Brit Hume Says Romney Has Flip-Flopped Too Many Times To Be Trusted

You can only flip flop so many times before voters begin to distrust your views and character. Mitt Romney has flipped too many times on global warming and climate change.


  1. Bret speaks like he was hitting the sauce before going on the air.

  2. Erik Osbun says:

    Definitely Mitt has beliefs, but for sure there is no substitute for knowing. He does not know, perhaps because of all the falsehoods promulgated by the liberal media, the IPCC, and the greenies. The latter certainly does not know, because man CANNOT CHANGE CLIMATE. It is out of our control.

  3. I agree with Brit Hume, I have not been able to pin down the real Romney. I have figured out why the real Romney (and the RINOs) never challenged the constitutionality of the usurper being president, He has the same problem. He is not a 'natural born" citizen and does not meet the standard of Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution. His father was not a natural born citizen, he was born a Mexican. Three generations of Romney's preceding Mitt were Mexicans, and there is no solid eveidence that his father was even a naturalized citizen and that he well may have had his desire to become president at least in part to that lack of Constitutional viability!.

  4. John Stewart says:

    You cannot keep your fonger in the breeze for this long unless you have won the Super Bowl.

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