Pennsylvania Power Plant May Close – Thanks To EPA


Anti-fossil fuel zealots have targeted this power plant for destruction. The EPA is willing to help.

The Portland Generating Station in Pennsylvania may be forced to close because of newly proposed EPA regulations on sulfur dioxide emissions. The plant has been the target of anti-fossil fuel activists for years. Lisa Jackson is obviously doing her best to help them close the plant forever.

The EPA wants to force coal-fired plants to reduce these emissions by 50% in 2012 and by 81% in 2014.

Steve Davies, vice president of asset management at GenOn, which runs the station, said this is the first time the EPA has accepted a petition from one state about pollution in another.

If the EPA moves ahead with its rules, GenOn would have 90 days to decide if it wants to bring the plant up to the new standards or just close. Davies said it would cost $300 million for new scrubbing technology.

The generating plant creates $25 million in revenue in the area.

Thanks to the EPA, this plant may close down – costing jobs, energy production and $25 million for the local economy.



  1. Gosh maybe those against should all buy candles and really do their part before they kick and scream?

  2. Someone better do something to stop these nitwits from the [EPA]

  3. Uh, think Obama failed to mention this item in his speech for "green" jobs. This isn't exactly helping with jobs nor the economy. How's he going to explain this one? Wonder how many votes he'll get if these plants close before November?
    Maybe the GOP candidates should start pointing this out.

  4. 2cents–I agree with you but how to get this out to more people??? The MSM is not going to bring it up and the GOP candidates are too busy slamming each other. What a mess Obama has made and continues to make!

    • all by design friends all by design. Rules for Radicals states that if you throw tons of s*** at the system it'll overload and perhaps only half will stick, it's the beginning of meeting our goals…blah blah blah so we're so overwhelmed that we spin in circles trying to put the fires out at our heels and it's impossible to even stamp half out. trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble….like we've never seen folks…get engaged every day call your congressperson in D.C. your senators too. and in your state capital Make calls Send emails, Faxes Letters, complain and make noise…then in every election Re-Elect On-One….it's the only way to get them to respect and fear us.

  5. I think we need to close the EPA for all theie BULL SHI?

  6. The people of Pennsylvania need to tell the EPA Communist group and Lisa to "GO POUND SAND"

  7. I said it before, all energy producers go on strike against the EPA, I mean shut down, pull the Switch. Then tell the EPA to get their environmentalist together and blow wind to get those windmills turning to keep the lights on. No electric, no TV, no Cell phones and on and on. So call their bluff and see how long the people will stand for it. All thinkers, doers and builder just quit and tell the Socialist Petty Bureraucrats to get out of the way and the Great Citizen of this Great Republic can get the job done and again we will be the greatest Country on Earth.

  8. Looks no different than the coal fired plants in Wyoming and the air looked fine to me. The photo of this plant doesn't show dirty sooty black smoke from those stacks so I wonder how much the Sierra Club is paying Lisa Jackson to come up with this inane crap. It's time Lisa was investigated and have her financial soul bared for the public to see because it's no doubt she's as corrupt as everyone else in D.C.

  9. How many windmills or solar units will it take to replace this?? Obama is determined to destroy this county in any way and every way he can. He said before he was elected that his policies would necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket. Was anybody listening or were they all to enamored with his rockstar persona to realize what all the hope and change was about. Are they listening now?

  10. Scott Moore says:

    I am just waiting for the next dumb thing from the epa…..probably toilet emissions or fart filters for people, or breath control at large gatherings…..All they really seem to want is what they don't understand and they will lead us progressively backward into a pre-energy age and this will kill all communications and jobs, and in the long run, more people…..

  11. Its the MSM that is the propaganda arm of obama.They must be stopped!.That is why when Gingrich (whether you like him or not) hit a grand slam out of the park when he told Mr. King of NBC off in the debate. Even a quiet person like my wife jumped out of her chair in applause and that happened all over the country.The Republican party has to expose obama for what he is till the next election and not worry about the MSM for i think they have been exposed. Lisa jackass i mean jackson puts these people in PA.out of work and that night goes to a liberal cocktail party in DC . She could care less !.

  12. polishsniper says:

    The bottom line is, EPA, Obama, liberal wax jobs, Communists are all the same thing.idiots, trying to shove their left wing agenda down our throats. There is nothing wrong with the emissions just not good enough for the environmental idiots. It's about getting the government more control of they can dictate who is running the show.That's all the Obama administration is about,CONTROL at tax payers expense. 5 trillion dollars more under Obama.

  13. Kathy Casey says:

    I suggest that the power plants conduct a poll. Ask everyone if they are in favor of the stricter standards and want to shut down coal and other "dirty" power producers. Then, shut off electricity to all those who want stricter standards and want plants shut down. We wouldn't want them participating in making the air dirty now would we? Since so many would be permantly "off grid", that would reduce pollution and we wouldn't have to change the standards or shut down power plants so that those of us who prefer having electricity would be able to do so.

  14. This one of the promises Obummer has kept. He said he was going to shut down the coal burning plants.

  15. I think it is about time the busnesses in this country stand up for their rights and tell the [socialist] government to shove it.They dont have the right to be dictating to us.tell these power mad idiots to go to h___!

  16. Robert M. Pritchett says:

    Wind Farms have to have generator backup from oil or coal fired boilers. They have to be on standby with operating capacity at all times for when the wind doesn't blow at 15 miles per hour. Wind is not a dependable source of energy and because of the required backup is not green energy. The only green energy we have is Solar panel and hydroelectricity. The cost of alcohol produced for auto fuel is ridiculasly high. It is a poor fuel and breaks down into water which doesn't burn well in the winter. Have you ever flown in an airplane over an oil refinery. Now there's some real black smoke. The money invested in cleaning up the coal fired boiler systems will save this country. Coal can burn cleanly. Scrubbing actions, Pumping extra air into the fire box automatically by sensors in the smoke stacks, whatever it takes, we must do. Does it make any sense to send millions of tons of our most valuable energy source to China to be burned inefficiently and have the contamination returned to us by, wind, food chain, fish and the contamination of the Pacific Ocean. No. we must save this resource and develop it and use it properly. America has been blessed with this most wonderful fuel and the imbeciles who are running the EPA and the government by political decisions are destroying our America, Our freedoms and our lives.

  17. fiercelook says:

    This is but another arrow in the heart of capitalism and freedom. The EPA is nothing more than an arm of this tyrannical and fascist regime to destroy America and bring it into the "NWO" by making it a third world oligarchy. They are way ahead of schedule as most of the "sheeple" are too entranced with their sports, pornograhy, cell-phones and licentious behavior to understand that their government is acting against them and will soon have total control of them. It is up to the citizens to insure their own freedoms and sorrily, this sorry bunch of sinners will regret their being asleep at the election polls. You are getting the gover… tyranny that yous truly deserve – idiots!

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