Physicist Exposes Global Warming Hoax


Physicist Gordon Fulks debunks the climate alarmists.

Gordon Fulks, a physicist who has studied the global warming hoax for years, recently presented a paper entitled “Global Warming: Climate Orthodoxy Perpetuates A Hoax” at a meeting of the American Meteorological Society in Oregon.

Fulks presented a slide show with his presentation, providing clear evidence that man-made global warming is a fraud, perpetuated by those with political agendas and those who grow rich from government grants.

Both the slide show and a video of his presentation are available on the web:

Slide Show


A Wall Street Journal editorial confirms Fulks’ presentation. Read and distribute!


  1. It is encouraging to see that more scientists are saying that this is a hoax. The first inkling I had of this was in 2004 when I read Michael Chrichton's STATE OF FEAR . Though it was a novel it had well researched scientific data in it. have since read about the powers that are pushing this like Maurice Strong through the IPCC.
    Let's hope that more people wakd up to the truth.

  2. Our own media keep it from us that German scientists have also debunked "global warming" with real statistics. The manipulation of data–by the original scientists who received grant money to promote a myth–is beyond comprehension. Liars, just a bunch of liars with a political agenda, the redistribution of wealth worldwide.

  3. The main reason I never fell for it even for an instant was because the main fearmonger , Al Gore is a lunatic and that became apparent as soon as he opened his mouth . Really , he invented the internet ? , the movie 'LOVE STORY " was about him , ? come on people . RON PAUL for PRESIDENT of THESE UNITED STATES of AMERICA !!! You know if the MSM supported Al Gores nonsense that they are wrong about RON PAUL .

  4. Get real people, we exhale more CO through out history than anything else has produced. Didn't you learn anything in science class! Plants use the CO, you cut it back they will die, then we will have Global Warming, then the self professing prophecy will happen. Then to think of it, coming from Al Horror (Gore) is truly the dumb and dumber of society or the blind leading the blind. He only accepted the word of fanatics like himself, not the science. Look at how rich he has become from this exploitation! As for Ron Paul, like his Constitutional stand but some of his other thoughts are out there!

  5. One of the best explanations I've heard explains "global warming" this way – the "globalists" took the database of several thousand thermometers recording temperatures from around the globe and simply stopped recording temperatures from the colder climates and locations. The result, "global warming!" The same process explains our warped "theory of sexuality" by Dr. Kinsey, a pervert whose database for "normal sexual mores" was derived from prisons, populations of homosexual people and extrapolated to reflect "normal society".
    Skewing can warp anything to reflect what you want it to.

  6. The world is at the center of the universe.
    The world is flat.

    funny comments here!

  7. "Global Warming" jerked me off…seriously.

  8. Seton, what kind of paste-eaters name is that! If you can not look at this information and realize that the media is making money off this new fear, and Al Gore too, then keep eating the paste.

  9. u suck global warming ise real face it we are going to die

  10. Everyone talks about how there has been an increase in temperature over the past few years but yet no one ever talks about how carbon dioxide actually causes this problem. They just accept that as fact, as if its a given law that carbon dioxide traps heat. Carbon dioxide is a very small quantity of the atmosphere, the atmosphere is 73% nitrogen and 26% oxygen, carbon dioxide falls in the 1% which is all the other gases such as water vapor, argon and all the others so why blame carbon dioxide why not oxygen or nitrogen which are in higher concentration. To be exact it is 0.03% of the atmosphere and have always asked why they make such a huge deal of it and I get the usual answer even if it increases with 0.0001% it wall cause drastic changes in temperature. Carbon Dioxide isn’t even a gas which builds up, it is in a cycle animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide which plants breathe in and they breathe out oxygen so as you can see it is not a gas which is building up in our atmosphere so why the worries. Also commonly talked about is that there’s proof that our planet’s temperature and so is the levels of carbon dioxide. We even go as far to put it on a graph and we see that the increase in temperature and the increase in carbon dioxide have the same gradient. I can’t agree or disagree to this, I don’t have sufficient data to agree or disagree but why do we immediately assume that an increase in carbon dioxide causes the temperature increase, it can be the other way round or both could be contributing to each other or they could both be caused by completely different factors which have nothing to do with each other. The fact of the matter is that it is not proven fact that carbon dioxide causes the temperature increase so all of America’s efforts with the Carbon Tax and regulating Carbon Usage could end up being completely useless. I’m not saying global warming is a hoax, I am just saying that there is insufficient evidence that are activities are the cause and that there is anything that we can do to stop it, sometimes there are just things in life that we can’t control, we just have to accept them and find ways to deal with them.

    • Sane person says:

      Have any of you people even heard of the Keeling Curve?

    • George W. Bush says:


    • jstuxx, as sincere as your post is you fall for couple of inaccuracies in the IPCC report.

      1.You are correct about the gradients of CO2 and temperature being similar. What IPCC omits is that
      temperature increases precede increase in CO2 levels. This would invalidate their argument.

      2.More than 15 sections of Chapter 8, the chapter setting out the scientific evidence for and against human influence on climate were changed or deleted AFTER the scientists had accepted the supposedly final text ! EVERY one of those changes or deletions had been to express doubt about man made warming. The end results was to create a FALSE impression that all scientists had accepted it.
      This invalidates their claim of "consensus".

      3. It is unproven and unlikely that trace amounts of CO2 have any thermal insulating capability.
      Specific gravity of CO2 is 50% higher than atmospheric air which disqualifies it from "greenhouse"
      adventures in higher levels of atmosphere.

      Taking just these few elements into account wouldn't you agree that the AGW hypothesis is based
      on highly suspicious data gathering ?

  11. Cpt. Flatulence says:

    I just farted, now the globe is warmer….sue me.

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  13. Air wolf says:

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  14. Matheson says:


  15. POOPDADDY says:

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  16. Fir wolf says:


  17. Hopefully some of you may wish to go to the Skeptical Science website and find out what's going on with actual climate science research.

    Have a look at Crock of the week . it will open up your closed and ill informed minds. When someone gives you information, always check the source.

    • I am neither closed minded nor ill informed. Many reputable scientists have challenged the status quo. So stop thinking global warming is anything but a dubious hypothesis.

  18. There was no global warming. Just another excuse for Bill Clinton. When i was working on cars I could buy freon a box of twelve cans for under 10 dollars, and when Clinton put a tax on it, it went up 5.95 a can, all taxes. Thats a 1 pound CAN.

  19. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Al Gore has made over 200 million selling Global Warming, in fact the World is suppose to burn up by 2016. This has been the coolest Spring in decades, what is the real story?

  20. shadowgraph says:

    Another scientist, one who isn’t an idiot, responds to Mr. Fulks hysterical conspiracy theory:

    As a climate scientist who actively works and publishes in this field, I know what most of my colleagues also know. Temperatures and sea levels are rising, glaciers and sea ice are melting, and man-made greenhouse gases are to blame.

    Gordon Fulks, however, in his Jan. 20 column (“The changing climate of climate change”), disagrees. Can he be right? Let’s examine his arguments.

    Fulks claims that global temperatures have not risen during the past 15 years. This is not true. Most heat trapped by carbon dioxide and other gases added to the atmosphere is absorbed by the oceans, as clearly seen in measurements available at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website. Could the warming observed during the past 100 years be from heat that “sloshes back and forth” between the oceans and the atmosphere, as Fulks claims, or changes in the sun? No.

    Even former climate skeptic Richard Muller, who has recently re-examined the surface temperature measurements, comes to the same conclusions as other climate scientists before him: Humans are the main cause.

    Fulks flunks climate science. He cherry-picks information that supports his conclusion and ignores the rest. That’s not science. Could it be that Fulks is right and a new ice age is imminent and all the academies of sciences that predict further warming are wrong? Of course.

    But it is similarly unlikely that smoking is healthy and all medical associations are conspiring to fool you with their “radical” views on tobacco.



    Schmittner is an associate professor in Oregon State University’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences.

    • Francesco Zerilli says:

      And PROFESSOR Michael E. Mann is an American physicist and climatologist, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University who has now been exposed as being a fraud and a liar. So what's your point? Anthropogenic global warming is indeed a hoax and as more and more of these so called "peer reviewed" studies are given closer examination, it's becoming more evident these studies are deeply flawed.

      The U.S. has just experienced the coldest winter and spring since 1975, 3 degrees below normal to be exact. Ironically enough, 1975 was also the peak of the "global cooling" era in which these same climatologists predicted the coming of a new ice age……….They were liars whose careers depended on global crisis then and they're still liars now..

    • Gary Sheehan says:

      The greatest challenge for the Anthropogenic Climate Change supporters face is the overwhelming evidence that they have cooked the books. There are countless examples but one instance is in regard to the 1995 IPCC Report after scientists had signed off on the technical report, more than 15 sections of Chapter 8, the chapter setting out the scientific evidence for and against human influence on climate were changed or deleted AFTER the scientists had accepted the supposedly final text! EVERY one of those changes or deletions had been to express doubt about man made warming! The end results was to create a FALSE impression that all scientists had accepted by consensus that anthropogenic warming was taking place! Blame for this fraud lays squarely at the feet of the lead author Benjamin Santer. Frederick Seitz, former well respected head of the US National Academy of Sciences, said " …. I have never witnessed a more disturbing corruption of the peer-review process than the events that led up to this IPCC Report"!

  21. The slides are very informative especially the placement of Climate monitoring temperature devices near air conditioners and areas where the concrete would increase the temperature around the device. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out the monitoring devices were placed in areas to create a inaccurate reading.

    • All great points, Heat Island as you state are oversampled, also oversampling in Northern Hemisphere where there is more land Mass! Volcanic activitry alone from one major event like Karacatoa can darken the skies for 6 months and make a (9) degree F difference! Are we to ruin our World Economic engine when we cannot uncouple such disateroud unsurmountable are alterable Natural events! Andreas Schmittenger, Corvallis, I do not agree with your limiting and ultimate determination due to more scientists and their LUST for research $$$$! I believe that the trend which is slight is over the top with the hyperbolic intent to marshal resources for a Scientific/Bureacratic elite!

  22. Ge! Ya figure, It's just a Sun thing. I guess we are causing the Polar Caps on Mars and others to Get smaller too?

  23. Climate change has been occurring on Earth for 4.5 billion years, you don't need a physics degree to understand that!

  24. Michael says:

    All you have to do is look at earth history. The earth goes through ice ages and hot spells. They occur on a regular basis. Why then is it so hard to believe we are entering another warming cycle.

  25. Man-made global warming doesn't make logical sense. First, you simply must understand that the EPA doesn't hand out grant money to prove that global warming is a natural phenomenon. Various comments and posts online spew very scientific sounding facts like 7,346,293 joules of energy were added to the earth's surface by solar radiation and the average temperature rose by 0.22 degrees C. The only explanation is the greenhouse effect trapping the energy. That impresses a lot of people, but I think it's a bunch of hooey! Calculations of earth's temperature 4000 years ago are nothing but voodoo magic. (My apologies to those voodoo priests and followers.)

    If CO2 is the big culprit in all of this, then why not just spend the $150 billion planting trees. I would suspect that we could have planted enough trees to end the CO2 shortage if we would just stop spending so much on the proof. Regardless of what they say, scientists CANNOT prove any of this.

    Please read my blog at

  26. So intensely gratified to see that not all people are mindless sheep.
    It is a very frightening thing to see people being lead into economic and political enslavement

  27. Global Warming is one of the major concerns that exist today. Global warming can cause numerous problems both to humans as well as for the country. So kindly takes steps to reduce the Global warming to make our nature free

  28. Indeed an important perspective to be noted.

  29. Global Warming is a heating phenomena, therefore a heat accounting must be made for the earth floating in outer space, receiving heat radiation from the sun and radiating earth heat to the very cold black outer space.
    The units of heat are the Btu or the calorie. There is no global warming if the Btu heat from sun that warms the earth is equal to the Btu that the earth radiates to the very cold outer space firmament. However if the earth develops an internal heat source during the industrial revolution by burning fossil fuels and adding nuclear fission heat from uranium, then this extra heat must be radiated to cold outer space and that requires an increased earth temperature, or in other words global warming.
    Using course books on thermodynamics and heat transfer this extra earth temperature increase can be calculated with a digital science type hand calculator and knowing the yearly world consumption of coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy as can be learned from the internet knowledge base.
    These course books show the radiation heat transfer equation of Stefan-Boltzmann, the combustion heat of oil (20,000 Btu per pound), of coal (12,000 Btu per pound), natural gas (1000 Btu per cubic feet), the sun temperature of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the average earth temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the cold outer space as seen from the earth surface at minus fifty degrees Fahrenheit, the specific heats of the earth atmosphere, earth rock, sand, grounds and ocean water.


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