Institute For Energy Research Concerned About Electric Grid

This is our future if Obama continues to wage war against coal-fired power plants

The Institute for Energy Research (IER) posted an editorial on its web site yesterday that deals with the EPA’s coal regulations and how this will impact the electric grid reliability in America.

The editorial notes:

The Obama administration has a long, anti-coal, oil, and natural gas track record. According to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), their anti-coal, oil, and natural gas zeal will soon start affecting the reliability of the electric grid.

NERC is recognized by the federal government as the leading authority on electric reliability. As the organization that ensures the reliability of the electric grid, NERC recently found that existing and proposed environmental regulations in the United States may significantly affect bulk power system reliability. In fact, according to NERC, “environmental regulations are shown to be the number one risk to reliability over the next one to five years”.[i]

Beyond the 38 gigawatts of electricity capacity that has already been announced to retire, NERC estimates that another 36 to 59 gigawatts of capacity will come off-line by 2018, depending on the “scope and timing” of EPA regulations. Together nearly a quarter of our coal-fired capacity could be off-line by 2018, marking the first time in energy history that installed coal-fired capacity has declined.

The NERC has found that several proposed EPA regulations will expose the U.S. to serious energy vulnerabilities: the Clean Water Act – Cooling Water Intake Structures; MACT Standards; Cross State Air Pollution Rule and Coal Combustion Residuals.

NERC estimates that as many as 677 coal-fired plants will need to temporarily shut down to install EPA-mandated equipment, which constitutes an impact on over 70% of our total coal-fired capacity.

IER continues:

There are good reasons to believe that EPA’s regulations will force more generating units off line.  According to the Edison Electric Institute, for example, about 48 gigawatts of coal units at 231 plants will be retired between 2010 and 2022. That capacity represents 14 percent of the 339 gigawatts of coal-fired power capacity in 2010, or about 5 percent of total generating capacity.[ii]

IER believes that for the first time in history, our coal-fired capacity will decrease instead of increase – thanks to Obama’s determination to wipe out coal-fired power plants.

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  1. What is happening to The USA that our fathers and grandfathers have fought and even died defending??? The government is being infiltrated by communism and no one is even paying attention, does everyone want to be a third world country???? We can
    America the great again, but we have to face the real problem and that is the communist are using our own system against us, we need to change that now.

    • Soros and Obama said they were going to destroy America and they are right on track. I believe if he doesn't win his reelection that he will enforce marshal law. Soros has already said that Obama can't do it he would get someone that could. I hope you are prepared.

      • You are exactly right. The Dictator from Kenya intends to destroy America and the EPA is one of his tools for that purpose. His other tools are the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Interior Department, the Federal Communications Commission and the IRS. His non-governmental tools are the "mainstream" media. Is there any hope?

  2. How in the world can we have so many stupid SOB'S in this country that O'slimeball got elected in the first place??

    • I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get the coimmie bastards out. I fought the Communists in the war and I very quickly learned to hate them with a burning passion. The evil I saw on the battlefield is the same as what's in the White House and Congress.


  4. When are any patriot politicians goind to stand up and make a noise so loud it is a shot heard around the world. Expose all of these infiltraters for what they truly are and take them down. We just need someone to speak the truth. The lobbyists,special interests, should be banned and outlawed. Term limits set. Campaign finance reform with govt funding only after a candidate qualifys and ban/outlaw P.A.C'S and Super P.A.C.S completely. Trial lawyers limits set on awards. Ban all insider trading and croony capitalism. Define/clarify what a natural born citizen is for Presidential consideration because apparently it has not been done yet. It is a shame that the politicians can buy votes by giving away pensions,stimulus,mortgages,food, welfare,healthcare,college tuition, and whatever else we do not know of., these are the things that all need to be stopped. They do not care if they bankrupt the country, that is part of the goal.


  6. Tell the EPA & Obama that we will not do it. Obama does what he wants so we will do exactly what we the people need to do. reducing the electrical grid output will only result in the ruination of many small businesses, but it will also impact jobs.

    So here we are again getting crap from the president who is destroying America. When will this stop??

  7. The EPA and all agencies are not in the powers of Article one section eight [The Enumerated Powers of our Constitution] and therefore are unconstitutional! All states should NULLIFY EPA and all AGENCIES of the general government and throw their masters out of the states! We are wasting time. All so called "EXECUTIVE ORDERS" are also not allowed by the Constitution and should be NULLIFIED as they occur or in retrospect. You will not find the words AGENCY or EXECUTIVE ORDERS in our American Constitution. Most of Congress' bills and pseudo laws are not authorized by the Constitution and all wars since WW2 have not been voted upon, as authorizef by the Constitution, "The Law Of The Land." They are by American standards ILLEGAL!

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