Here’s An Amazing Email From Climate Change ‘Scientist’ Phil Jones


Phil Jones, an alleged climate change “scientist” skews data, hides data, and refuses legitimate requests for raw data by climate skeptics.

In case you have any doubts about the corruption among climate change scientists, this email from the latest batch of Climategate emails will erase all doubt.

The email is from Phil Jones, who runs the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia. Jones is a key figure in the Climategate emails – and email #4766 is a damning example of just how corrupt he is – and those who work with him around the globe.

Editorial comments are in brackets.

Climategate 2.0 – Email # 4766 from Phil Jones

Dear All, There are several issues you should be aware of:

1. UEA has denied access to the data to McIntyre (and at least two others in the past) – in 2007. One of the three appealed and that appeal was rejected. We would look stupid if you released the data now. I can put your FOI person in touch with the one at UEA. I think they already know each other! [Jones is bragging about denying Steve McIntyre access to the raw data used by CRU to create bogus statistics on “global warming.”]

We put up this page at the time

So they have a list of which stations are used.

2. I have signed agreements with some Met Services (European ones) in the 1990s that I would not pass on their data to third parties. The data could be used in the gridding though and gridded products made available. I never kept a list of which stations these were though, as I never thought such problems would arise. [Jones admits that he has colluded with other agencies to prevent third parties from accessing the raw data to determine if Jones is accurate in his “studies.” In addition, he admits that he doesn’t even know what temperature stations were used in the raw data collection process. This seems rather sloppy for a “scientist.”]

3. Work on the land station data has been funded by the US Dept of Energy, and I have their agreement that the data needn’t be passed on. I got this in 2007. [He admits that bureaucrats inside the U.S. Department of Energy have colluded with him to deny climate data to third parties. This sounds like a conspiracy to me.]

4. You[r] web site says that anyone requesting the data should apply to me, so tell him that’s what they should do. I think you should remove this sentence, by the way. It is this that has opened up the issue again. [He knows that no one will get any of his data by applying to him. He has effectively shut off any accountability.]

5. The data aren’t yours to release! Maybe there is no formal IPR agreement, but there is an implicit one. [He is telling his colleagues that they must not release data to any third parties. Why? Because it would show that he skewed the data to push his personal political agenda.]

6. We’ve altered the version that you have anyway. We’re also in the process of doing more of this. [Altering data? For what reason?]

7. You’d need to waste your time combining the two parts of the data and removing the stations that don’t get used. [In other words, he’s already altered the data to conform to his pre-conceived beliefs. This isn’t science, it’s propaganda and dishonest to the core.]

Cheers Phil

Read more on the first batch of Climategate emails (released in November 2009) at Brian Sussman’s web site and Climategate: The CRUtape Letters. The second batch of emails were released in November, 2011. A wealth of material on the second batch is available at Anthony Watts’ site and at


  1. IdontBrakeForDems says:

    This comes as no surprise.

    • Absolutely it doesn't. Just follow the money – who stands to profit from this hoax? G.E., G.M., Algore, Nobama, & the usual band of merry criminals!

    • Politics, money and power area dangerous combination when stirred with a hidden agenda. This is what Al Gore hath wrought! "An Inconvenient Truth " regarding his convenient prevarications in the name of wealth and power. I am amazed at the numbers in the scientific and political disciplines that continue to hold on firmly to the corrupt pot of soup this issue has become. Disappointing to see the academics stubborn denial of the factual data.

    • It has always been about money! This is how obama makes his!!!!

  2. John Murtha says:

    I am surprised that Loud Mouth Al Gore has not been preaching about Global Warming this Winter due to how mild it has been with small spurts of Cold Spell only lasting a few days and start saying we are on the final road to disaster naturally for the 2012 election getting hotter each day and expressing disaster if the Republican's remove Obama in November and it has to with if the Republicans do achieve this the World Will End on January 20, 2013.

  3. Harold Clark says:

    Thease people are liars one and alll. It is nothing but another bunch trying to completly turn the world into one world government or the communist party thru the greenies trying to take the governments over by false science. The the thing that really gets me is the traitors in the US government, (mostly un-elected mush heads) that are the big problem. I wonder when the 'congress' is going to to grow some manhood and start doing somehting about this, (Probably at the same time they prove they are real Americans and impeach Obama for his trashing the constitution.) Which they will never do because they are not MEN enough. They are just a bunch of teat suckers bleeding the American people dry. BOTH PARTIES ARE GUILTY.

  4. Erik Osbun says:

    There is no science that involves hidden data. If so hidden, the entire ball of wax that is "climate science" must be rejected.

    • Well then I would say dump all the so called climate science and start over with a reasonably unbiased group who put their findings up for honest debate!

  5. Abolish the EPA. They are an expensive department of the Federal Government that we cannot trust.
    Put the States in charge of this issue; it would be more fair; but the Fed's are not fair and this will never happen.

    • Yipeeiokiyay says:

      The EPA was one of Nixon's circle jerks as corrupt as you will ever find and embroiled in the NWO scheme of which all GOP candidates cow tow to except Ron Paul.

    • The EPA is merely the U.N.'s American extension for global conversion of all nations and economies to socialism. All of the third world powers are blindly following and the major powers have their paid representatives working toward the New World Order. The U.N. must be the first group that U.S. taxpayers refuse to fund any longer. From the onset the socialist captured control of that body. It is a cesspool of corruption, spies and international terrorism paid for largely with Americans tax money.

    • Duane Hinde says:

      I am with you , get rid of the Enemy of the People of America, they are some of the biggest liars in the world. There is NO such thing as global warming, GOD is in control. Check out your Bible, Genesis Chapter 8 Verse 22 and it says this.AS LONG AS THE EARTH REMAINTH,THERE WILL BE SEED TIME AND HARVEST, SUMMER AND WINTER, HOT AND COLD, DAY AND NIGHT SHALL NOT CEASE, quite rigth if you ask me and GOD said it, I believe HE knows what HE is talking about, afterall, HE created this earth. Just think about it, man comes from the earth, can anything that comes from the earth destroy the earth??????? Dont think so.

  6. Incredulous says:

    "John Murtha" … that's cute! LOL! What I don't understand is why this Jones clown hasn't been brought up on charges? He ought to be behind bars – for a very long time. And East Anglia University should never be "granted" any government research funds – EVER!

    • Dream on. Corruption put him in the position he is in and corruption will continue to support him even in the face of all of the abject lies and deception the global warming group spews out. Big money is running this scam. Al Gore, George Soros, the Clintons and Obama have money riding on this venture.

  7. We have to end this Tom Foolery and now. They are destroying lives by abusing their power, and it's accepted without the least bit of proof. The same way Obama got into office?

  8. Like I said send the EPA to for away contries and let them try out all their lies on them and see what happens.

  9. Al Gore started this B.S. in the Clinton era, and raised fossil fuel epa to where it was impossible for the oil co. to meet
    so now we are paing the price.

  10. I cannot understand how so many credibly intelligent people fell for this scam . I am not all that bright nor highly educated , but I never fell for this junk science for one minute . Maybe it was because the guy that claimed he was the subject of " Love Story ' or the guy that claimed he invented the " internet " was the biggest pusher of it . Although he has made a mint off it I don't think money was his motivation , I think he just wanted revenge for not winning the election against George Bush . Ne just reminds me of that sour grape image type of guy . I think with this kind of proof this and others involved need to be taken to court and tried for fraud and anything else we can get on them because of the very magnitude of this scam .

  11. senecablood says:

    You idiots are still on the denial train, right there with your brothers-in-mindlessness, the Holocaust denyers. It’s truly a great thing that we have the EPA and that numbskulls like yourselves aren’t running things.

    • greg thomson says:

      Senecablood proves scientists are right. You really shouldn’t marry your sister. He is the end result.

    • Senecablood, if the EVIDENCE supports your view, then that is one thing but unfortunately it does not, and you and everyone who has drunk the koolaid on this "Cow farts are destroying the planet" deal need to suck it up, admit you were wrong like big boys and girls and move on……. Or you can all just keep pitching baby fits, and calling us dirty words, and driving your little battery car, (Which by the way, is WORSE for the environment) and much more costly over the long term.But you don't care about that because you know NOTHING about what makes this planet tick, and you don't need to, because you've already made up your mind, and you are going to stick to it, no matter how dumb you actually look in that little car with one grocery bag filling up the whole car, But go ahead,, suck your thumb and pout, cause I don't care that you hate my big truck, four wheelers, tractors, and my beef eating tendencies. The EPA does NOTHING but destroy jobs, the economy, and abuse their so called power. If you don't like my gas, then move to the jungles of Brazil, and live as green as you want. but you wont do that either, cause you probably use more electricity than I do charging your bumblebee car.

    • windsailor says:

      Please explain how come the climate has changed 75 times in the past 4500 years without the anthropomorphic contribution?

  12. senecablood – the evidence of duplicity is right in front of you and all you can do is to compare people who don't buy into the scam with Holocaust deniers? You are one sick man.

  13. The current administration and half of our legislators are all behind this. Flushing away taxpayer dollars that could actually be used to help people survive the stupidity that's brought us to the sorry state of this sad union…

  14. If we cannot trust THESE scientists, how can we ever trust the research of ALL OTHER scientists?

    • Bill, I believe we can trust some Science, just not all of the bull,, we have to carefully weed out the garbage, cause unfortunately, too many people will just take whatever crap they are fed, and then argue with those of us who (through logic and reason) dismantle the bullcrap, all because they don't want to be wrong, or look foolish for falling for it,, it's a pride thing,, well we know that "Pride comes before the fall".

    • windsailor says:

      Simple, as a retired scientist I am familiar with the correct process…….It requires theory, experimental evidence of validity and independent corroboration by peer review and experimental duplication.

  15. TexasJester says:


    You have forgotten one VERY IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION: global warming is being used by the UN Agenda 21 group to push for a world-wide government. They used the warming trend of the 1980s-2000 to get our attention, and are using this “emergency” to push world-wide economic and environmental policies designed to crash the First (Europe) and Second (North amerrica) Worlds, and give power to the Third World nations, then reduce the world population by 80-95% (depending on where you see the data – still not completely clear) “by any means possible”. Then the survivors who aren’t part of the Ruling Elite will be forced to live in enclaves, and 98% of the available land won’t be allowed to be used by what little human population is left.

    If you live in a “Star City”, your city has already adopted Agenda 21 regulations.

    May God have mercy on our souls if Obama is reelected.

  16. You are so right TexasJester, so-RIGHT!

  17. Unfortunately, You Can't Fix Stupid.

  18. Just another way to part people from their money.

  19. In one email, Jones says he will delete the raw data before making it available through FOIA requests. Then, after all this, Jones claimed that he had lost the original temperature data years ago when they moved to a new building. You would think he would have noticed the data was already missing before he threatened to delete it. It just doesn't add up.

  20. What amazes me is that the data is a moving target. Let's take the the "trusting scientist" scenario. Even Stephen Hawking has rebuked theory (See that word THEORY) that he endorsed and subscribed to for year. The Earth is more amazing than the scepter of man, "the little bug" that inhabits. And Earth has been through far greater cosmic cataclysmic and greenhouse effects than an Al Gore or anyone else could possibly imagine.

  21. Ron Hudson says:

    Who in the hell can we trust any more?

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