Obama Promises To ‘Double Down’ On His Failed ‘Green Energy’ Subsidies

During a recent fundraising speech at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, President Obama told his audience that he planned to “double down” on his failed green energy subsidies – even without Congress approving such subsidies.

Obama is a typical liberal: If a project costing millions fails, just spend more on the same foolish projects.

So far, every one of his green scams has failed. Solyndra has gone belly up, the Chevy Volt is a failure with batteries that catch on fire, and numerous other “green” companies that have received millions of taxpayer dollars have either gone bankrupt or are going to soon.

Of the 12 “green” companies that have been bankrolled by Obama, six have filed for bankruptcy: Solyndra, Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, AEA and Ener1.

This consistent failure doesn’t bother Obama. He’s just going to spend more of our hard-earned tax dollars on foolish green projects that have no market and no future.

According to Obama, “With or without this Congress, I’ll continue to do whatever I can to develop every source of American energy, so that our future isn’t controlled by events on the other side of the world.”

Read more on Obama’s green foolishness at CNSNews.


  1. anything to spend more of the tax payer money . this will put money in his backer pockets

  2. Some DUMb A______people cant learn because they dont linten to EXPIERENCED People. LEAVE POWER COAL OIL AND BANKING TO CIVILIAN AUTHOROTIES??????????????????????????????

  3. Follow the money! It is being sent to his supporters who then kick back major amounts to his reelection fund, look at who was in charge of the failed "green Power" companies

  4. I have to trust congress (thte do nothing kings) to cut off any more spending on such nonsense. Like Global warming , which started the whole Greenie movement, the so called threats by coal and other energy sources are pure B.S……..
    When will this man stop this garbage and frow up?
    When will congress get off their fat arses and end this nonsense. Send a message Loud and clear BEGIN IMPEACHMENT NOW.
    He has ignored the constitution and attempted to start his own dictatorship in direct violation of the Constitution.
    Congress do Your job or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We all know the definition of insanity . Nuff Said !! RON PAUL is the answer .

  6. Isay Ron Paul is are only hope

  7. Definition of an idiot: "Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result".

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