EPA Terrorizes Couple – Case Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

The Sacketts want to build on their own property. The EPA won't let them.

Rich Trzupek writes in FrontPage Magazine today about the case of Mike and Chantell Sackett, an Idaho couple who had their property put off limits by the rogue EPA.

Trzupek briefly summarizes their case:

Six years ago, the couple bought a 0.63 acre parcel alongside a lake, intending to build a house. They started construction, and – like any number of individuals (as opposed to developers) building homes – they didn’t do a formal wetlands delineation before starting to move earth and dump gravel. (A “wetlands delineation” is the investigative process by which experts decide whether there is a wetland on site on not.)

The EPA ordered them to stop construction and to return the 0.63 acre site to its original condition. If they didn’t, the EPA said it could fine the couple up to $37,500 per day for non-compliance. In fact, the Agency can take such unjustifiably punitive action, for such is the power that Congress has surrendered to it. Unfortunately, it’s not at all unusual to see the EPA use its remarkable ability to levy ridiculous fines as a club in just this way.

The Pacific Legal Foundation is representing the Sacketts in this important case. A lawyer for the radical Natural Resources Defense Council is fearful that the Sacketts will win and be free to actually build on their own property. The lawyer said their victory would permit major polluters to tie up the EPA in litigation. On the contrary, this would be a victory for property owners and western civilization in putting handcuffs on EPA bureaucrats who routinely bully American citizens.

Read more at FrontPageMagazine and buy Rich Trzupek’s book, How The EPA’s Green Tyranny Is Stifling America



  1. Let the court decide whether or not to put the handcuffs on the EPA.

  2. Erik Osbun says:

    Pack the courts with litigation against the EPA. Teach abusive government a lesson.

  3. Abolish the EPA, among others, and let a federal advisory council write sensible, non-binding, environmental guidelines which the states can adopt if they so choose. Maximum staffing should be 100 folks. Starve this bloated government!

  4. The EPA has the power from all three branches of Gov. combined into one Fed. agency. ABOLISH them and replace them with a more consumer, and business friendly advisory board! We have always adapted to the envireoment around us as needed without having rules and regulations forced upon us! When an alternative enery supply is needed it will be there because of a good research and devopement plan that makes it affordable, not some half-assed green energy program that will break our wallet!

  5. EPA is just like any other branch of the Government. Give them an inch, & they take a mile. But in the case of our members of congress, you don't even have to give them an inch, & they will take a thousand miles. Both parties areguilty, & most of the incumbants need to be voted out.

  6. The EPA is one of many corrupt and tyrannical Government agencies running amuck in this country. It should be abolished ! While you're at it take the FDA with it! And like 500,000 muslims at ground zero, it is a good start.

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