Oops! There Are At Least 11 More Solyndra Scandals!

CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson takes a look at 11 more Solyndras that were part of Obama’s Energy program. Attkisson was one of the original reporters that uncovered the Solyndra scandal.

CBS News counted 12 clean energy companies that are having trouble after collectively being approved for more than $6.5 billion in federal assistance. Five have filed for bankruptcy: The junk bond-rated Beacon, Evergreen Solar, SpectraWatt, AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy and Solyndra.

According to CBS News, Beacon Power, a “green energy storage company,” received $43 million from the government. Standard and Poor’s had given the project a rating of “CCC-plus.”


  1. Retired Marine says:

    This is why Obama and his administration need to be brought up on charges and sent to prison and Impeached

    • Forget impeached kick their behinds in the cell and throw the keys away.

    • Nope ! A gallows made right in front of the whorehouse , and after the trial , a HUGE public hanging ! THAT , would detour this kind of act in the future !!!

  2. Incredulous says:

    And we expected better from an Administration built from academia? Quite predictable given the complete lack of business people in the West Wing. Of course, even if there had been some business expertise in the White House, he/she would have been discounted and out-voted by the massive intellectuals – professors always know best; just ask them. LOL!

  3. Harold Clark says:

    There is no surprise here. When we have the bigest liar and traitor in the 'white house."

  4. Well now we know why the epa is closing down all theses plants so nobody would find out what is really going on. The sad thing is they are also closing down plants that truly have work and are still working just fine. Hum wonder why?

  5. Would someone follow the money, PLEASE!
    Did all of these "green" companies also have campaign bundlers for Obama as did Solyndra??
    How would we know if these large sums of cash didn't recycle back to Obama for his 2012 1B Campaign? Anybody looking?

  6. Mutantone says:

    Yes follow the money how much has been funneled into the campaign coffers of the democrats that saw they get the loans

  7. I guess all this is supposed to make it alright ? I don't think so , so why aren't these republican candidates using this informatiom in their campaigns ? do you suppose it has something to do with people in glass house not throwing stones ? If you want to see this crap end then you have to vote for RON PAUL for PRESIDENT ?

  8. I am a proud Texan, but I wouldn't vote for Ron Paul if he was the only one running.

  9. Follow the money to the banks, since they get it practically for nothing, then to the media, then to the politicians, then to the special projects, which give some of it back to the politicians that gave it to them, and you have the current govt locked in place in perpetuity.


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