations to apply to them. They picture themselves to be the ruling elite.

    • Yes, Peter I, thanks for being a voice of reason. However, I would not call those useful idiots "ill", for no physician can cure
      what ails them. That would be a job for philosophers, and there does not seem to be any in the public school system.
      Their background is green covering red and one may recall that Mikhail Gorbachev was the one who started the Interna-
      tional Green Cross (website). Always a communist, what he could not achieve with red, he tries with green, and of course
      he started an American subsidiary. How nice we are; we let anybody in. And as for useful idiots, there is one born every
      minute, it seems.

  14. Time To Blow Up The EPA. The Enemies Of The United States. Time To Put The EPA Out Of Business

  15. I would like to take a small corner of Montana, make it fossil fuel free and have them live in it. Let's see how long they would enjoy living in the stone age. they could bring in their solar panels and their windmills, and build their tepees. I would allow them to bring in camels and mules for transportation and hauling. Let's disallow them any implements of steel as steel requires coal to manufactured. They could make anything they wanted out of wood, animal skins, and stone. Let them continue to fool themselves away from the rest of civilized humankind.

    • Working in a Distribution Center, where do they think "shrink wrap" comes from?? Everything is wrapped in plastic to the point that we bale and ship it for re-cycling!
      In addition, oil is used in medicine, clothing, foods, and applications too numerous to mention. It's not just used for engines and heat.

  16. What's ironic is that every one of those intellectually challenged "protestors" drove, flew, or came by train which all require some form of petroleum. And don't throw an electric vehicle in there because most of the parts, plastic and lubricants are made from petroleum. These hypocritical morons should practice what they preach and remove all petroleum based products from their lives they would find out it is impossible, throw away that iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, tablet and whatever else.

  17. Wakanda Lotusa says:

    What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they not drive cars? Do they not heat their homes with oil, natural gas, or coal-generated electricity? Are they all independently wealthy and don't mind paying horrendous prices for energy, and higher prices for everything else because of the resultant inflation? Do they not care about other people whose lives will be severely impacted by their ruinous agenda? Or are they all green fanatics who use solar panels and windmills to supply their needs? Do they not care about all the jobs that a resurgent energy production here in the US would create? Has any of them actually hit a lick of honest work in their lives? Maybe if they had actual jobs, they wouldn't have time on their hands for carrying silly signs at stupid protests.

  18. Back in your caves, morons!!!! We are going to win….you will lose!!!!!! After NOV you won't have a king and we can get busy and bring back our economy with energy production!!!!!

  19. Erik Osbun says:

    These folks have been to a bad school.

  20. Look at that picture. If you were to take away everything that fossil fuel had a part in making, you would have a bunch of idiots standing there naked.

  21. Tightwaddad says:

    Forgive them, the environmentalist(self righteous useful idiots), Father, for they know not what they do.

  22. James Fontana says:

    Looking at the picture, they all look young and uninformed. They more than likely only care about their own foolish cause and not about the countries economy. To them the birds,plants, and animals are more important than man. These people are nothing but self centered egotistical morons and must be ignored. But mark my words, the idiot in the white house will fall in lock step with this trash. Speaking of trash, is it not time to take the trash out at the White House?

  23. Let the bastards freeze in the dark.

  24. I say drop them all off in the forest with nothing but the clothes on their back and see how long they live in their pristine environment. The liberal mental disorder in overdrive towards an unattainable utopia that has not and will not ever exist except in their confused little minds.

  25. bhs3kgt says:

    Small radical minority groups with agendas that vitally impact the lives of Americans should be stopped in their demonstrations using as much force as the demonstrators show they need. The Founders made several comments amounting to "The Majority ALWAYS rules although the legal rights of the minority are to be respected". We have something like: "The Minority ALWAYS rules if the President and the Justice Department agree with their agenda".

  26. Melanie Burns says:

    We need to CASTRATE these Greenie Weenies! Clip them where it hurts. Then clip that fool NoBama!

  27. Frank York says:

    Please refrain from any comments about "shooting" our political opponents. In our political system, we vote out politicians who violate our fundamental rights. We don't kill them. — EPAAbuse editor, Frank York

  28. These people are the ones that need to become extinct , They have bodies but no brains , nor any other higher functions . There ARE times when abortion would have been practical , though still a crime of murder , however , the enemies of humanity deserve nothing less .

  29. Pat Sinclair says:

    Obama has made out country more lawless than any other president. The crook always has crooks that follow him and this is the case with the group that wants to defeat something that would be good and job making and our economy. Do you want to live in socialist country or live in a free country. Obama intends to destroy what we have always had was freedom to think for ourselves, eat what we went, buy the kind of car that we prefer, and wear the clothes that we want. We need a new conservative president to run our country and get back into freedom for all and make our country strong again. We need to take care of ourselves and the rest of the world can take care of themselves. Quit wasting money and get back down to business.

  30. Harold Clark says:

    The communists have always used the stupid and idiots for their own purposes. Like these enviromentalists. Many who have no doubt been brain washed in our so called colleg's and universities. Taught by the likes of Bill Aryes.

  31. The so called Environmental Groups have been hired by our federal agencies to be NGO's (non govt agencies). Their job is to implement Agenda 21. They got huge amounts of funding from the stimulus bill. In other word, WE are paying for this.

    We need to look up each Environmental group involved and send the protest letters, emails and phone calls directly to these groups. Find out who their leaders and members are and protest them directly. No One has ever held them personally accountable. They have had a free ride. They will fold under the pressure.

    Believe me, these people are not sincere environmentalists, they are just leftist activists using the environment to hide behind.

  32. richard holmes says:

    Get rid of the EPA. We don't need then.

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