The Perfect Storm Of Over-Regulation Of The Energy Industry

Liberal “green” bureaucrats in Colorado and at the federal level are destroying a small town in Colorado.


  1. That's what happens when the populace, uninformed, and not paying attention, elect MORONS to run the country.

  2. When I heard this I laughed, one of those so called good belly laughs. I guess he doesn't realize how stupid he looked when he said this. He reminded me of Pelosi and that ain't good. I believe they are in the same class of morons.

  3. maryanne3935 says:

    despicable to do this to people. WHY

    • That's what we get for not paying attention.We elect a perfect stranger to be President.We chose to believe what our political LIARS told us!!We didn't want to take the time to find out for ourselves.We assumed our Reps in D.C. would do thier job???We knew better but figured the people in D.C. work for us and they wouldn't let this happen!!! AS to why? Because we haven't done our job in making sure when we VOTE that it's not just another CAR salesperson.This has been coming for years and now it's here.Now we better get our American spirit going and Stop the TREASON that is happening in AMERICA,DEMAND THEY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIER TREASONOUS ACTIONS. Obama is a Dick tator.



  6. I can only think of one helpfull comment : RON PAUL for PRESIDENT !!!

  7. Clean power here right now and Obummer wishes to destroy it. Another example of this African born illegal Dick tator and his wrong anti America agenda, Vote this traitor out and then criminally prostitute him, Treason should be the first charge,
    We need to bring back the jobs that mean the manufacturing that EPA and IRS ran our of the United States, we need to remove both criminal agency's ans well was the Green worthless ass holes and the Liberals form America, We need our of the Federal Reserve, EPA and the IRS, most of the 3 letter federal agency's need to be reworked as welfare and food stamps no services to illegals close the border, put Americans back to work not Illegals! Remove the Illegals from America! Get us out of the UN and NATO for to long we have supported those who wish to destroy America and our Constitution, No World Order Government for America ever! to hell with there green tax! stop giving every other nation money till we are out of debt!
    I am not against new forms of energy, but make small experiments until they are proven and work to make others that work cleaner, Just as the Craig plants have done!!!! This is good energy and clean! what we are asking for! Solar and wind advance but not there yet! may never be! I don't say take them our just advance intelligently, we have cars and highways today and people still have horses! we still walk! I feel the new Natural gas wells being vented off and burnt are a waist we need to find a small turban or other motor to produce electricity off this vented gas, the motors run while venting then can shut off when no gas is left most power lines now could accept this, small amount of added power, right now it is just burned off wasted, or larger gas fired electric generating plants in the oil field, burn the natural gas there and transmit the electricity to existing power lines in the are now, clean bacillary free energy and no need to pipe for long distances yet you still have that option! Streams in areas were you have a 10 foot drop on an old water wheel connected to a generator and it hooked to existing power lines or to a land owners home, There are so many things as yet not tried or developed. old technology has proven its self today and many cases made more efficient and nature friendly. any one knowing of small generators that would produce enough electricity for a home or 2 I would like to hear back from, cheap and reliable and long lasting are the thing even military surplus,

  8. Our so call President of the U.S. Needs to Lose this next ELECTION…
    Beginnings of many sorrows…

  9. Craig, Colorado, coal industry being attacked by the Obama EPA. The Obama EPA is today the closest thing to original sin.

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