Sen. Inhofe Introduces Measure To Stop EPA’s Utility MACT Rule

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK)

Yesterday, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced a resolution of disapproval under the Congressional Review Act designed to prevent EPA’s Utility Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rule to go into effect.

According to Inhofe:

The failure of the United States Senate to rein in the Obama-EPA is having a devastating impact on the pocketbooks of American families and threatens the jobs and livelihoods of millions of Americans. Over the past year, more than a dozen Senate Democrats have claimed that they want to stop EPA’s destructive agenda, yet when the time comes, they hide behind alternative bills they know will never pass.  This way, they can tell their constituents they are trying to help – when the reality is their actions are enabling them to protect President Obama’s left wing ideals. The House has passed numerous bipartisan bills, yet not a single one has passed the United States Senate.  It’s time for the Senate to do its job and stop this regulatory nightmare.

Today the United States Senate can look forward to having one more opportunity to stand up to President Obama’s war on affordable energy: I am introducing a legislative measure that will put a halt to the Obama-EPA’s Utility MACT rule – one of the most expensive environmental rules in American history, second only to his proposed cap-and-trade rules that failed to pass legislatively.   

Read more on this at the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee site.


  1. Senator Inhofe is very perceptive regarding his colleagues in the Senate. They talk a good game but when it comes time to play they decide it is time to go to the bathroom. Inhofe has been a leader fighting the Green Revolution as well as EPA. We need more Senators like Inhofe. I would be proud to have Inhofe as my Senator.

  2. Wow, they now feel confident enough to put the administration's motto RIGHT IN THE NAME of the bill! "Maximum Achievable Control."

    This nation is in deep trouble. MmmmHmmm! DEEP trouble!


  4. Jim L Adrian says:

    Inter a bill to cut the EPA funding to a $1.00 a month or until Lisa P. Jackson is sent down the road with her carpet bag in hand.

  5. Jim L Adrian III says:

    Senator Inhofe is one of the few senators doing their job and doing it well too. The citizens of Oklahoma should be proud of Senator Inhofe.

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