British Meterologist Discusses Eco-Fascism On Russian TV


  1. Finally , someone has said it , they are fascists , this is of course in addition to being MORONS . RON PAUL for PRESIDENT !!!

  2. Honoria says:

    Excellent!! Finally more real sense in the world shines forth!! Several other scientists in the US have mentiond the lack of validity of Global Warming AKA the Watermelon (green on the outside red on the inside). For obvious reasons the media let the story go….Best to you Piers Corbyn for unrelenting truth!!

    • fossil fuels is also a myth, oil is ctaered amorphously.there are MANY ways oil can be near replaced..harnessing human sewage methane could supply about 1/2 our demands (suppressed).geothermal instead of nuclear, with some little boosts from wind and solar.stan meyers hydrogen from water, water powered car, was brilliant (they killed him).nikolas tesla’s ideas would have provided power nearly free too (suppressed).well insulated homes with BIG tubes a few feet down to geostable temperature,will keep a place cool in summer, warm in winter, for the price of running a fan.-but that’d interfere with their profiteering racket.where I live, if a person were to drill theyed likely hit natural can heat a home, run a generator, but it isnt allowed, its illegal .they sell homes and property without water and mineral rights.those rights are held by a foreign interest who CAN evict you,if they decide to start a drilling or mining why arent THEY paying the property taxes?how is the sale AND the taxes not fraudulent as hell?they started these kinds of contracts over 40 years ago.

  3. If we do not comply with the wealth redistribution schemes by these dangerous globalists, they will kill us through global universal health care. We know the goal is to kill non-conformists, the method is "funny" isn't it.

  4. Thank God for truth tellers. Except for mentioning the UN he is spot on. The UN is part of the problem with their Agenda 21 implementation upon all of the dwellers on planet earth.

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