Over-Regulation Is Killing A Colorado Town

Excerpted from The Heritage Foundation:

Coal energy powers the small Colorado town of Craig — quite literally. The community relies on the energy produced at the Craig Station plant to keep the lights on and the economy moving.

New regulations, however, threaten the community’s prosperity. Colorado imposed a renewable energy mandate that stipulates 30 percent of energy production must come from wind, solar and other renewable sources by 2020.

“Society cannot have reliable power based on when the wind blows and/or when the sun shines,” said Rick Johnson, plant manager at Craig Station, in a new video about the town’s plight.

Read the rest of this tragic story at The Heritage Foundation.


  1. how many town did it kill off when he let the shut the water off to the farming towns ? this man could care less about the America people he shows it everyday

  2. Right, Susan, he could not care less. However, the killing of whole agricultural areas, like Oregon's Klamath Basin which
    took place in 2001, shows that the blame for destroying America piece by piece must be shared by many. When we have lost the last of our economy, the country is lost. The guilty ones know who they are, and it's high time all of We The People are waking up.

    • You are so correct! With Urban Renewal Taxing without a vote of the people, DeFazio and Wyden pushing bill after bill for more control in Oregon we are in deep. DeFazio has been working for years and years for this chance and this president to bring forth all of his bills. Repubs and Dems alike are to blame. Its time to clean house and get rid of the whole dam bunch. ALL OF THEM!

  3. Erik Osbun says:

    Vote out Obama and his EPA, Vote in Newt Gingrich who will terminate the EPA!

  4. John Stewart says:

    This is what happens when the ruling class (a box of rocks) is put in a position of power. The time is now to right the wrongs of "hope and change".

  5. Over regulation is killing the United States of America ! RON PAUL !!!

  6. coal keeps the lights on vote obama out of office.

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