Heartland Institute President Joe Bast On Stolen/Forged Documents

A global warmist fanatic named Dr. Peter Gleick stole and forged documents from the Heartland Institute. He passed the documents on to his friends in the mainstream press. The whole scandal has blown up in Gleick’s face. He may face criminal charges over this.


  1. may face charges hell he should be charged with forgery, hope he ends up under the prison

    • What about Gore, he should also be with him. Gore was in this to make millions, and his wife couldn't stand his false program, just to get richer. Gore is also a LIAR just like OBAMA.

  2. maryanne3935 says:

    what a coherent guy, nice to know they are still around and willing to speak honestly about "global warming."

  3. Johnny American says:

    The EPA is the real danger to the Climate is their off the wall thinking that its is the way the peoples lives now.If the peoples would look back in the early years back in the 1900 we had its a lot better Climate then ,We had farmer and ranches that would go out and plants their land with crops and harvest them and turn around and burn off the lands and burn their woods to get rid of the bushes and small tree so that the other tree would have room to grow better. But mow days you can not do any of the pass doing Beacuse they say its will harm the climate.Whit out the burning and the smoke burn off going up into the ozone to keep the cloth cover so that the sun rays are reduce so with them reduce its is cooler and without the smoke in the ozone the sun rays reach earth at a hotter setting and its will get a lot worst as the years go by,We need to get rid of the EPA and let the farmers and the ranchers do what they did over hundrens of year ago.Takeing care of business the right way…

  4. Heartland definitely needs to bring charges against Gleick.

  5. Honestly , I can't believe that we still have Americans believing and "donating" to this ridiculous cartoon philosophy … I GORE and his minions of exlax reliant whack jobs have got to be laughing all the way to the bank !!! If ANY of you empty headed self proclaimed geniuses are paying attention to this blog … MAN DOES NOT INTRODUCE ANYMORE THAN 3-5% TO CLIMATE CHANGE !!!!!!!! If you think you want to DRASTICALLY REDUCE yours and the rest of the civilized people around the world to a reduced "absolute controlled life", you can keep following these LUNATICS , me I would rather have LIBERTY , and along with that comes FREEDOM ! Your way will produce ONLY , AND I MEAN "ONLY" DESPOTISM AND SLAVERY !!!

  6. ConservaDave says:

    I hope those in the Heartland Institute find the guts to sue Peter Glieck for every penny he has and the some and also press criminal charges against him and hav him prosecuted to the full extene of the law. If they settle for some kind of apology they are fools. These climate change/warming radical fanatics have proven to what extent they are willing to go to push their evil lies. This should be seen as a chance to intimidate them and fight back in the name of Truth.

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