Warmist Exposed For Faking Heartland Institute Document

Peter Gleick is a warmist fanatic who stole and forged Heartland Institute documents.

The mainstream media was quick to post and report on a number of documents stolen from The Heartland Institute, a think tank that publishes factual materials on climate change.

The person who stole the documents is Dr. Peter E. Gleick, founder of the Pacific Institute, a climate change alarmist think tank. Gleick pretended to be a Heartland Institute board member, created a phony identity and email address and then stole internal documents. He then passed them along to his liberal buddies at the Huffington Post and elsewhere.

But, he did more than just steal documents. He forged a two-page document that was supposedly a strategy plan for debunking the global warming movement. The mainstream media dutifully published excerpts from this fake document.

Fortunately, the whole scandal has blown up in Gleick’s face because the Heartland Institute has gone on the offensive in debunking his forged memo. They’re also considering legal action against him for criminal conduct.

Gleick has apologized, but this isn’t enough. He’s tried to destroy a reputable organization by stealing and then forging documents.

Read more on this at ExpertClick and watch Heartland Institute’s President Joe Bast describe Gleick’s actions.



  1. Peter Gleick should be charged with every dime that cost every citizen in the world for this massive fraud which has driven up the cost of virtually everything in the world in trying to reduce carbon emissions . He should never see any weather for the rest of his life except what he can see over prison walls .

  2. Incredible, the man Peter Gleick has no ethics.

  3. Reduce carbon emissions? The world's leaders don't care about carbon emissions. That claim is just for public consumption. The entire global warming scam is to redistribute the world's wealth, to drag down the productive, industrialized countries and force us all to live lesser lives. Obama said as much when he campaigned in '08, didn't he? Didn't he say "we" need to learn to live with less? In his marxist mind, the world must be "equalized." Throw in George Soros, Maurice Strong, the Clintons, etc.

  4. I must be missing something here, but if they know he did these things as discussed in the post, why are they just considering filing charges?

  5. There's no evidence he forged any documents and he's invited an investigation into what he received and what he sent out.. Not to mention, people mentioned in the alleged "forged" document admit it's portrayal of their activities is accurate.


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